When to Call in a Professional Service for Hoarder Clean-Up

When to Call in a Professional Service for Hoarder Clean-Up

If you want to know when to call in a professional service for hoarder clean-up, you’ve found the right blog. A hoarding issue can be difficult to deal with. Clutter around the home will pile up easily, making the place tough to live and stay in. But there are more extreme examples. The hoarding issue can become dangerous. It can threaten the lives of those in the house. This is when the task of extreme decluttering becomes too difficult. It’s here when a professional service should be called for assistance. This blog will go over when and why that needs to happen.

The Labor Required

Don’t underestimate how much work it will take to declutter after a hoarding situation. It’s far more than simple decluttering jobs around the home. This is a difficult job that will need a solid strategy to be accomplished. This will require intense thinking about where you want the items to go. Some can be donated, while others should be discarded. Important items should remain in the home but will need to be placed elsewhere. You’ll then have to figure out how to move the items around.

A professional service should be hired to handle this task. These services have inspectors who can search around the entire house. Their search will include the closets and drawers. They’ll even search through smaller places like pockets on shirts, jackets, and pants. It’s their job to form a professional strategy. They’ll document the best ideas for where each item or piece of equipment will go. 

The task of moving all the items and equipment from one place to another is laborious. A professional cleaning service will have a group of people dedicated to this process. They’ll know which items should be thrown in the garbage. They’ll know how to sanitize the entire house. This can be a long and hard process for those living in the house. The time commitment will be shorter with the help of a professional service involved.

Protect the Relationships

Letting a person know they’re a hoarder can be a difficult situation. The hoarders are usually too comfortable with their living environment. They may not want to hear that they have a hoarding problem. This is difficult to deal with if the person involved is a close friend or family member. It’s even more difficult if you live with them. This can become too tense to deal with when the person starts sifting through another’s belongings.

The professional service will have consultants who will discuss this matter with the people involved. The professional will help guide the friend or family member through the tough conversation. 

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Find Missing Items

It’s time to declutter from a hoarding situation when it becomes too tough to find specific items. The person’s possessions have accumulated to too high a point. The hoarder will have to constantly sift through piles of items to find them. They might even need help searching through them. This can include smaller or even larger items.

The professional cleaning service will have enough staff to move quickly. They’ll get rid of the unwanted items, and reorganize those that need to remain. This will make it far easier to find items when needed.

Serious Health Hazards

Merely sifting through all the items and equipment in a hoarding situation is a tough task. It’s also a dangerous one in terms of health hazards involved. By doing so, a person is exposing themselves to sanitation issues. Dirt, debris, dust, and mold can accumulate quickly in piles. The piles become a breeding ground for other bacteria. This will lead to symptoms like itchy skin, coughing, runny nose, sneezing, and other unwanted reactions.

A professional company will know when an environment needs to be decontaminated. The company will have employees who wear equipment for a contaminated environment. They’ll also know exactly how to remove harmful debris from the surrounding environment. The professional cleaning company has access to equipment that’s top-of-the-line. 

Potential Injuries

Health hazards can arise while sifting through someone’s hoarded belongings. But another matter involves just how intense the labor can be. The hoarded piles can be so large that sifting through them can lead to injuries. Some piles, if large enough, will be unstable. They’re prone to collapsing on a person. A person could get sprains if something falls on them. At worst, they could break bones while sifting through piles.

The professional service will know how to deal with this problem. They’ll come with equipment ready to take on large piles. This will come after they’ve concluded their strategy involving what to do with all the items.

Pest and Rodent Buildup

The worst piles in a hoarding situation can include decomposing materials and food pile-up. This will be a magnet to bugs and rodents. This is when anyone in the home shouldn’t even try to sift through the pile. The entire environment will need serious decontamination. Pests and rodents like cockroaches, mice, and rats can spread diseases between one another. If they’re possessors, they will spread those to humans too.

This kind of decontamination process can only be done by a professional company. They’ll know how to handle extermination. If a bug like a roach or a mouse is seen in the pile, call a professional company immediately. 

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When to Call in a Professional Service for Hoarder Clean-Up

A hoarding situation is very difficult to deal with. The labor required to even consider the clean-up process can be intense. Telling someone you know that they’re a hoarder is extremely difficult. But there will come a time when this needs to happen. There’s no need to go it alone. A professional service will know how to handle the clean-up. They will help the homeowner and those they know organize to ensure a place looks pristine. They will make sure it never happens again. They’ll even know when to decontaminate an environment that needs the treatment. These situations are why a professional service should be called for hoarder cleanup.