How To Clean A Dirty Kitchen

How To Clean A Dirty Kitchen In 5 Easy Steps

How to clean a dirty kitchen: It seems we are always cleaning a kitchen. Wouldn’t it be nice if we lived in a future where kitchens were self-cleaning? That would be nice, but it is only a fantasy as of right now. In real life, kitchens need to be cleaned regularly and by a human.  

The Importance Of Cleaning Your Kitchen Area Regularly

There are many reasons why it is crucial to clean your kitchen on a regular basis. Whether you choose to hire cleaning services or not, that is your choice to decide.

However, keeping your kitchen free of germs and dirt is important for your health and the well-being of your family. Here are a few reasons why you need to keep your kitchen tidy and sanitized:

Kitchens Don’t Clean Themselves

Even though kitchens don’t clean themselves yet, there are some ways to make your experience easier. We have gathered the top 5 easy steps to clean a dirty kitchen. Before we get started, there is one lesson we don’t want you to discover the hard way. Our advice is to use the right tools for the job. 

Using Modern Cleaning Products

Technology has advanced a long way, including in the kitchen. By catching up with the times and using modern cleaning products, you can clean a dirty kitchen more efficiently. Use a good microfiber towel and brushes that you can fill with dish soap to cut cleaning time in half. By switching from a sponge mop to a steam mop, your floor will be cleaner in less time. Do a little research and see if there are products that can make your cleaning easier. 

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Now let’s dive in and take a look at our top five cleaning steps.

Step 1: Clean as you go.

Some people allow dishes to pile in the sink. Others may avoid tile cleaning and may not see a need to wipe down a backsplash until grease becomes an eyesore. Both of these scenarios cause more work in the end as caked-on food and grease require hard scrubbing.

There is a way to save time and effort. Have most of the cooking dishes rinsed and put away before sitting down to eat. In the same way, wipe down counters, the stove, and your backsplash right after cooking. Even if you don’t see anything on them, a quick wipe down will keep grime from building on the surfaces. By cleaning as you go, you won’t have to worry about deep cleaning these items as often.

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Step 2: Clean out your refrigerator.

This is not a daily task, but be sure and go through your fridge at least once a week. It is easy for last week’s supper to get lost behind the milk jug. Before you know it, you have food growing other food. Keeping your refrigerator cleaned out, not only keeps smells down, but it gives you more room inside. 

Step 3: Clean from top to bottom.

There is nothing worse than mopping a floor only to have it gather the dust bunnies you wipe off of the top of the refrigerator. Always clean the tallest objects in the kitchen first and work your way down to the floor. By doing so, you will only have to clean each area once. 

Step 4: Wipe down the inside of your microwave.

Keeping the inside of your microwave clean is not only healthy but helps to keep it attractive. We have all opened a microwave door at least once to find a disgusting mess our kids or spouse left behind. Before scrubbing, nuke a bowl with a mixture of water, vinegar, and lemon juice to break up any gunk. The acids in the lemon juice and steam from the water and vinegar will soften any food particles. After removing the bowl, wipe the microwave down with a sponge for an easy clean. 

Step 5: Use a vacuum with attachments to clean the floor.

Many people use a broom and dustpan for spills and normal floor cleaning. In addition this, you can always use a professional service for a more intensive job. Our favorite is NJ floor waxing by Cleaning World, Inc. Keep them in mind for any future projects- we’re sure you’re going to love them!

By using a vacuum with attachments, you’ll find you can have your kitchen floor cleaner and faster. The benefit of using the vacuums attachments is that you can get into all of the tiny crevices a broom cannot. Also, even the best broom will leave some dirt behind. 


By following these five steps, you can keep your kitchen clean and save time doing it. Additionally, you can hire a company for heavy duty cleaning services too if you don’t feel like taking on the job!

Remember, getting on top of the cleaning as soon as possible is key. If food and grease are allowed to build up, it will only make your cleaning job harder in the end. Having a motto of clean early and often can save you from back bending scrubbing later and will be a huge time saver down the line. 

If you want to hire a professional service, NJ commercial cleaning company, Cleaning World, Inc. is an excellent choice. While they operate in Northern NJ, they are excellent and very well rated in the area!

We hope these tips for how to clean a dirty kitchen have been helpful and wish you the best of luck with your project!

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