New Years Resolutions For Keeping The Office Clean

New Years Resolutions For Keeping The Office Clean

7 New Year’s Resolutions For Keeping The Office Clean

New Years Resolutions For Keeping The Office Clean: Every New Year’s Eve, we come together to celebrate. Soon to follow are our resolutions of what we want to change in our lives. If you live in New Jersey and manage or own a business with an office, your resolution might be how to keep the office clean going forward. This may include office cleaning services or doing it on your own. In this post we will discuss what you can do.

Luckily for you and your resolution, Cleaning World, Inc are here to help. Here are the 7 New Year’s resolutions for keeping the office clean. 

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1. Recruit Your Employees to Help

Any experienced cleaning professional will tell you that the best way to clean an office is not to create a mess in the first place. This solution may sound simplistic, but there is some truth to it. 

In a practical sense, it means to ask your employees to clean after themselves when there is a spill or to throw away trash into a receptacle instead of allowing it to fall onto the floor. If employees tidy after themselves as they go, the cleaning process will be much more efficient.  

If your team is responsible for the office cleaning, this will make it much easier at the end of the day to clean before going home. 

2. Set a Cleaning Routine

Without a schedule of when to clean, some jobs can be overlooked due to how we all get busy throughout the day and workweek. 

It’s easy to remember the small tasks around desks and personal spaces. The cleaning that takes place in common areas may be forgotten if not scheduled with a person responsible for the job written down. 

Make the schedule reflect daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly cleanings and who is in charge of each item on the list. In this way, you will make certain the office is cleaned thoroughly. 

3. Make Instructions on How to Clean

We may make the assumption that everyone knows how to clean each item on the list. Clearly, not everyone has been taught this in their lives. 

Keep this in mind and create instructions on how you want each area in your office to be cleaned. The instructions do not need to be long and arduous. Keep them clear and instruction enough to get the job done, but simple to understand. 

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4. Create a Place for Employees to Eat

Common break areas are not only for creating good morale amongst employees. Break Rooms are also there to keep food and drinks away from the rest of the office. 

Coffee spills, food crumbs that fall onto the floor, and other mishaps can create a filthy and stained workplace over time. 

Giving your employees breaks and a place to eat and drink can discourage it from taking place at their desks. This will help keep the office cleaner overall. 

5.  Purchase the Right Supplies

You might be thinking, “cleaning – where do I start?” Well, it’s hard to expect people to do a good job without the proper supplies. You would never want someone to create a wonderful digital database for the company and then give them a paper notebook to accomplish it. 

Cleaning, like any other activity, can be completed faster and better with the right tool for the job. When creating the instructions on how to clean, list out any necessary items for cleaning supplies, and purchase them. 

By making sure everyone has the right equipment for the job, the resolution to keep the office clean will have much more effect. 

6. Target Public Areas First

Areas such as boardrooms, restrooms, waiting areas, and other rooms where customers or guests may visit should always be tackled first. 

All of these areas, as well as windows, are important to keep a good impression of your company. If a customer sees you cannot keep your office clean, they may decide they can’t trust you with their business. 

When making your cleaning schedule make sure these areas are on your list first to keep the public appearance of the office in good standing. 

7. Hire A Professional

There are many benefits to hiring a professional cleaning company to keep your New Year’s resolution. Listed are a few of those benefits. 

As you can see, keeping your New Year’s resolution of keeping your office clean does not have to be hard. Follow the steps above for a sure-fire way to keep both your promise and the office spotless. Whether you choose to do it yourself or save money and time by hiring a professional cleaner, you will only have to make this resolution once. If you want to hire a professional Cleaner contact Cleaning World, Inc.

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