Annual Home Maintenance Checklist

Annual House Maintenance Checklist

If you’re in need of an annual home maintenance checklist to keep your house in good shape, you’re in luck! This list is really the only one you will ever need.

There are not many more proud moments than when a new homeowner holds his or her house keys in their hands for the first time.  As any new homeowner soon finds, however, the responsibilities of homeownership have only just begun. 

Danger of Not Having a Checklist

Houses that are not appropriately maintained will soon find themselves dilapidated and aged before their time. Without a planned checklist in place, a homeowner will learn keeping up with maintenance is overwhelming.

Cleaning services NJ Cleaning World, Inc. recommends following this complete guide so that you don’t fall into problems down the road. Here, we will discuss an annual maintenance checklist for your home. You will find that it does wonders for keeping problems at bay and preserving the longevity of your home too!

The Checklist System

When putting together an annual home maintenance checklist, it does not mean that all maintenance conducted is on the same day once a year. We’ve broken down the homeowner’s maintenance checklist by seasons to reflect better what your home needs.

Seasonal Annual Checklist For Your Home Or Residence

Here is your seasonal checklist to be used for your residence. Remember, this is simply a basic guide to help you along with maintaining a home.

Spring/Summer Maintenance Checklist

General Organization And Junk Removal

The spring and summer months are the perfect time to get your home in shape. But as you pack away your winter clothing, why not go through all of your closets and drawers and do an overhaul.

NJ commercial cleaners Cleaning World, Inc. recommends going from one room to the next and assessing items and whether you still need them. Working organization and junk removal is important to do at least annually.

When the home is not maintained properly, you risk much larger problems and will need regular house cleaning to fix them. You don’t want to end up with a hoarder cleanup project or heavy duty house cleaning, so maintaining clutter is crucial to do at least once a year.

Air Conditioner

Before the heat of summer arrives, your air conditioning unit needs to be a priority for inspection. There is nothing worse than being in 96-degree weather and having your A/C go out. Make sure a certified technician inspects your A/C unit regularly every spring for any issues. Low freon levels alone will cost more than the inspection in the long run.


Spring is also an excellent time to inspect the foundation of your home. Walk around and look for any cracking within the concrete slab. For those with basements, this applies to baseman floors and walls also. A crack does not always mean your foundation has a catastrophic failure, but have it inspected by a professional if you find them to avoid costly repair later.

Tree Pruning

When it comes to home maintenance checklists, many do not think of trees as essential items to inspect. Tree roots, however, are a constant potential issue for home foundations, if not controlled. The pruning of trees in springtime makes sure homes are more esthetically pleasing, but it also keeps roots from growing under your foundation, causing damage. 

Roof Inspection

A quality shingled roof will last about 20 years and some others longer.  Whether you live in a hot or a cold climate decides whether to have your roof inspected before spring rains or winter snow. For colder climates and areas such as New Jersey, have it checked in spring, so there is plenty of time for repairs before snowfall. The opposite is true for warm climates, inspect in the fall to give you a few months to have any repairs completed before the spring rains come.

Home Siding

With siding, the trick is to pay close attention to the first six boards from the ground up for damage. Any boards higher have more protection and will not show as much wear as the bottom. This is due to the lower boards not having the same amount of protection from the eves of your home during rain. 

Spring and summer is a great time for power washing too. Take a look at your home and decide whether this year will be the year that you choose to invest in power washing services. If algae and muck is coating the sides of your home, it might be time for a clean.

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Spring and summer are when those pesky insects come out of hibernation and invade our yards and homes. Even if you exterminate every few months, a thorough extermination by a professional is recommended at least once every spring. Skipping exterminations can lead to expensive termite infestations


We all know your gutters need regular cleaning; however, a thorough inspection should occur before spring rains and hurricane season if you live along a coast. Gutters tend to pull away from your house over time, so check that they are securely fastened and flush to the house. Check for leaks and repair as leaking water can cause damage to your home’s siding or foundation. 

Basement Sump Pumps

Those with basements know that your basement sump pump plays an essential role in keeping your basement from flooding. Don’t wait for rain or an emergency to learn that a basement pump is not working. Have a professional inspect your basement sump pump every year for damage and wear.

Deep Carpet Cleaning

We have all heard the phrase spring cleaning. It’s a time when a house can be fully opened to the outside and cleaned thoroughly. We recommend deep carpet cleaning during this time. Spring is a great time for deep carpet cleaning since it is after your messy relatives have already visited for family gatherings at Thanksgiving and Christmas get-togethers.

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Fall/Winter Maintenance Checklist

Draining Hot Water Heater

Hot water heaters need to emptying once a year to remove mineral sediment from the unit. The buildup of residue will significantly reduce the life of your hot water heater if you skip this preventive measure. With some water heaters located in attics, it is good to drain them in the fall when the weather cools. 


Fireplace maintenance doesn’t apply to every homeowner you know. But if you’re located in NJ, we’re pretty sure you have a fireplace so read carefully.

Before you light that first fire for cold weather in your fireplace, make sure you inspect it carefully. The birds of spring and summer will have left nests behind, which need to be removed from your chimney along with any soot buildup. Also, check your damper for proper operation. Starting a fire when there is a stoppage will result in a smoke-filled home.


If your furnace is part of your A/C system, then you already had it checked in the spring. If it is a separate unit, make sure you have it inspected annually in the fall before cold weather. Just as with an A/C getting through some winter days without heat can be downright dangerous if not at least uncomfortable. Gas furnaces pose a separate risk for gas leaks. Have your gas furnace checked for any hazardous leaks. 

Dryer Exhaust

All of us have cleaned our lint filter after a load of towels and been amazed at the amount of lint found. The problem is, your filter does not catch all of the fluff as some of it bypasses the screen. Pull your vent hose off at least once a year and clean any debris your filter did not catch. A dirty dryer exhaust can become a fire hazard over time or cause your dryer not to perform as expected.

Floor Maintenance

Your floors need regular maintenance and this could be done during any month. Floor waxing should be done on a regular basis to keep floors in great shape and preserve longevity. While floors do not need to be waxed every year, you can do a check to see how they’re holding up. Taking care and paying attention to floors is a crucial part of your home maintenance regimen.

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Loose Plugs and Light Switches

It does not take long for light switches and plugs to work themselves loose from the wall. In doing so, each time you plug into one or turn on the switch, they move slightly. Over time this will cause loose connections in the wires, which can be hazardous. 


Keeping your home in good shape is crucial if you’re a homeowner. Checking different things regularly is very important, however many people fail to do so.

We hope this annual home maintenance checklist has been helpful and wish you luck with your home!

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