What Does Office Cleaning Consist Of?

what does office cleaning consist of
what does office cleaning consist of

What Does Office Cleaning Consist Of?

Are you wondering what does office cleaning consist of? Many business owners may ask themselves this question and wonder about office cleaning and what makes up this important task.

It is a fact of life that every living space will eventually become dirty, and that includes work spaces like offices. Having a clean and disinfected work space helps keep the office organized, improve mood, and productivity. So, what does office cleaning consist of? What kinds of cleaning procedures are involved, and is it more efficient to do them yourself or hire professionals? Read on to find out.

what does office cleaning consist of
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Consider Your Type Of Flooring

Carpets should be regularly vacuumed, but that is only the first step. You may have specific stains, such as food or mud, which are best treated individually and by professional carpet cleaning services.

However, if you plan to tackle this alone, you can follow these guidelines. You should start by moving any furniture out of the way and treating the stains by putting a small amount of a specialized carpet shampoo on each one. You can also use a machine designed to shampoo the whole carpet. However, because the office is a public space, it is most crucial to steam clean it at temperatures high enough to kill germs that threaten the health of you and your employees.

Besides carpets, your office might have hard floors. These can be cleaned by hand, but the preferred method for an efficient, thorough cleaning is the use of a stripping machine to vigorously remove all accumulated dirt. Afterward, it is best to wax the floor to preserve it against scratches from shoes or moving furniture. Ceramic, linoleum, wood, and other hard floors may be treated this way. Much like stripping, this can be done either by hand or using machines. You can rent such machines for both carpet and hard floors from a professional cleaning service or you can hire the service yourself. The benefit of doing the latter is that the employees are specifically trained in the use of the machines. And services such as wood floor cleaning and floor waxing are best left to professional.

Windows And General Tidying

In addition to cleaning the floors, you want to attend to other basic janitorial needs. This includes using surface cleaners on things like shelves and desktops, removing trash, and dusting. It is best if you clear your whole desk off before cleaning it. Understandably, you might want to do this part yourself, but professional services are generally discrete and will not touch anything without your permission.

With your floors and surfaces taken care of, you will want to clean your windows. Windows should be cleaned using specialized glass cleaner, with swift, even strokes to prevent streaking. You might benefit from using a microfiber cloth. If you want to clean the windows from the outside, you will need to either scrub them, possibly using scaffolding for your workers to stand on, or power wash them.  

Pro Tip: Read the article Window Washing for details of cleaning it.

what does office cleaning consist of

Power Washing And Outside Cleaning

When you hear the term “office cleaning”or even commercial cleaning for that matter, you might be thinking of cleaning the insides of individual office rooms. However, it is also important to keep the outside of your building clean. This makes your business look attractive to customers and avoids potential hazards like muddy sidewalks. If you use a company such as Cleaning World Inc, sidewalks, walls, and parking lots are all included. They are located in New Jersey and offer an array of services, including power washing and office cleaning too.

The primary method of cleaning walls, whether of concrete or siding, is power washing. This uses a high speed jet of water to blast dirt and grime away, and it can be used on siding, concrete, or nearly any other surface . This is another area where it is beneficial to hire a professional because there is the potential of window or brick damage if done untrained. It is also a good idea to remove mosses, vines, and other growths or stains on your outer walls. Besides wall, sidewalk, and walkway cleaning, you want to remove debris from your gutters to avoid overflow of water and flooding of the walkways.


As you can see, cleaning your office can be a very involved process, from the floors to the outside. Equipment is available for rent, but the services that rent them out also usually have specialists highly trained in their use. Services like Cleaning World Inc are generally flexible on the specific cleanings you want done and on what schedule. If you are not sure what you need, appointments for free assessments, including price estimates, are available upon request. Now you know that the answer to “what does office cleaning consist of?” is anything you could need for your office complex.

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