New Jersey Floor Waxing And Cleaning Services

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If you need floor waxing NJ based services, guess what?  Dirty floors are our specialty!  At Cleaning World, there’s no hard floor cleaning job too big or too small!

Cleaning World Inc offers high speed buffing of any type of floor or hard ground surface. We are NJ’s floor waxing and cleaning specialists and know a thing or two about floor care and maintenance.

Cleaning World Inc. offers state of the art floor cleaning and waxing services.  Our New Jersey based company also offers stripping and waxing of floors in addition to traditional tile and grout cleaning services.

Commercial Floor Waxing & Cleaning

Commercial buildings often contain a large variety of hard flooring surfaces. We service schools, medical buildings, governmental offices, retail shops and residential customers with state-of-the-art floor cleaning and waxing services.

You need a professional cleaning team that has the knowledge, experience, and expertise to clean your business’s floors safely and effectively. Studies have shown that the appearance of your floor greatly influences a clients’ lasting impressions of your business. So, no matter what type of hard flooring you have, whether it’s in your home or business, Cleaning World has you covered with exemplary floor waxing services.

Residential Floor Care

Your home should be a great source of pride and always look it’s best.  When your residence has dull, unclean floors, it will make the rest of your home look dull as well.

Cleaning World Inc. specializes in house cleaning services in NJ.  That’s why our team of professional floor waxing and buffing technicians are so eager to start your project.

We want you to feel good in your home.  Our New Jersey floor waxing and floor cleaning team can handle any type of project and make your residence or business shine!

Cleaning For Almost Any Type of Floor!

Cleaning World Inc. offers cleaning services for almost every type of floor or hard services.  Whether your have a floor that needs to be stripped and waxed or if your flooring needs to be protected with a special finish, we can help!

Cleaning World specializes in a variety of floor cleaning and care techniques such as stripping, waxing and more.  We also specialize in floor care and processes for flooring that does not require stripping and waxing.

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We service and treat many different types of hard flooring for your residence and business.  We also offer carpet cleaning as well.  Below are some of the different types of hard flooring and our approach to them.

Ceramic Tile

Whether you have a small area in your basement or an entire supermarket floor, we know the exact products and equipment to use to breathe new life into your ceramic tile floors. We carefully inspect your floors, pre-treat stains, remove ground-in dirt and soil with high pressure cleaning, and then rinse and dry, leaving you with ceramic tile floors that look as clean and new as the day they were installed.

Grout Cleaning and Sealing

Because grout is a porous material, it can lose its luster and beauty pretty quickly, especially if it’s in a high-traffic area such as an entryway or bathroom. There’s no need for you to spend the day scrubbing stubborn stains from grout.

At Cleaning World, we specialize in grout cleaning and sealing and utilize state-of-the-art equipment and cleaning products to clean and seal your grout quickly and effectively.

Wood Flooring

Wood floors need to be maintained to preserve their natural lustre and shine. Your wood floors should be re-waxed as per the manufacturers guidelines.  As a general rule of thumb, wood flooring doesn’t need to be waxed yearly and most wax can last around 2-5 years.

However, different finishes and methods yield different results and maintenance requirements.  Consult with Cleaning World Inc. to find out more about your needs in regard to wood floor maintenance.

Vinyl Surfaces

Vinyl surfaces such as LVT do require special treatments to preserve the longevity, cleanliness and wear of the floor.  However, vinyl surfaces will typically not be waxed.  However, maintenace is helpful to keep floors looking great.

VCT Tile

VCT tile (vinyl composite tile flooring) is a specialty surface that needs regular maintenance and upkeep.  Your VCT tile should be stripped and waxed accordingly.

Choose The Experts For Your Floor Care

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