Window Cleaning Tips For Your NJ Space

10 Window Cleaning Tips for Your NJ Home Or Business

Windows sure can get dirty! Not just the inside- although, that does require a routine cleaning, as well, but we are talking about the outside of the windows! If you’ve ever cleaned the insides of your windows and felt like they still looked dirty, then it’s definitely time to give this a try… and then repeat once or twice annually! Depending upon how many floors you have, you may be thinking that this sounds easier said than done, especially if you have a two-story home; however, keep reading to find out 10 window cleaning tips for your New Jersey space!

Tip #1 Choose your cleaning day wisely.

The best day for cleaning your windows is surprisingly NOT what you think! Many people would think that window cleaning on a sunny day would be ideal. However, that is not the case at all. If you clean your windows while the sun is shining on them, you are much more likely to get streaks. The best day to clean your windows is actually on a dry and cloudy day. While we do have plenty of rain here in New Jersey, there are also times when it is a dry overcast day. Watch the weather forecast to help you plan your day of window cleaning. Be sure that it is just overcast, though, or you could get rained out from getting your windows all nice and shiny!

Tip #2 Consider the type of windows you have.

Do you have tilt and turn windows? Then, you may be able to do a pretty good job cleaning your windows from inside your home. Do you have first-floor-only windows? Then, you may be able to use a smaller ladder (unless you’re tall enough to reach to the top- which is possible since many homes are different). Do you have second-story windows to clean, too? You have some options here: a ladder- what people typically use to reach second-story windows (be sure to have a spotter/person with you to hold the ladder) –or –just using your hose to get the top windows and a long extension pole to wipe them down.

Tip #3 You don’t need super fancy tools.

Really, you just need a bucket (5-gallon size is a good size for this job), hand dishwashing soap/water, some rags/a microfiber cloth/a sponge, a squeegee (with an extension pole for reaching second-story windows safely from the ground), and your hose.

Tip #4 Get yourself a squeegee.

You will be thanking yourself for this wise decision, when you are finished, standing back to admire your work, and notice how streak-free your windows look. Seriously, though, a squeegee will make your windows super clear! When making this purchase, get a couple of extra sharp, rubber replacement blades because, while this is an amazing contraption, the blade will need to be replaced should it get any kind of nick or slice in it. Plus, it can become dull and lose its streak-free window cleaning ability. Before throwing one away, though, try flipping it to see if you can use the other side.

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Tip #5 Consider using a microfiber cloth for the scrubbing of the windows.

Microfiber cloths are wonderful for cleaning windows because they do not leave lint or damage to your windows. They are quite affordable and help aid in a streak-free clean.

PRO TIP: Check out this complete guide to cleaning your NJ office! We know you’ll love it!

Tip #6 Remove all screens.

Window cleaning is most effective, when done on the actual window. Screens will hamper the cleaning and leave behind dirt and grime on the actual window. Don’t forget to give the screens a good cleaning before putting them away for the winter.

Tip #7 Clean the frame of the windows first.

Using your hand dishwashing soap/water mixture, apply it with a sponge, microfiber cloth, or rag (with some elbow grease) to scrub down the frame of the windows. This will help create an even nicer appearance, once your windows are clean. Plus, it will make the actual cleaning of the window easier without all of that extra debris and build-up.

Tip #8 Consider using a vinegar and water solution.

Vinegar is so versatile. One of its many uses is for cleaning! If this is the cleaner you decide to use, mix one part vinegar with one part water. That is literally all you will need to make this cleaning solution. Simple, quick, and effective, without getting any chemicals involved!

Tip #9 Attach a microfiber cloth to a Swiffer mop to reach those tricky high-up windows.

Swiffer already has a decent length handle, and the ability to have various cloths attached to its head. Of course, any mop similar to this would also fit the bill, as long as it is able to have a cloth attached to the end.

Tip #10 Consider calling a professional.

If the job is too cumbersome or you are too uncomfortable with all that this entails, don’t hesitate to give a professional company a call such as Cleaning World, Inc. They are trained to do this task safely and thoroughly. Plus, they have specific products for cleaning residential windows. They would be happy to handle it for you. NJ cleaning company Cleaning World offers this service and has trained professionals who would love to help you out! Cleaning World is a team of professional commercial cleaners in NJ!

Conclusion: If you just cleaned your windows on the inside, but you can barely even tell, then it is high time to wash the outside of your windows! It doesn’t take a whole lot of equipment to get a crystal-clear shine, but having a microfiber cloth and a squeegee definitely will help keep those nasty streaks away. It does require some time, depending on how many windows you have on your home, as well as some overcast weather. Clean those windows from the framework in to get the best results. Remember- if this task is too big or if you’re concerned about how to do second-story windows safely, be sure to call a professional to do the job. They are prepared and can clean your windows safely. However you get this done, you will definitely be able to tell the difference and be glad you did this. Hope you enjoyed reading about 10 window cleaning tips for your NJ space!

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