Tips For Choosing Cleaning Services

How To Choose The Best Cleaning Services Near You

If you need tips for choosing cleaning services, we’re sure this post will help. The signing of a cleaning company for your home or business should not be taken lightly. If you are thinking of hiring a company to clean, there are several things you should do before deciding who to hire under a contract. 

Whether a commercial/office space or a home, members of commercial cleaning services will be working on your property if hired.  During these times, your cleaning crew may be alone in your home or business. This brings up two issues. One, can the people entering your home or business be trusted, and what is your liability if one of them is injured while on the property? 

Keeping these two questions in mind, along with other requirements you will have, let’s take a look at some excellent tips for choosing cleaning services near you

12 Important Tips For Picking The Right Housekeeping Service

1. Get Recommendations

No one can tell you about the best cleaning services outside of others who have used cleaning crews themselves. Ask your friends who they use to clean their homes, but don’t stop there. Find out why they like their current company. 

The same goes for cleaning services for businesses. Reach out to other business associates that you know and ask the same questions of their cleaning services.

At a minimum, a professional cleaning company will have a responsible representative to meet with and discuss pricing and any inquiries you may have. 

PRO TIP: Make a list of the top recommended companies and begin the interview process with each one. You can also look at their reviews to firm up the information you get.

2. Does the Cleaning Service Have Referrals?

A professional company will have referrals ready from current and former customers. Ask to see them. If they have referrals from businesses, give the business a call and ask about the referral. If a company cannot provide any referrals, there may be a reason why.

Most companies who do business with one another welcome referrals as a part of good business, and are willing to share with others.  In addition, you can look at their google my business page and assess their reviews. Here is the Google My Business page of one of our favorite companies, Cleaning World, Inc. in NJ.

3. Is the Company Insured?

As discussed, you may be wondering about your liability for cleaning service employees working on your property.  A responsible cleaning service will be insured and bonded for the safety of you and their employees. Be sure and discuss what all their policy covers. You don’t want to find out after an incident occurs that the cleaning service was underinsured. 

4. Are the Cleaning Service Employees Screened?

You wouldn’t allow someone you don’t trust in your home. Most businesses complete background checks on their employees. Why would you not make sure employees of a cleaning service have been vetted in the same way? Ask if the cleaning service you are interviewing incorporates background checks on those they hire. 

5. Established Crew 

Another question to ask a potential cleaning service is, will they provide the same cleaning crew each time? This can be important as your home or commercial needs can be unique. If the cleaning service rotates crews often, there will be a learning curve for each service you need.

6. Cleaning Crews Expectations of Employees

Ask each cleaning service what they expect out of their employees. This should be an easy answer if they are controlling their crews properly. If the interviewer cannot outline expectations for their employees, be leery. Expectations should be formal and in writing, as in an employee handbook. Ask if the cleaning service can show you evidence of communicating their expectations to its employees. 

7. Ask if Products Are Included in the Price

Don’t be surprised by unexpected expenses. Make sure you cover with each cleaning service you interview on what products and services are provided in the contract. If you are expected to pay the expense of supplies, it will impact the cost of the service. In the same respect, certain types of services could be at extra cost on top of the contract. 

8. Does the Company Use Natural and Eco-Friendly Products?

Some commercial or home clients may not have an opinion one way or another on industrial VS natural products. For a growing percentage of the population, natural cleaning products are a must in their business or home. Ask the cleaning service if they offer natural cleaning products. 

9. Does the Cleaning Service Have a Process? 

Cleaning services are a business, and just like any other company should have procedures and processes in place. A cleaning service should have practices and policies on how to clean properly. Another example is, does the company use a checklist as they clean or simply clean what they think is necessary? Ask to see an example of a checklist and if they can create one for your home or office cleaning. 

10. Training Records

Does the cleaning service train their employees? A clear indication of a professional company is the amount of training they give to their employees. Ask the cleaning services that you interview if they can provide evidence of training. This not only makes sure your home or business will be properly cleaned, but that the employees are trained to work safely.  

11. Member of Professional Organizations

Find out if the cleaning service is a member or certified through any professional associations or organizations. This question can mean the difference between a professional company or an amateur service. Companies involved with larger organizations in their industry usually are up to date on the latest technology and best practices in their industry. 

Here are a few organizations an established cleaning service may be a member of or certified through: 

12. Is Service Guaranteed?

Lastly, ask if the cleaning services work is guaranteed. If a company believes in its services, whether it be carpet cleaning, floor waxing or office cleaning, this shouldn’t be a problem. Your prospective cleaning company should have no problem, either making sure any issues that arise are promptly addressed to make the customer happy or provide a refund. 


Making sure your New Jersey home or business has the best cleaning service is not that hard. As long as you follow the steps outlined in this article you will be able to choose the best company for your needs. 

We hope this post has been extremely helpful. You should now know tips for choosing cleaning services near you! Visit our official site Cleaning World, Inc. for more details!

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