Carpet Cleaning Do You Need It?

Do You Need Carpet Cleaning?

Do you want to know how and when you need to clean your carpets? In this post, we will explain everything about carpet cleaning and whether or not you really need it.

It Might Be Time To Get Out The Steamer!

There are many times when it might be a good idea to get out the old steamer and clean the rugs.  Additionally, it might be a good idea to invest in carpet cleaning services for your home or business.  Whatever the case, you may be able to relate to some of the following scenarios.

when to hire carpet cleaners

Your carpet just doesn’t have the same look anymore, does it? It’s slightly browner or maybe it’s looking a little more matted than usual. You’ve tried vacuuming, store-bought sprays, and even tried a concoction of club soda and baking soda you saw online.

No matter what you do, your carpet just doesn’t look as good as it used to, and that leads you to the inevitable question: Do I need to hire a professional commercial carpet cleaning service? If you’ve ever thought these statements, it might be time to consider hiring a pro!

6 Times You Might Need Carpets Cleaned

There are several things that might indicate it’s time to hire professional commercial cleaning service to deal with dirty rugs and carpeting.  Below, we will go over several of these things.


My carpet is not the same color as when I bought it.

No matter what, as time goes on, your carpet is going to change color. If you had a beautiful bright white carpet installed or moved into a home with nice light-tan carpeting, after some time those carpets are going to become more and more brown. If you come home and have difficulty recognizing the carpet in your home it is likely time to hire a professional to come in and give it back its youthful shine.

Carpet cleaners and house cleaning services often use cleaning solutions in conjuncture with heavy-duty vacuums and steamers to restore a carpet’s brilliance. The day-in-day-out routines of most people develops a slow build-up of dirt that works its way in between the fibers of their carpet. Eventually that dirt tints your carpet a shade browner than what you originally purchased. At that time, nothing but a good carpet cleaning can fix it.

How often should my carpet be cleaned?

If you’re like most people, regular carpet cleaning is a bit of a foreign idea. It’s understood to regularly change water filters, car oil, and bedsheets, but did you know that it’s recommended to get a regular carpet cleaning every year? Sometimes long-term neglect of a carpet can create irreversible staining which will leave your carpet looking bad no matter what is done. If you’ve never had your carpet cleaned before or if it’s been over a year, it’s good to hire a professional cleaner to avoid permanent staining and discoloration of your carpet.

Pro Tip: You can read this great article on why is cleanliness of the carpet important.  We think it will give you some great and useful information on why you need to maintain your rugs and flooring properly.

My carpet is starting to smell.

Call a cleaner immediately! It’s very unpleasant for a carpet to smell due to your entire home having that pungent smell, but did you know it’s also dangerous? If your carpet is started to emit an odor, there is likely a buildup of mildew or mold in the base of your carpeting.

Get a professional to come in quickly. Your health might be at risk if the mold is toxic, and your wallet is certainly at risk if you have to recarpet your entire home. Read this article to learn more about the importance of commercial carpet cleaning.  We think it will be helpful.

This carpet stain won’t go away.

Accidents happen. Often times mishandled pasta, a careless wine-drinker, or a new puppy can unintentionally make a bad stain on what was once a nice square foot of carpeting. If you’ve done everything you can to remove a wine stain, pee stain, or food stain, it might be time to call in a professional. It may be frustrating to not be able to do it yourself, but if you just can’t stop noticing that stain, have a professional take care of it. If anyone can get rid of a stain it’s a cleaning service. And if that piece of carpet is beyond help, wouldn’t a nice potted plant in that spot really tie the room together?

My allergies are getting worse.

Allergies are a normal part of life for most people but a dirty carpet could make things a whole lot worse. If you’ve got a pet or leave the windows open a lot, hair and pollen can buildup in your carpet. Over time a thick matrix of matted together allergens can form in your carpet, making it impervious to vacuums. If a brisk walk through your living room gets you sneezing, you might have just kicked up a few months worth of dust and dander. Consider having your carpet cleaned if you’re having an irregular amount of allergies in your own home.

Pro Tip: This is a great article that addresses how to clean your home after COVID-19.  With everything going on, we need to be extra careful and play it safe with disinfecting and caring for our living space more rigorously.

there's so much pet hair in the vacuum!
there’s so much pet hair in the vacuum!

There’s so much pet hair in the vacuum!

Have you ever dumped out your vacuum to see a pile of hairs larger than the pet it came from? We love our pets, but sometimes they sure are a mess. We’ve already talked about what to do if Fido pees on the carpet, but what about when his hair becomes the carpet? During shedding seasons dogs can lose an astounding amount of hair. When that hair builds up in your carpet, the large amount in the vacuum might only be the tip of the iceberg. 

In Summary

If you live in the New Jersey area and have thought any of those six statements, consider hiring Cleaning World, Inc., the most reputable carpet cleaning service in all of New Jersey. Our expert carpet cleaning service will help bring to life any dull or discolored carpeting, at one of the best prices in all of New Jersey! Don’t wait another day! Give us a call at (201) 487-1313

We hope this post explained the importance of maintaining carpets in your home or business.  We also hope we have answered your question of carpet cleaning do you need it?

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