Vacuuming Tips For Your Floors

vacuuming tips for your floors
vacuuming tips for your floors

10 Vacuuming Tips For Your Floors

Vacuuming is one of the largest and sometimes most difficult cleaning tasks, but here are 10 vacuuming tips for your floors. Vacuuming can become a simple and sometimes even a fun task if you just take the time and be smart about it. Before too long, you’ll find yourself looking forward to vacuuming and no longer dreading the task.

If you are ready to learn 10 vacuuming tips for your floors, then grab your vacuum, and let’s get to work on that dirty floor of yours. 

Tip #1: Don’t Make The Job Harder Then Needed

This tip is mostly just common sense when it comes to your vacuuming. There are a lot of people that make the task of vacuuming and floor cleaning more difficult on themselves by just not using their heads. 

If you don’t want your vacuuming to take you all day, and you don’t want it to be difficult, then don’t let people walk around in your house with dirty shoes on. Another great idea for helping keep the job from getting too difficult is don’t let pets run around in your house either.

By enforcing rules such as these, you can keep dirt and debris confined to a certain area. That could be a porch, a doormat, or even just right outside your door, but having that area will help keep your vacuuming task easy. 

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Tip #2: Vacuuming Once Is Not Enough

If you go over your floor once with the vacuum, that is still not enough to fully clean your floor. When you are vacuuming your floor, it is a good idea to vacuum the floor several times before calling it good.

Besides vacuuming several times per cleaning, you should also vacuum the carpet at different angles each time. This helps get everything out of the carpet, especially if you own pets who shed all over your floors.

PRO TIP: If you don’t have time to do all of the work it takes, consider hiring a commercial cleaning service near you. They will certainly do a thorough and efficient job.

Tip #3: Empty the Bag or Canister Regularly 

When you are vacuuming your floor, it is important that you keep the bag or canister of the vacuum emptied. If you don’t keep this emptied regularly, it will make your vacuuming experience even harder than normal. 

When it comes to keeping the vacuum bag or canister empty, the best practice is emptying the bag after each use. By getting into this habit, you can make sure that your vacuum will always be ready to go. 

Tip #4: Remove All Small Objects From Your Floor

It is a good idea when you are vacuuming to pick up all the small objects on the floor. This will make your life easier when it comes to vacuuming, as you will no longer accidentally run into those objects. This also allows you to vacuum your floor with ease fully. 

If you have kids, this may be something that you have to focus on a lot of the time. Keeping those small objects off the floor and cleaned up, though, will allow you to thoroughly and easily clean your floor. 

PRO TIP: If you are trying to keep an office or business space tidy, regular vacuuming is important. Consider hiring office cleaning services near you to help with the job. It will definitely be worth it.

Tip #5: Occasionally Move Your Furniture About

When vacuuming the rooms in your home, it can be a good idea to move the furniture about every so often. A lot of filth can build up under your furniture, and you can not get to it without moving your furniture about. It is good practice to do this on a biweekly period to ensure that your floor under the furniture stays clean.

This will be the hardest part of your vacuuming job, especially if you have a lot of furniture to move about. Make sure to take your time and take breaks when needed so that you still have the energy to vacuum your floor. 

vacuuming tips
vacuuming tips

Tip #6: Make Sure To Choose The Right Vacuum Setting

Something that a lot of people fail to do when they are vacuuming is to choose the right setting for their vacuums. Many vacuums now come with different settings that you can choose between depending on the floor type you are vacuuming. It is important when you are vacuuming that you choose the right setting for your floor. 

Tip #7: Don’t Forget The Hard To Get Places

When you are vacuuming your floors, you may be tempted to ignore the places you can’t easily get to. This is a bad idea, though, as all that dirt and debris that you leave behind will just build up. Built-up dirt and debris will keep your house nasty and can even lead to you being more prone to sickness. 

PRO TIP: Read our 7 cleaning tips to prepare your home for spring! We know you’ll enjoy them.

Tip #8: Remember To Vacuum Your Rugs Well

Another important thing to keep in mind when vacuuming your floors is to pay special attention to your rugs. Rugs tend to gather up a lot more dirt and debris than your average carpet. This means that you will need to take extra time to help ensure that your rugs are completely cleaned when you vacuum them. 

Tip #9: Dust The Rest Of Your House First

If you want to make your life easy when vacuuming, a great idea is to dust everything else in your house first. This helps make sure that any dust that falls onto your floor after you dust will be picked up by your vacuuming. It saves you the time of having to vacuum a second time after you dust if you vacuum before dusting everything else.

Tip #10: Perform Deep Cleans As Well

Finally, make sure that you are performing deep cleans of your carpet at least once a year. Instead of just using your regular old vacuum, get a special steam vacuum. These vacuums are specially created to help you deep clean your carpets. This will get rid of all the deep debris and dirt that is lurking in your carpet. 

PRO TIP: Hire a company for both carpet cleaning services and floor cleaning services at least once a year. This will revitalize your floors and make them last longer.


Vacuuming your floor can be an extremely easy task, especially when you just take the time to do it properly over time. Once you get into the task flow, you will find that you can get it done in a short amount of time.

Many people don’t want to do the job on their own. Especially when it comes to a deeper cleaning of your rugs, you’ll want to hire a professional local cleaning company. If you’re located in NJ, Cleaning World Inc. is the company to call. They can offer many different cleaning services besides simply deep cleaning carpets, flooring and rugs.

You know now 10 vacuuming tips for your floors so get to it. 

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