Tips to Cut Down Clutter in Your Home 2023

Tips to Cut Down Clutter in Your Home 2023

If you need tips to cut down clutter in your home, this is the blog for you. It’s very easy for a homeowner to gather too many items in their home. The homeowner may not always pay attention to how much they’ve acquired over time. This can lead to a homeowner having too many items to handle in one place. The aim for this blog is to help you with decluttering. If your home is cluttered, you likely have items you no longer need. These tips can help you with the clean-up process. This will make your home space more livable. A pristine environment will lead to improved mental health for the owner.

Get Rid of Anything You Don’t Need 

The first tip to consider when starting the decluttering process is necessity. Carefully observe the items cluttering a room, closet, or drawer. Consider the question: Do you really need these? Keep items or devices you use frequently or even sparingly throughout the year. If you haven’t used something in more than a year, get rid of it. This includes items you might use in the future. If you hesitate when thinking about whether you need an item, consider getting rid of it. 

You can get money for something depending on its value. This can be determined by talking to a pawn shop broker. Internet selling or bidding sites can help with gauging how much something is worth. The item can perhaps be given to someone you know who could use it. You could also give it to a goodwill shop or service. But this only applies if the item in question is worth something. If it’s not, recycle it or throw it in the trash.  

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Get Rid of Items You’ve Replaced

You’ll eventually need to buy replacements for items and devices. When a newer item is purchased, get rid of the older one. This can apply to household items such as brooms, or electronic devices like phones. There are times when old items still have their uses, particularly devices. Some older devices have features or uses not possible on newer ones. Perhaps an account can’t be moved from one device to another. In that case, ask a manufacturer or tech support for help.

This doesn’t apply to most items and appliances, however. Sell or give those away when the replacement arrives.

Tackle One Room at a Time

It can be overwhelming to think about every room that needs cleaning in the house when cluttered. The easiest way to declutter is to consider the room you want to start with first. Then, clean that room until it’s completely decluttered. Don’t start working on another room before finishing one room. This can lead to the homeowner being overwhelmed. The overwhelmed feeling can breed the temptation to give up. Doing too much at a time can leave you so fatigued that you’ll be back where you started.

Set a Deadline for Yourself

Take a careful look at the room you’ll need to declutter. Then, figure out a good deadline for when you believe you can finish decluttering it. It should be a reasonable timeframe. Making a timeframe too short will put too much pressure on you to clean it quickly. But creating a deadline too far out will give you the feeling that you’re not moving fast enough. The time you give to yourself will depend on just how much cleaning needs to be done. It will also depend on the size of the room that needs decluttering. Focus on a smaller room first, then proceed with the larger rooms.

It also helps to make a personal list and checklist of what to accomplish. This can also be used for you to remember what items to get rid of.

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Plan the Storage Areas for the Items You’ll Keep

Decluttering a room means you’ll only be getting rid of items that you don’t need anymore. There will be plenty of items you’ll want to keep. Take the time to carefully plan where those items will go. This will help you judge whether you’ll have the room for all of them. If you don’t, consider again whether you need each item. The closets and drawers where these items will be stored should be easy to open. It will also help you remember where to find those items when you’ll need them. 

Keep Items in the Same Place They’ll Be Used In

Decluttering also marks a time to reorganize the house and keep it organized. Items in the house should be kept in the same rooms they’ll be used in. Charging devices, for example, should be kept in the rooms they’re used in the most. The same goes for yard equipment, which should be kept close to a closet or garage near the yard itself. Kitchen equipment and utensils should be kept in the kitchen.  

Buy Multipurpose Items

Items that serve more than one purpose can prevent future cluttering. A cellphone can be used as a remote control instead of buying another remote. The phone can also be used as a watch or a clock. This is better than having two items that serve those individual purposes. Also consider doing away with paper. The cellphone can be used again as a substitute instead of a notebook or notepad. If that’s too small, consider using a larger tablet device. 

An Instant Pot is good for the kitchen. The Instant Pot can slow cook, pressure cook, steam, sauté, and warm up food. It’s good for making plenty of food quickly. This product can be relied on instead of using pots and pans. This will reduce the number of dishes and appliances you’ll need in one area.

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Tips to Cut Down Clutter in Your Home 2023

It’s best to start with a plan to declutter your house. Carefully consider what you’ll need and won’t need going forward. Then, set up a good timeframe to declutter everything. This will help you focus on cleaning your house while not overwhelming yourself. Remember these tips to cut down clutter in your home.