Steps To Declutter Your Home

How To Declutter Your Home

Steps to declutter your home: In this post we are going to go over how to declutter your home, step by step.  You will learn some common tips for decluttering and ways to do so and maintain the health and safety standards your home should have.

You Need To Keep Your Home Clean and Junk-Free

If you live in a house, you need to do your best to properly maintain it and keep it junk free. Maintaining your home is crucial as if you don’t do so you can end up with a bunch of problems you could have otherwise avoided.

A messy home can lead to the following issues:

Decluttering Requires Planning

If you plan on decluttering your home, you will want to be sure to know that it will require a lot of planning and preparation before-hand.  If you follow an annual home maintenance checklist, you will likely not have to do a major junk hauling job.

Here are a few questions to consider prior to beginning any decluttering job:

Beginning The Job

Once you have assessed all of the questions above and have figured out how you will begin, you begin the job properly.  You can also read this article on best products to keep your home clean and buy any on Amazon or in a store so you can effectively start your project.

Here are some tips for decluttering your home.

TIP 1: Work room by room.

Depending on how large the project is, you will probably want to work room by room.  Begin with the closets.  Separate items into different piles.  You’ll probably have a lot of junk so you will want to use trash bags.

In the closets, go through everything.  Don’t forget to clean out the shelves in your closet too. Then make your way down to the floor.  Finish up the room by cleaning it thoroughly.  If you have a carpet that is dirty, you may want to consider renting a machine or hiring carpet cleaners to professional clean carpets and get rid of any odor.

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TIP 2: Separate clutter.

Clutter can be categorized and separated.  You can sperate your clutter into piles.  You should have four piles that you separate your clutter into.

4 piles for decluttering:

  1. Throw away
  2. Donate
  3. Keep
  4. Put in another room

Once you have all of the clutter and garbage separated into piles you can begin to allocate them to the proper places.  For items to be donated, designate a room are space in your house, like an unused closet to put items for donation.  In addition, you can place these items in bags and put them in the trunk of your car (unless it’s furniture, of course.

For items that are misplaced and belong in another room, simply bring them to the proper room.  During the last stage of organization, you will clean up each room and organize in the way that’s most suitable to you and your family.

TIP 3: Clean your house room by room.

Now that clutter has been removed, drawers have been cleaned out and items have been separated for donation, it’s time to finish your project.  The next step to decluttering is cleaning your home.  You could hire cleaning services to do so, or you could do it all yourself.

Depending on the size of your home and the amount of dirt will help make the decision easier.  If you have dirt, mold, grime, stains, odor or pests, hiring a commercial cleaner near you is a great choice.

4 Steps To Clean Your Home Room By Room


The hoarder cleanup process has probably left behind a whole lot of dust and debris.  Start from the top and work your way down.  Dust ceiling fans, light fixtures and the ceiling itself.  You’d be surprised at how many cobwebs are hidden in the corners and need to be dusted.


Next steps is to disinfect surfaces.  NJ based company, Cleaning World Inc. recommends to focus on frequently touched surfaces such as faucets, door knobs, handles, counter tops and everything else.  Doing this should leave you with clean surfaces that shine and look nice and well maintained.

In addition to frequently touched surfaces, you will want to clean and disinfect areas that were damaged due to hoarding behavior.  Areas that sat in the messy state may have odor, damage and a build-up of bacteria and germs.

Depending on the area and what surface you are cleaning, you will want to scrub it down as best as you can and clean it.  You may have to treat spots with a special disinfectant spray, sanitizer or fabric cleanser. Just use what will get the job done and what will be safe on your surface too.

In addition, you may need to hire a company for heavy-duty house cleaning services or hoarder cleanup too. This will be depending on the severity of the job. If you do, you should make that a priority for your project.

Sweep and Swiffer

Sweeping and vacuuming floors and carpets and swiffering, mopping or treating wood is the last step.  Whatever you do, get all debris up off the floor prior to vacuuming, mopping or treating it.  Now you will be in a fresh home that feels good and livable!

Treat Floors And Rugs

If swiffering and sweeping isn’t enough, you should work to treat floors and rugs professionally.  You can hire a company for floor waxing and carpet cleaning if floors and rugs have been damaged and require special attention.

Pro Tip: Don’t miss out on reading the article about Carpet Cleaning for insightful guidance on maintaining the cleanliness and freshness of your carpets!

In addition, you can do so to preserve the longevity of floors and rugs.  We’re sure you’ll be happy if you do!


It’s important to maintain a clean and uncluttered home for you and your family.  Useless junk can often lead to injury, unhappiness and embarrassment.  

We hope this post has been helpful in emphasizing the importance of maintaining your home properly so that you and your family can live a happy and healthy life. Good luck with your project and we hope that you are well aware of steps to declutter your home!

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