What Is Post Construction Cleaning

what is post construction cleaning
what is post construction cleaning

What Is Post Construction Cleaning?

Wondering what is post construction cleaning? Read on to learn everything!

Post-construction cleaning is something that either you or the construction company you hired to do the work for you can accomplish after construction work is completed. Still, you may be wondering, what is post-construction cleaning? This is an important portion of all construction projects because, without the post-construction cleaning, you will find that the construction project is a big mess for a good while afterward. 

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about post-construction cleaning, the steps that go into it, how you accomplish it, and why it is so important to your construction projects. 

Explaining This Complicated Process

Post-construction cleaning refers to the cleaning that is undertaken right after a construction project is finally completed. No construction project is fully complete until the post-construction cleaning is completed because the construction project may not look the best without the cleaning fully done. 

This cleaning will typically be an in-depth scrub down of the construction place, washing walls, sweeping, cleaning windows, and any other parts of the construction project that need to be cleaned up. Doing this cleaning helps ensure that the building will be fully presentable to the client who ordered the construction project. 

Typically, the construction crew will complete the post-construction cleaning to do the project, but sometimes you may want to do the cleaning yourself. This could be because you are trying to save money, or perhaps this was a construction project that you had undertaken on your own. 

In addition, many construction projects will also need disinfecting services to remove dust and debris that can spread germs and virus. All of this is extremely important to know and should be considered.

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What Are The Steps That Go Into Post-Construction Cleanup? 

There are many parts that go into post-construction cleaning, and these are all necessary steps to ensure that the construction project is completed correctly. It is important that none of them are skipped. Otherwise, the construction project may not be satisfactory to the client who requested the project to be done. 

Post-construction Cleaning Steps:

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The Different Phases That Come Performing After Construction Cleanup

When it comes to post-construction cleaning, there are typically three phases that you will see cleaning crews performing. Each of these phases is necessary to ensure that the building is completely clean and free of anything that could pose a problem to the homeowners or their visitors. 

Phase 1: The Rough Cleaning Phase

The first stage that will be completed when it comes to post-construction cleaning is the rough cleaning phase. This is the most important clean as it is the one where the cleaning crew will do the in-depth cleaning. They will be scouring the house to make sure that everything is dealt with and there is nothing large being left behind in the home. 

Phase 2: The Light Cleaning Phase

The next phase that will be accomplished after the initial rough cleaning phase is the light cleaning phase. This cleaning is much less in-depth and is more focused on making sure that everything is vacuumed, swept, and dusted off. You may also see the cleaning crew do a lot of wall washing and window washing during this cleaning phase. 

Cleaning Phase 3: The Final Cleaning Phase

The final cleaning phase is where the post-construction crew takes the time to do one last thorough clean of the building. This also helps make sure that everything is safe for the people that will be moving into the building. You may also see post-construction cleaning crews doing a final dusting and sweeping of the building to ensure it is sparkling. 

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Why Is Post-Construction Cleaning So Important? 

Post-construction cleaning is so essential because, without this part of the construction process, it would not be able to meet client standards. No one wants to receive a home that is dirty and nasty after construction work is done because now you have to do even more work after you move into the building. 

It is also a very important thing because it helps construction companies put forth their best foot with clients. If a construction company does not clean up the work that they complete, they are not going to stay in business very long. People want thoroughly done homes when they hire a construction company, not a half-done job. 

Having post-construction cleaning done is also extremely important because it will ensure that the people who will be living in this home are safe. There is no worry about there being any glass or nails left behind that you or another person could step on and potentially send you to the hospital to get it removed. 

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post-construction cleaning

Hiring A Post-Construction Crew For Cleanup Can Be A Good Idea

You should have a pretty good idea about post-construction cleanup. Sometimes you may decide that you do not want to go with the same construction crew for the post-construction cleaning. This is not very commonly done, but if you can find a cheaper post-construction cleaning crew, that can save you a lot of time and money in the long run with your building project. 

Post-construction cleaning crews are super useful because this what they do for a living. Most construction crews can give you an excellent post-construction cleaning job, but it is rare for a construction crew to provide the same level of work as a post-construction cleaning crew. If you can go with a post-construction cleaning crew, that may not be a bad idea to go with. 

Hiring post-construction cleaners can also be a great idea because they have all the tools to ensure that the job is done correctly, there is nothing that is missed during the cleaning phases, and that the building is fully ready to be moved into. 

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Post-construction cleaning is an extremely important portion of any construction project and should not be forgotten when completing a construction project. Make sure that everything is thoroughly cleaned and nothing is skipped during any of the three cleaning phases. You now know everything you need to know about what is post construction cleaning.

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