7 Cleaning Tips To Prepare Your Home For Spring

cleaning tips for spring
cleaning tips for spring

7 Cleaning Tips To Do Right Now!

While it might seem like an endless task to prepare your home for spring, here are 7 cleaning tips to prepare your home for spring that might help.

Spring means a lot of things, and among them is spring cleaning, a once-a-year occurrence meant to refresh and prepare your home for the months to come. Of course, such a thorough cleaning means a lot of different tasks, more than is possible to accomplish in a single day. Especially now with the current need for COVID-19 cleaning, it’s especially important to be thorough. Here are some of the cleaning tips that are particularly important.

cleaning tips

Clean from the Top Down

This is a cleaning tip that will serve you well in every single room of your home. You can also hire commercial cleaners to do the job for you. If you’re in NJ we recommend Cleaning World, Inc. Visit Cleaning World for more details.

Think about things this way: what happens when you clean the dust, spider webs, and other things that can cling to your ceiling, fans, and the things on your walls? Dust particles and other dirt and debris float down!

Therefore, if you start from the floor and do your floor cleaning first, you are essentially dirtying it as you go up. While it might not be a large amount of dirt or dust, it seems rather frustrating to muddy all of your hard work by starting at the bottom. So, whether you are in the living room or the kitchen, start your cleaning journey with the highest point of the room and work your way down to save yourself a little effort.

Take Care of Carpets, Curtains, and Any Upholstery

There are not many times when you are going to get a deep clean on these things. In fact, how often do you really spend a lot of time on carpets or upholstery? Sure, you vacuum or take care of them routinely, but that doesn’t get rid of everything.

Still, if you really want to prepare your home for spring, it is a good idea to give these things some attention—steam cleaning, specific chemicals, whatever is needed for your home and surfaces. Of course, it might be a good idea to hire a professional if you do not have the equipment, or you can rent the equipment needed since it is rare that you will use it.

PRO TIP: Hire a carpet cleaning service once a year to do a thorough cleaning of your carpets. It will preserve the longevity of the rugs and work well in the long haul!

Vertical Surfaces

Floors are a common area for cleaning. It makes sense considering gravity and the way it attracts messes to floors and other horizontal surfaces. However, just like with the ceiling, there is rarely a time people pay attention to the walls. The same goes for other surfaces, such as:

Since you are already cleaning around the house, even going from the top down and getting every nook and cranny, it’s a good idea to take advantage of that time to get these areas clean as well.

Deep Clean Your Fridge, Freezer, and Other Appliances

Appliances help keep your life organized and efficient, but they rarely get their own cleaning. After all, while you might clean your fridge and freezer on occasion, what about your dishwasher, oven, or washer and dryer?

Keep all of your appliances in mind, from the microwave to the freezer, and give them their own personal cleaning. Get in the back of your oven, scrape the ice out of your freezer, and run some cleaning agents through your favorite cleaning helpers to keep them in top shape.

PRO TIP: Read these essential cleaning tips to get started!

Take Care of Your Bed

Sheets and pillowcases might see regular attention, but what about comforters? What about the mattress itself? You not only need to turn your mattress regularly, but you should give it a thorough cleaning. Consider using a steam cleaner and really getting all the dirt and sweat out of what helps you sleep at night. You might be surprised just how much builds up over time.

See to Your Windows

See to them to see through them. As cheesy as that might sound, there is a real need to give your windows a thorough cleaning. This is not just on the inside but on the outside as well. Perhaps you have some high windows that you don’t get to often. Others might be difficult to get to or just ignored because you don’t see them often.

Whatever the case, consider the windows of your home and give them a thorough window cleaning, both inside and out.

Organize and Declutter

Nothing says spring like ridding yourself of all the accumulated junk and clutter. Whether you clean it out yourself or hire a professional junk removal service, consider getting rid of anything you don’t need as you go through the cleaning process.


A deep spring cleaning is an arduous affair, but it is also one that you only have to do once a year, probably. While you might want to do some of these things more regularly, there is no doubt that these 7 cleaning tips to prepare your home for spring will serve you well as you start getting things ready for the year to come.

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