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Cleaning World, Inc. is #1 rated for power washing NJ services.  Our professional team can pressure wash any commercial or residential property.  This includes industrial pressure washing of garages, lots, brick, concrete and other building structures.  In addition, we can clean home exteriors, commercial complexes and much much more.

For Power Washing Choose Cleaning World!

Cleaning World Inc. is a leader in power washing NJ.  Our trained and experienced technicians use hot water pressure washing to thoroughly clean concrete surfaces, buildings, sidewalks, or other areas of your residential or commercial property.

It’s our goal to get your property looking like new again and that’s what we can accomplish for you, our valued customer.  Whether you need your trash cans scoured, graffiti erased, sidewalks cleaned, or anything else, our NJ power washers will do it for you.


COmmercial And REsidential Power Washing Services

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Cleaning World, Inc. Use’s Top-of-the-line Equipment!

Equipment and products is of huge importance when it comes to any commercial cleaning job.  Our truck mount power washing tool produces extremely high heat to cut through any grease and grime.  We will make your exterior surface look like new!

Let us take care of the hard work of power washing the exterior of your building or home.  We will work to remove the oil, dirt and grease with our professional power washing NJ services.  We’ll have things looking like new in no time at all!


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benefits of pressure washing

There are many benefits of power washing a surface.  When you choose the right company, these benefits will increase tenfold.  NJ Cleaning World Inc. will walk you through everything and answer any questions you have about what you can expect when you hire us for pressure washing services.

Some of the most obvious benefits of power washing include:
  • removes stains

  • removes mildew

  • increase the value of your property

  • increases curb appeal

  • prevents mildew and debris from eating away at paint

  • improves longevity of the homes exterior

It’s important to hire professionals for the job as pressure washing requires skill to do so correctly.  Also, it’s possible to damage the property if you do not apply even pressure and perform the job correctly.

You can read more about the benefits of power washing here!  Don’t do the job by yourself.  Hire professional power washers for the job!

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Why Pressure Wash?

There’s a lot of emphasis on keeping the inside of your home or business looking clean and presentable.  However, we often forget about the exterior. Over time, the exterior of your property becomes ravaged by weather, dirt, grime, and other things.  Eventually, your business or home will look less than its best and you’ll need to consider a reputable commercial or residential cleaning service.

In order to revitalize your property, you must take action.  If you allow the grime that is on your property’s exterior to sit, eventually it will eat away at its finish. The only choice you have to preserve the longevity of the exterior of your property is to power wash it.

With the use of a mold inhibitor we remove and kill existing mold and prevent it from returning in the future. If you have an area where grease and dirt are a problem, don’t worry. Cleaning World residential and commercial power washing services utilize hot water rather than cold.  This helps to effectively remove grease, grime, oil, or dirt that may otherwise leave a lasting stain.

For power washing NJ, choose Cleaning World, Inc.!