6 Bad Cleaning Habits To Break Right Now

bad cleaning habits you need to break right now
bad cleaning habits you need to break now

Six Bad Cleaning Habits You Need To Break Immediately

If you’re wondering about bad cleaning habits you need to break immediately, everybody has them! This post on the Cleaning World, Inc. blog will go over some of the most common culprits.

Breaking Bad Cleaning Habits

Until technology finds a way to keep our homes and businesses clean without our own effort, we will continue to clean them physically. Not everyone cleans in the same way, however. Some people even use bad cleaning habits that make them work harder or, in some cases, cause harm to themselves and others. Stay with us, as we share bad cleaning habits you need to break immediately. 

6 Bad Cleaning Habits To Break Right Now!

1. Using Caustic Cleaners on Everything

Those bathtub cleaners create a shiny surface for any bathtub after a good scrubbing. In fact, common bathroom cleaners work so well; many people think they need to use them across the entire household. What you may not think of, there is a reason these cleaners work so well. Bathroom cleaners tend to have chemicals that are more caustic than other cleaners. They are alright for occasional use to fight heavy grime and calcium buildups but not designed for other jobs. 

Wiping down kitchen counters, furniture, and other objects during your house cleaning with these caustic chemicals is a habit to break immediately. Take a look after cleaning with these cleaners. On most occasions, a chemical residue left behind will have a strong chemical odor that is not healthy to breathe in your living areas. Cleaners are designed for specific tasks; use them correctly for better health. Warm soapy water works well for most cleaning applications.

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2. Stop Using Contaminated Cleaning Supplies

Cross-contamination of germs is a problem in many homes and businesses. This happens when you use the same rag or sponge to clean multiple surfaces and objects. Cleaning a bathroom sink with a rag and then using it to clean the kitchen will most likely carry germs from the bathroom into your kitchen. 

When cleaning, either use disposable towels or leave the cleaning supplies for each section of your home or business-specific within those areas. After completing the cleaning process, you can always wash your rags to remove any germs to have them clean for their next use. 

3. Waiting to Run Out of Dishes

The invention of the dishwasher has helped homeowners for years keep their dishes clean. They have also caused one of our bad habits. With the luxury of a dishwasher, the old way of cleaning as you go vanished from many homes. Letting dishes pile in the sink for cleaning later only makes the job harder. 

Take the time to wash and rinse dishes as you go. This is especially true while creating meals and cooking. By cleaning as you go and not letting dishes build, you’ll find it much easier and more organized in your home. 

4. Get Rid of Flat Surfaces

Have you ever noticed that flat surfaces, like the tops of microwaves, refrigerators, or a side table, seem always to gather clutter? For most, this is due to having an easy place to lay mail, the magazine you plan to read later, or whatever happens to be in your pocket when you get home from work. Businesses also suffer this bad habit as offices soon become messy with things someone plans on getting too later. 

Now, we know it is impossible to remove all of your flat objects in a room, but think about this when designing your home or business office. Ask if you really need that corner table that is rarely used but tends to gather junk that you throw out six months later. It will also force you into a plan on what to do with objects if you don’t want them building up. 

PRO TIP: Read these easy tips for junk removal or hire a junk removal company to do the work!

5. Clean More Frequently

It feels good to get the spring cleaning out of the way. That deep scrub we do a couple of times a year gives us a sense of accomplishment when our home or business is cleaned with detail. 

How hard your spring cleaning effort is up to how much you clean throughout the year. If you only clean your home or office occasionally, you’ll find your deep cleanings much harder. Sweeping every couple of days, a quick wipe down of baseboards once a week, and other more frequency cleaning will make your life much easier. For example, a ceiling fan cleaned only every three months can be a disaster to clean. By running a broom across the blades once a week, you’ll not have to face heavy dust buildup later. 

6. Not Cleaning from the Top Down

Cleaning items at a higher reach last means you have a bad cleaning habit. Cleaning lower items first, like vacuuming or sweeping a floor as the first step, will only double your work. Always clean ceiling fans, remove cobwebs from corners of the room, and dust before cleaning your floors. If not, you’ll find you have a dirty floor after each cleaning campaign. 

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We hope you have learned all about the bad cleaning habits you need to break right now and wish you luck!

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