What Is Office Deep Cleaning


Many people are curious to know what is office deep cleaning.  This post will answer all of your questions and teach you things to look out for too when hiring an office cleaning service near you.

If you been in contact with companies regarding office cleaning, then this post will help you know exactly what to look for in professional cleaning service as Cleaning World, Inc. As you may or may not know, it is very common for companies to not specify their exact services and what deep cleaning actually is. Be sure to ask as it is your right if you hire them.

Things To Be Aware Of

Before we get into exactly what deep cleaning is, we will go over some things you should be aware of. One of our favorite companies located in the heart and soul of New Jersey is Cleaning World. They are always open to discussing all that it takes to perform an office deep clean. In addition to that, they will be at your office in 2 hours for a free quote!

One problem is that many other companies do not specify what that phrase means. Another big problem with these vague phrases is they give you no objective standard for you to tell when the task has been completed adequately.

So, lets break this down and define some terms. Let’s look at what office deep cleaning actually is!

Important Heavy Duty Commercial Cleaning Tasks

Office deep cleaning should refer to specific tasks that are not generally done in a regular or nightly cleaning routine. These such heavy duty cleaning tasks include:


The phrase detail vacuuming should include full coverage vacuuming of all available carpet space and rugs. In addition to this, detailed vacuuming should also include hose and nozzle vacuuming of all structural corners (to include wall to floor, wall to ceiling and wall to wall), crevices and hard to reach spaces.

In many cases, a more comprehensive approach might be needed. For example, if there is odor in the carpets, you may need to invest in carpet cleaning services to thoroughly cleanse and get rid of any dirt and stains.

The most often overlooked thing with deep cleaning is the build-up of dust bunnies, cobwebs and debris under the desk where the feet rest. This area is often obscured to an office visitor by a privacy panel that precludes that visitor from seeing the sitting legs of the person behind the desk.

Even when sitting at the desk, this area is overlooked by the occupant and often cluttered with a tangled mess of computer wires, cables, surge protectors and extension cords. This area is notoriously difficult to clean adequately with a regular upright vacuum cleaner.

Many cleaning companies do not satisfactorily check this spot by making sure the cleaning technician does the extra work of using the hose and nozzle. If this area under the desk is detailed vacuumed with a hose and nozzle, the office occupant will know that you are serious about the details.


With a comprehensive office clean, you will want to know that bathrooms will be fully cleaned and sanitized. Disgusting germs can build up over time. Areas that are hidden can collect germs and mold.

Tiles can build up with mildew and moisture and will need professional tile cleaning services too. In addition, surfaces areas should be treated, floors cared for in the proper way (such as with a good mopping or floor waxing) in addition to many other things.

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The term detail dusting should be defined as simply removal of visible dust, particles, cobwebs and debris from all horizontal surfaces and visible vertical surfaces. 

This should be done with some type of static collecting want, a micro-fiber cloth, damp cloth or hose vacuum with a bristled nozzle designed for dust collection. A common mistake is for the technician to run over the surface with a traditional duster where as much as 60% of the dust particles are released into the air and return back to the very same surface in a matter of minutes. 

Specific areas that are often missed and hardly ever mentioned in a detailed cleaning proposal are the tops of chair legs. Initially, this can sound odd. But the typical roller office chair that occupies many offices have chair legs that sprawl outwards from the center and therefore have a lot of horizontal surface. These plastic legs are usually black so dust is seen easily. 

Another area that is often missed is discharge air vents and return air vents. When an office occupant or their visitor sees an air vent with dust build up, all one interprets in the mind is “dirty air.” Keeping the grills of these air vents dusted regularly removes this negative mental picture. Metal air grills can also collect moisture over time from interior building humidity and dust can get “glued” on when mixed with this moisture. So, a damp cloth, detergent or brush may be needed for an initial cleaning for removal. 

Another spot that is commonly overlooked is the structural corner of the office behind the door. Especially, if the office has a corner fed door, as most offices do. This is the hidden spot behind the door that can not be seen when the door is open. Since it is hardly ever opened, cobwebs can build up. Then once the occupant closes the door to meet with a valued client, a stringy mess of dead flies and cobwebs are now visible.

Things To Be Aware Of With Office Cleaning

When we are talking about an office, remember this is where one person spends a likelihood of 40-70 hours per week or more. They live in this space. They notice every little detail just like you do in your own home or car or any space that you spend a lot of time in.

To have a true office deep clean, both parties (the office occupant and the end of the line technician who is performing the cleaning) have to be on the same page regarding expectations. An objective, easily understood level of detail needs to be spelled out. 

The phrase “dusting” can mean 11 different things to 10 different people. So, it needs to be defined. In the case of dusting, it is recommended to use a more detailed phrase that is clear such as “dusted sufficiently until no visible dust or residue remains on the surface or can be detected by a spot touch inspection.” If that is the definition of dusting then there is an objective standard when it comes to a dispute. The dust can either be seen or not. It is never helpful when a customer says, “The desk wasn’t dusted.” And the cleaning contractor says, “Well, I dusted it.” There is immediately miscommunication because two parties have two different definitions of expectations. 

A way to help define the standard is not only to write it down, but to provide a photograph of the area in question. This can be done prior to cleaning showing what needs to be done. Or can be done after the cleaning providing evidence that the task has been completed up to the level of expectation. 

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If a company cannot define tasks by giving you a specific definition and cannot provide you with an objective standard of a job completed, then they are probably not up to the task to give you a good office deep clean.  However, Cleaning World, Inc. of New Jersey is an excellent commercial cleaning service that is certainly up to the task.

You can contact them by calling or visiting their corporate office in Hackensack, NJ. Here is a link to their profile on Google in case you want to pay them a visit.

We hope you now understand what is office deep cleaning and wish you luck with your project!

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