What office cleaning consist of


If you want to know what does office cleaning consist of, this post will offer some key points. Here, you will learn tips for keeping a clean office and this post will answer your questions. In addition, you’ll learn some of the best areas to focus on to keep your office looking professional by using office cleaning services or doing it on your own!

what does office cleaning consist of


The office is where the work is done. Having fewer distractions in sight can keep your team on task. When furniture, file cabinets, papers, mail and books stack up and are placed in a haphazard manner, it can be a subconscious reminder to you that you need to constantly “put that away” or “go through that pile.” It can also communicate to visitors, partners and prospective clients that you are behind, or don’t possess organizational skill.



Cleaning an office can be overwhelming. Move forward by solving one problem at a time. The following are some simple key areas you can do that make a BIG difference.


Include the interior and the exterior. Interior high frequency glass (such as entry doors, foyers, walk up windows, office doors and office side lights) may need to be touched up multiple times per week or even daily depending on the usage. Especially, an entry door. Remember your office only has one chance to make a good impression with visitors. The cleanliness of your office and office cleaning habits reflect directly on your business. You don’t want the first thing a visitor thinks about you is inattention to detail and being okay with sweating fingerprint

Don’t forget to wipe the widow sills clean of any dropped water or chemical. When cleaning panes of glass water or chemical can easily fall on the sills. If forgotten these liquid drops can actually make your windows look worse. Spotless and clear panes of glass keep the sun shining in unencumbered.

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Does dust ever end? No, it’s always out there in the air waiting to fall on your shelves. The key to successfully dusting is not letting it build up. Especially when considering the best way to tackle office cleaning, you wanna keep dust at bay.

If you let the dust collect too thick, it can take you more work time and product in removing it. But if you keep ahead of the build-up, it takes less time with less resources and keeps your work space looking new and fresh. You can accomplish the same amount of work, with less time by being proactive and staying ahead of the build-up.

Place a high priority on horizontal surfaces, but don’t forget about vertical surfaces. These collect dust too, just at a slower rate. Pay close attention to anything under a height of 72 inches from the floor. These are surfaces that are easily seen by the eyes. Surfaces 73 inches are usually noticed less but don’t ignore them. These high areas usually require additional tools, step ladders, extendable wands or just really tall people.


Clutter is the bane of all offices and finding the right junk removal company is crucial. Desks, tables, cubicles, countertops and chairs seem to naturally attract items like massive black holes. It seems that if there is a bare surface, someone is going to put something on it. Things collect over time such as boxes, mailings, clothing items, envelopes, bags, paper, paper and more paper! Don’t let this pile up on you.

Stay ahead of the collection of randomness by throwing things out at the end of the day. If you don’t need it, don’t keep it. Set appropriate expectations with personal items. Be flexible and accommodating but don’t let one person’s decorative personal space be another person’s junk yard.

Do a regular inventory to stay on top of office cleaning of what items you have in your area. If it hasn’t moved in the last 12 months, it’s probably not going to be used in the next 12 months. When was the last time you referenced that whole shelf of old books? What about the rain jacket that isn’t needed until spring? What about that stack of “junk mail” that you’re going to “go through” someday?

office cleaning

To accomplish a de-cluttering process and maintain a clean office, store like items together and eliminate redundancy in tools and equipment. Does each really counter need their own coffee pot?. If you haven’t used it in a year, get rid of it if you can. Make use of digital storage by scanning old invoices and records. One of the best tools is the almighty “miscellaneous drawer” or “miscellaneous closet.” Sometimes you just need space for that random, miscellaneous stuff. That’s okay, just keep it all in one place. Keep it enclosed in that one designated drawer, spare room, work table or closet.


Now more than ever, viruses, germs, bacteria and microorganisms need to be eliminated and destroyed. These harmful substances are always trying to live on and near food trays, tables, vending machines, microwaves refrigerators and storage cupboards. Floors, utensils, plates, eating surfaces and coffee pots need to be routinely cleaned and sanitized with the right detergents and anti-bacterial cleaners. If you don’t have the right soap, buy it. If you don’t have the correct cleaning frequency, schedule it. If you don’t have enough personnel to complete these very crucial tasks, hire them and employ professional cleaners who do this all the time.


High traffic carpets need carpet cleaning and should be vacuumed more than you think. A good rule is, if it’s walked on, it should be vacuumed within 24 hours. Dirt, debris, tiny rocks and pieces of asphalt are continuously trailed in on shoes. The quicker those particles are removed from carpet fibers, the less damage they will do and the longer your carpets will last. In addition to routine vacuuming, a thorough carpet clean with commercial equipment needs to be done throughout the year. Hard surface floors should be stripped and re-coated on a regular basis. Plain sweeping and mopping is okay for weeks or even months. But not for years. Major hard surfaces need deep cleaned by commercial equipment on a regular schedule. And if you don’t schedule it in advance, it will likely be forgotten.

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Remember, how your office looks reflects on you and your business. You want to communicate confidence, organization, details, energy, motivation and pride in your workspace. If helps you work better and more efficiently and communicates efficiency and competency. Keep your office bright, new and organized by keeping it clean and tidy.

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