What Is Medical Office Cleaning?

what is medical office cleaning
what is medical office cleaning

Medical Office Cleaning: What It Is and Why You Need It

The Importance of Medical Office Cleaning

The importance of medical office cleaning is quite different from that of other types of businesses. In other industries like an auto repair shop or lawyer’s office, a dirty waiting room may give your business a bad review, but it can make people sick or even kill in a medical office. For this reason, medical office cleaning should be treated differently than the following:

In this article, we will discuss the need for medical office cleaning, what it is and why you need it. 


Before we get into the medical reasons to have a clean medical office, let’s understand the aesthetics of a clean environment. Health aside, any business with customers who expect good service will expect a company they use to keep their workspace clean. Dirty restrooms, waiting rooms, and others tell the customer you do not take pride in your work. 

Most people are easily turned off by a less than clean office and will judge the business on this. Once you have a reputation as a business of not doing the little but necessary things people expect, you’ll find your business is lagging behind. 

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Health Benefits of a Clean Medical Office

Outside of losing business over a dirty medical office, the most important reason for cleaning is for health reasons. Bacteria and viruses are the enemies of any doctor’s office. One of the medical profession’s quandaries has always been patients who are sick receive treatment at a medical facility, while those who are susceptible to diseases are also visiting the same place. 

Medical facilities have known this for years and have answered the challenge by keeping all parts of the medical office not only clean but disinfected. This need for disinfection is a constant battle that requires facilities to clean all objects and surfaces constantly.  

Keeping the area disinfected allows patients and workers to stay healthy in an environment with a high risk of exposure of germs to both. 

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The Difference Between Clean & Disinfected

Cleaning involves removing particles of dirt, pollen, skin particles, and stains. While some of these can result in bacteria growth, they do not necessarily have the same high risk as bacteria and viruses pose. 

One of the most common issues that occur in places where people gather is staph infections. These bacterial infections are quickly passed, especially to those who have compromised immune systems. Once staff takes hold of a host, it can be challenging to cure. 

The only way to combat the passing of staff bacterias and viruses is to disinfect areas where people gather and are susceptible to disease. Unlike cleaning which incorporates, vacuuming, dusting, and wiping down dirty surfaces, disinfecting uses chemicals that kill bacteria and viruses to remove them from the facility. 

Disinfection Plan

In most instances, it is not enough to simply walk through and disinfect medical offices without first having a plan. This will answer your question about whether or not you need hire an office cleaning service.

As so many rooms of a medical office can be affected by bacteria and viruses, it is important to have a plan in place to ensure all objects and surfaces are disinfected in a routine way. 

This plan should include: 

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The list of items disinfected in a medical office needs to include items that not everyone may have thought of as a potential hazard and should consist of: 

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Guaranteeing Disinfection

While there is no way to kill 100% of all risks of bacteria and viruses in a medical office, you can greatly mitigate the risks by having a plan and enacting it daily. A second option to add in conjunction with cleaning during work hours is to hire a professional cleaning company to fully disinfect during closed hours. 

There are important benefits to hiring a professional company to clean and disinfect a medical office. Professional cleaning companies are experts at what they do, and that is clean. The training and experience cleaning crews have are extensive. These companies already have disinfection plans in place and know what areas need to focus on disinfecting properly. 

Cleaning companies such as Cleaning World, Inc. will also have the necessary training and procedures needed to work with chemicals and the required PPE to stay safe while doing the job. Utilizing these professionals adds a second layer of protection to a medical offices’ staff and patients.

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