When Should I Clean My Carpets

when should I clean my carpets
when should i clean my carpets?

When Should I Clean My Carpets

Wondering when you should clean your carpets? Read on! You’ll learn everything in this post.

Carpets are a traditional choice for homes and businesses. Kept clean, it provides years of service without the need of changing. If not properly cared for, the carpet will become both an eyesore and unhealthy to those working and living around it.

For the most part, frequent cleaning and wear protection is all it takes to keep a carpet in good condition for years. Keeping that in mind, the next question that comes up is, when should I clean my carpets? In this article, we will discuss the best times and ways to clean and keep your carpet attractive for years to come. 

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The Best Rooms for Carpet

Keeping carpet fresh and long-lasting consists of not only cleaning but also placement. Certain rooms should not have carpet installed unless you are willing to replace them often. Your home or business needs to avoid placing carpet in rooms where water can easily damage it. Bathrooms and kitchens are the worst culprits for carpet damage. Avoid carpet in the busiest walkways like foyers and hallways trodden continuously upon. 

Types of Carpet

Overall, carpet is usually cheaper and easier to install than other flooring types. Carpet is on par in price with that of linoleum flooring and much less expensive than real wood floors. Depending on the type of carpet you choose, the price will vary. The two main types of carpets are: 

The difference between the two types is cutting the top of the loops or not when manufactured. A characteristic of the cut pile carpet is its plush feel, while the loop pile carpet is flat and patterned. Styles of carpet are determined from these manufactured types and include: 

Textures of these styles and types of carpet will determine how much cleaning is necessary, just as the kind of material manufactured from. Carpet types and styles include:

Each of these materials has its advantages and disadvantages. Each has its particular cost, feel, and longevity. The synthetic materials tend to need cleaning less often than the natural wool counterpart, but this depends again on the carpet type and style. 

Loop pile carpet has a shorter and tighter weave not to allow dirt particles to easily fall deep into it.  Cut pile allows dirt and food to become trapped within it at a much higher frequency. 

Both types of carpets are suitable for stain-resistant spray applications. The Loop pile again succeeds in this application better than the cut pile. 

Cleaning Frequencies 

Although it depends on the carpet type, it is recommended that deep carpet cleaning is recommended every 12-18 months for homes. Businesses that have a high frequency of people passing over the carpet need to consider commercial cleaning of carpeting every 6 months. 

Deep cleaning is separate from normal vacuuming, which needs to happen at least twice a week in homes and daily in business settings. By keeping the carpets vacuumed, it allows for a much more thorough deep cleaning later. 

Using the Right Equipment

Cheap vacuum cleaners do not do much more than make noise and pick up loose dust on top of carpets. To vacuum effectively a high-quality vacuum cleaner is necessary to pull dirt and grime from the bottom of the carpet. Anyone who has ever pulled old carpet off a floor will tell you how much dirt is left under it when a cheap vacuum is used. 

Deep cleaning carpet machines are expensive. Most of the rental units you find are of good quality but a hassle to pick up and transport back and forth to the rental company. Then there is the cleaning of the machines, yuck. Removing the dirty water and grime is a time consuming and expensive effort that not many people look forward to when carpet cleaning. 

Use a Professional Company

Keeping carpets clean takes time and effort to consistently follow the recommended cleanings. As mentioned, they also require equipment built to do the job right the first time. Hiring Cleaning World, Inc to service your home and business is the best way to prolong the life and look of your carpet. 

Carpet cleaning companies are not as expensive as some think. Overall they will save you money in two ways. One, there is no equipment rental for you to spend money on. Second, the care a professional cleaning company provides will make your carpet last far into the future. 

Additionally, using your employees to keep the office clean will free them up to do what they are trained to do, their job of making you money! 

Have a cleaning company such as Cleaning World, Inc. quote the cleaning of your home or business carpet cleaning. You will find the pricing is well worth the return on investment you receive. 

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