Dirtiest Items In Your Office

dirties items in your office
10 dirties items in your office

Dirtiest Items In Your Office

This post will explain the dirtiest items in your office. Read on to learn more!

Find The 10 Dirtiest Items In Your Office Today

Stay safe and steer clear of germs by identifying the dirtiest items in your office. Once you realize how dirty the office can get, and how household germs get transmitted throughout the office, you can avoid surfaces with a high bio-burden. Hiring office cleaning services might also be a great option you may consider. Many commercial cleaning companies now have COVID-19 cleaning services to help you through the process of sanitizing your office properly such as Cleaning World, Inc. Read this article here to learn about COVID-19 cleaning an office.

Pro Tip: Read on to learn the dirtiest items that should never be neglected!

1.   Your Handset

You need to communicate with clients and employees throughout the day. The simplest way to do that is by picking up the phone and talking one-on-one. What you don’t realize is the accumulation of germs you transfer from your hand to your phone every time you make a call. But that’s the least of your problems because a sizable amount of particles will travel from your mouth to the phone’s receiver, where they will stay. A clean phone is essential to prevent continuous cross contamination between your handset and face.

2.   Your Keyboard

As a person who excels in business, you spend hour after hour on your computer to send emails, type reports, and conduct research. Now this isn’t all you do, so as you move around your office, collecting dust and debris and germs, you bring all of it back to your desk with you. Every time you return to your keyboard you are picking up and putting down traces of those particles. This is stressed for those of you who share computers at the office. Read this great article to learn how to clean your keyboard properly.

3.   Door Handles

We are coming to the realization that the degrees of contact between our peers are closer than we thought. Door handles are touched throughout the day by passer-bys from all over the office who carry their own microbes and oils. By grabbing a door hand firmly, you are pressing the surface of your skin against a communal surface, and when that door handle is left unchecked, it is a perfectly presented surface for hitchhiking bacteria and germs.

4.   The Coffee Maker

Bacteria thrive in humid and warm environments. A coffee maker is the ideal spot for bacteria to grow and spread in a conducive, dark environment. Bacteria easily goes unseen in this area, so keep up with routine cleaning even when you don’t see anything blatantly visible.

5.   Bathroom Surfaces

Plenty of us work eight hour days, maybe more. That means we are constantly eating and drinking to keep ourselves energized. Consequently, that also means we are going to the bathroom multiple times a day. Even if you wash your hands, you still will not be leaving that bathroom without any microbes tagging along. If you don’t take multiple steps to sanitize after leaving the bathroom, chances are you’re leaving particles from the bathroom around the office.

Pro Tip: Read this article to learn how to clean your bathtub and shower!

6.   Stairwell Railings

Running your hands down handfuls of levels of handrailing is like using your hand as a swiffer. When walking up or down stairs, keep your hand elevated over the handrailing. This eliminates the continuous contact but keeps the railing within immediate reach, in case of an emergency.

7.   Elevator Buttons

Similarly to door handles and stairway railings, elevator buttons are stepping stones for our hands to continuously transmit bacteria and germs. Your fingers act as a sticky surface that will pick up contaminants left behind from the dozen of other employees.

8.   Printer Or Copy Machine

A lot of paperwork gets done in an office, and multiple departments depend on hard copies to finalize and store files. Printers and copiers are used on a daily basis and collect particles from people throughout the building. Similarly to elevator buttons, avoid making direct contact with machine’s touch pads to avoid transmission or dirt and germs.

9.   Break Room Tables

Break room tables are a petri dish of leftover food and saliva. As people gather around these communal dining spaces, food is devoured and stories are shared. This means a lot of talking with open mouths and uncleaned spills. Don’t be fooled by thinking a wet paper towel picks up every germ. Often, adding moisture exaggerbates microbial growth.

10. Microwave And Refrigerator Handles

Lunch breaks are wonderful respites during our long days where we can enjoy a meal and by ourselves, or socialize with our coworkers. But while in the kitchen, we overlook how much food is prepared with bare hands that go unwashed between throwing food in the microwave and closing the fridge door.


Clean More And Touch Less

Every office has these personal and communal items that collect dirt and germs throughout the entire day. You won’t be able to completely avoid germs at work, but you can minimize transmission by cleaning more and touching less.

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We hope this post has been helpful. We’re sure you will be surprised how often you touch the 10 dirtiest items in your office.

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