Cleaning Before Having A Baby

steps to cleaning before having a baby

5 Steps To Cleaning Before A Baby Arrives

Make Sure Your Home Is In Order By Taking These 5 Steps To Cleaning Before A Baby Arrives

Cleaning before having a baby: A newborn is a blessing as well as a little bundle of responsibilities, so taking these 5 steps to cleaning before a baby arrives can feel essential. Parents find it hard to focus on anything other than their newborn once it arrives, meaning preparation is everything. Cleaning your home can feel like the last item on a long list of priorities, but in hindsight, it is of the utmost importance.

Take your newborn home to an organized space to reduce postpartum stress and possible hazards. Follow these steps to make sure your home is ready before the baby arrives.

1.   Clear The Clutter

Keep the house in order by keeping every possession where it belongs. Using a junk removal service or commercial cleaner to do an initial top to bottom clean is a great thing to do as well.

Walk through every room and remove anything that does not belong. Make sure no shower towels were left drying anywhere else than the bathroom, hang up any loose jackets that found their way onto the chair, and pick up anything off the floor.

The last thing new parents need to worry about is safely navigating their own house. People who have furry friends, other kids, or are just tight on space, often find their clutter over extending onto their floor space. By organizing belongings and removing any overflow that clutters the surface of the floor, parents can walk their newborn around their house without a second thought.

2.   Clean The Baby’s Room

The most important thing a parent can ask for is a healthy baby. When getting back from the hospital, your hands will be full and you won’t have as much time as you think you would to clean. Take the weeks before delivery to prepare the baby’s room by wiping it down with safe disinfecting products.

Parents often believe they have to go above and beyond to prepare for their newly arriving child, but that isn’t necessarily true. Cleaning the baby’s space is as easy as disinfecting surfaces before arrival. If the clutter is already cleared, this task is effortless and just takes a bit of time. Use diluted and natural products and clean well in advance to prevent any overwhelming smells lingering in the baby’s room.

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3.   Clean High Contact Surfaces

The dirtiest surfaces in the home tend to be surfaces that require touch to operate. This means doorknobs, light switch and remote controls. Every time a hand is held against a doorknob or flicks a light switch on or off, it leaves traces of oils, dirt, and bioburden. Reduce transmission of any germs by wiping these surfaces down often and certainly wipe these surfaces down before welcoming a newborn arrival. Keeping a container of cleaning wipes near common areas is a great reminder, and easy way, to keep up with daily cleaning.

4.   Deep Clean The Floor

Parents spend hours on the floor with newborns. Many people find the floor to be an expanse of play space. Truth is, the floor is a great space to spend time and play as long as it is clean. Being exposed to low levels of allergens will not endanger anyone, but it is important to have a clean surface to explore. Vacuum carpets and sweep or mop hard surfaces to the point that you feel comfortable laying down on it. Hire Cleaning World, Inc if deep cleaning a carpet isn’t something your vacuum can do. Most cleaners do carpet cleaning, floor cleaning and floor waxing, so decide what you need and keep up on floor maintenance.

5.   The Kitchen

The kitchen tends to be one of the most used and dirtiest rooms in a house. The cooking appliances collect spills, the sink hosts dirty dishes and sponges, and the handles of your oven, fridge and microwave hosts germs from constant cross contamination and contact. A clean kitchen is essential to keeping a healthy family. Go through these areas with disinfecting products to keep germs and allergens at a safe level at home.

Keep Cleaning

Keeping a space clean is a lot easier than cleaning it, and as much as you don’t want to hear it, you will have to keep cleaning. Parents keep themselves from being overwhelmed by going through these cleaning checklists and doing the bulk of the work before bringing newborns home. Minimize anxiety and concern by following these 5 steps to cleaning before a baby arrives, not after.

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