Housekeeping Tips Your Mother Never Told You

11 Housekeeping Tips Your Mother Never Told You

Do you want to know 11 little-known housekeeping tips your mother may not have told you?  This article will go over everything you need to know.  Read on to find out some important (and very simple) tips for cleaning your home without having to call upon a commercial cleaning service!

TIP 1: Clean Your Dishwasher

Over time, your dishwasher can experience buildup from the frequent task of cleaning your dishes.  For this reason, it’s important to clean your dishwasher frequently to keep it working as it should. In addition, cleaning more frequently due to coronavirus is important which is why you might want to hire coronavirus cleaning service every now and then. So, you should hire Cleaning World, Inc.

Look in your dishwasher for pieces of food which may remain in the bottom area.  Remnants of food can produce foul smelling odors and lead to your dishes not being completely clean.  Run your dishwasher every now and then with no dishes to give it a rinse.  This is good practice that will keep your dishes and dishwasher nice and clean.

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TIP 2: Soak Glasses In Vinegar

Soaking glasses in white vinegar is a great way to clear unwanted residue and buildup.  Cloudy-looking glasses often look that way due to mineral buildup and hard water.  But don’t fear- this remedy is sure to help!

TIP 3: Scrub The Toilet

Scrub and clean your toilet and focus on both the inside and the exterior too.  The handle should be sanitized and the outside of the bowl and top portion properly cleaned.  Put toilet bowl cleaner on the toilet’s interior and scrub it good!  The result?  A clean, shiny bowl and no bill to be paid to a cleaning service!

TIP 4: An Easy Fix For Your Cast Iron Skillet

Over time and with use, the finish on a cast iron skillet can wear off.  To remedy this problem, follow these simple steps:

TIP 5: Clean Your Shower Head

Mineral deposits can clog your shower head and lead to strained water pressure.  To fix this problem, take vinegar and water and mix the two.  Put your shower head in the mixture and let it sit for approximately one hour.  Wipe away debris and there you have it!  A clean shower head the works like new!

TIP 6: Restore Sneakers And Make Them White Like New

Restore worn sneakers and make them white like new by using a mild detergent to remove any major marks and scuffs.   Go over the sides of the sneaker and soles with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

TIP 7: Remove Mold And Mildew From Your Shower Curtain

Any easy fix for cleaning that dirty shower curtain rather than just tossing it in the trash?  Clean your shower curtain by simply throwing it in the washing machine and hanging it to dry.

TIP 8: Restore Your Feather Pillows

You can restore your feather pillows by putting them in the machine too.  Just be careful to use a very mild detergent (a little goes a long way) and put two pillows in the wash at a time.  Tumble dry the pillows on low heat. Throw in several new and clean tennis balls so that they get fluffed back up and completely dry.

TIP 9: Remove Wine Stains With Ease

Everyone has spilled wine on the carpet at least once.  And most people don’t know how to remove the hideous stains without having to call upon carpet cleaners.  Blot the stain using a cloth as much as you can.  Simply apply a product such as wine away to completely remove the stain and restore your carpet.

TIP 10: Remove Scuffs And Scratches In Your Flooring

Flooring needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly.  Hiring professional floor cleaning service is one thing you can do.  However, you can also remove scuffs on your own too.

Small scuffs can be removed with a clean sock or tennis ball.  Do this in between floor waxing and simply buff your scuffs away. You can use baking soda for larger marks and wash away with a damp cloth.  It’s as easy as that!

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TIP 11: Make A Cleaner In Your Kitchen

If you want an excellent recipe for an all-purpose cleaner, give this one a go.

Knowing exactly which tips can help with your housekeeping duties can be a difficult task.  If you don’t want to do the work on your own, Cleaning World, Inc. of Hackensack NJ can certainly lend a helping hand.

We hope these 11 housekeeping tips have been helpful and wish you all the best.

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