Winter Office Cleaning Checklist

Winter Office Cleaning Checklist

Why clean your office before winter?

Why in the world would you need a winter office cleaning checklist before all that snow and salt gets tracked in? Well, it might seem pointless to do a deep clean before it is immediately dirtied. However, can you imagine how much worse it’s going to be if you don’t clean up before all that sets in? 

Here’s a winter office cleaning checklist to make sure you go into the colder months with a fresh clean office.

Let’s get this out of the way, 2020.

This year has been nothing short of a whirlwind. Everything from a global pandemic to murder hornets were a very real thing this year. A deep cleaning is just the thing to wash away all the perceived crud that’s built up. Walking into a cleaned office might be the thing you and your coworkers need to tackle the rest of the year. 

A refreshing, psychological restart aside, you’ve been cleaning everything already. Every surface wiped down a million times, every phone sprayed and disinfected until the color starts to fade, and gallons of hand-sanitizer are still being used on a daily basis. This winter cleaning checklist is for all those places you haven’t been cleaning. If you have a busy schedule you can hire a professional cleaning service or Janitorial Services as Cleaning World, Inc. in New Jesey

Floors, where everything gets stomped. 

We get how it’s a pain to mop the floors or vacuum the carpet, so if you’re doing it yourself, it can get pushed back on a to-do list pretty quickly. That’s okay, it happens to everyone. Sometimes even we push our own floors back when we clean yours!

However, before you go into winter you want to make sure that all the crud built up over the summer is cleaned out. Probably just to make room for snow melt, salt, and more coffee spills, but you should still do it. The edges are showing signs of dirt at this point, and you REALLY don’t want to add a layer of salt on top. You don’t want your spring checklist to include repainting the baseboards. So take that mop and get to work!

Pro Tip: You may also consider hiring a professional floor waxing service. 

Clean the air.

What in the heck does “clean the air” mean? Well, over time, dust collects in those hard to reach places and can trigger those with asthma or fill the air with pollutants. Air filters, air ducts, and under furniture are all traps for dust bunnies and mites. Cleaning those out will have a noticeable difference immediately. 

There are a ton of different ways to “clean the air.” Some are a little… out there. Here are a couple of the more popular ways to “clean the air.” These aren’t necessarily pointless but the “science” that backs them up is unfounded. They can’t hurt though!

They are more similar to the advice a psychic would give you, helpful but not really backed by science. Stick with cleaning your filters, dusting your air vents, and cleaning under your furniture and you’ll have a nice clean office. Anything else is just icing on the cake. 

Deep clean your carpets. 

Of course you’re vacuuming your carpets. But that’s just pulling up the loose particles that sit near the surface. What your carpets need, is a commercial shampoo. To pull up that dirt that has been pounded into it over the summer. You could do it yourself, but that would include picking up a large carpet cleaning device. We encourage you to look to our services!

Speaking of carpets, make sure that you’ve put out heavy duty mats at your front door. Those mornings when people will be tracking snow in can lead your entire office damn. If they have a dedicated space to stomp off the extra snow, they won’t track it through your freshly cleaned office. 

Cleaning your windows.

You’re not going to be opening your windows too much in the next couple months, and you definitely don’t want to be seeing the same dirt streak until spring. Being able to look out your window and see nothing but a fresh layer of snow will be worth it. We recommend picking up some glass cleaner and getting those first floor windows. If you’re a little higher up, consider looking into our window cleaning service. 

Pro Tip: You can check how to clean windows. This will be helpful for you!

Take the time to clean your office. You’ll appreciate it.

Think back to last winter. Remember quickly shuffling into your building, trying to get out of the cold without slipping on the ice. You don’t want to take a step into the building and be hit by a wall of smells. You won’t be able to open a window to clear out the stuffy smell. Take some time to make sure the dust and dandruff from the summer has been cleaned out. This winter office cleaning checklist will leave your office ready for the next couple months.

We hope that this Winter Office Cleaning Checklist have helped you and wish you all the best! Visit our official site: Cleaning World, Inc for more cleaning services.

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