How To Fight Office Flu

how to fight office flu
how to fight office flu

12 Tips To Fight The Office Flu

How to fight office flu: If you were wondering about 12 tips to fight the office flu this holiday season, this post will walk you through everything. Read more below or contact a local cleaning company to keep your office and workspace clean and sanitized.

There is no magic pill to make you feel better when you are sick, so finding 12 ways to fight the office flu may be what you need. When thousands of people return to work, there is the possibility of spreading germs. Of course, this means COVID-19, but we must not forget about the flu. The flu is easily transmissible, shares symptoms with other viruses, and is highly variable.

12 Tips To Fight The Office Flu So You Can Have Happy Holidays This Season

TIP 1: Keep To Yourself

Working with others is a great way to socialize and create a community in your workplace. The problem is, working with others is also a great way to transmit germs from one another. The first step to fighting the office flu is doing your best to prevent it.

The best way to do this is by avoiding unnecessary contact with coworkers, especially those with any symptoms whatsoever. One person’s cough is another person’s bed rest. Viruses affect every individual differently, so it is important to be mindful of the people around you.

TIP 2: Wash And Sanitize

Washing your hands and sanitizing when you can is the most efficient way to protect yourself, and others, from the flu. The spread of the flu is suggested to spread predominately by droplets from the mouth and nose. With the average person touching their face once every few minutes, the probability of contamination through hand to hand contact is high. By washing or sanitizing hands between and after interactions, you can effectively deter flu transmission through the office.

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TIP 3: Be Mindful Of Where You Put Your Hands

As much as we would like to believe and trust our coworkers to the fullest, we can’t. We all make mistakes and often we spread germs without even realizing it. Throughout the office, there are high traffic surfaces that attract a lot of physical touches.

These surfaces include doorknobs, railings, tabletops, elevator buttons, and so much more. Every time contact is made with these objects, dirt and germs are transferred from person to surface, back to person again, and that could mean you. Do your best to avoid touching these areas. If it is unavoidable or if it slipped your mind, do your best to recognize it and wash or sanitize.

TIP 4: Take A Multivitamin

Most modern people live a busy lifestyle and find difficulty in eating three square meals a day and getting the right portions in every single meal. Give your body a bit of a leg up by implementing a multivitamin in your morning routine. Multivitamins are an extremely easy way to give your body nutrients you wouldn’t usually find in your diet. These vitamins will not only boost your immune system, but they will help you recover, should you find yourself feeling under the weather.

TIP 5: Eat Healthy

Although multivitamins are a great supplement, that is all they are, a supplement. Multivitamins are no replacement for whole foods. Practicing a healthy diet has been suggested to boost your immune system, aid in recovery, same as a multivitamin, but in addition to that; a healthy diet will also increase your productivity, cognitive abilities, and overall mood. Eating healthy leads to better choices throughout the day and will strengthen you both physically, and mentally.

TIP 6: Don’t Over Share

We all learned in elementary school that sharing is caring, but there is a line crossed when sharing becomes too much. Because the flu is transmitted by bodily fluids, it is essential you do not share drinks, utensils, or vapes with any coworkers. This may seem obvious when someone is showing symptoms but habitually overlooked otherwise. Remember, people can be asymptomatic. Prevent contracting and spreading the flu this season by sharing mindfully.

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TIP 7: Stay Hydrated

To function at full capacity, the human body must be well hydrated. Water is essential on a cellular level, to carry out basic bodily functions. We use water in every system in our body, and when our body lacks this essential component, it begins to shut down. Keeping hydrated will keep your body running smoothly and will even help to maintain energy levels throughout the day.

TIP 8: Treat Symptoms

Fight symptoms as soon as they arrive. Symptoms of the flu include fever, chills, body aches, and weakness or fatigue. Use over the counter medicine to soothe your coughs and body aches. When you treat symptoms you can trick your mind into feeling better and therefore control your body and the speed at which it heals.

TIP 9: Rest

For every virus out there, rest is crucial. Your body heals when you rest, and does its most work when you sleep. Don’t be afraid to call off work and to enjoy a couple of naps throughout the day to allow your body the time it needs to effectively fight off germs.

TIP 10: Embrace Humidity

The flu can make your respiratory system feel dry and lead to painful coughing. Show your throat and lungs some love by embracing humidity. Take a steamy hot shower, or keep a humidifier nearby, to ease yourself of the discomfort that comes with a dry throat.

TIP 11: Disinfect Surfaces Frequently

Disinfecting surfaces frequently is an important part of fighting the office flu.  In our COVID-19 era, its especially important to disinfect surfaces frequently.

Surfaces such as railings, tables, computer keyboards should all be regularly cleaned.  Hiring a commercial cleaning service is a great way that you can keep your office and employees safe.

TIP 12: Hire A Cleaning Company

Hiring an office cleaning company such as NJ’s Cleaning World, Inc. is your best bet for fighting office flu.  Keeping your commercial space safe and sanitized is a huge step you can do to maintain office health and ensure your employees don’t get sick. Visit the official site: Cleaning World, Inc for more.


Give Your Body The Attention It Needs

The best way to fight the office flu is by preventing taking it home in the first place, but we all know that is easier said than done. As you return to the office this season, keep in mind these 10 ways to fight the office flu.

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