Tips For Deep Cleaning Your Home Before A Move

Tips For Deep Cleaning Your Home Before You Move

Before walking into your brand new home with your keys, here are some tips for deep cleaning your home before you move in. Move-in/Move-out cleaning is incredibly important during the major transition of a relocation. However, it’s important you understand what move-in/move-out cleaning consists of and how move-in/move-out cleaning is done.

Even before you place down your first chair or bookcase, it will be easier to set everything sparkly clean as the rooms are empty. You don’t want to lie down on your bed after moving everything over the day, and you find yourself staring at a cobweb with a spider staring down on you in the ceiling! 

On the surface, the landlords may have “cleaned” your apartment or home for you, but it isn’t always the best cleaning unless they’ve hired professional help. And it is a meager chance of it happening, so it’s always up to you to get the work done before you set your new home correctly with your personal belongings!

Ceiling and Walls

The best place will always be from the top to the floor. Hiring a company for high dusting when needed is important for this reason. Why? Because once all the dust and germs are on the ground, it will be easy to vacuum. And you will have less mess on any furniture you set down if you bring any before you start cleaning your new home!

The places to clean are the top corners of the room, lights on the top, the walls in hard-to-reach areas, rafters and any ceiling fans you may have swinging above you. Especially fans and corners, there will always be dust or minor signs of cobwebs. Always give those locations a good clean with a duster or even a cloth. 

And don’t forget the top of the doorframes. Those are commonly overlooked and will always have a layer of dust over time! Along with behind doors and below them if there’s a small gap. And when it’s all clean, wipe down the floors. Once it’s all on the ground, it will be easy for the vacuum to suck it all up.


It’s good to get a bucket of water with soap, a cloth, and a bottle of your trustworthy cleaning product to do the job for your window! Not just inside the window but also the outside. Insects always love to smash against many objects, so always clean both sides of the glass. And you never know if the previous owner had children, so there will be plenty of fingerprints, coloring, and much more stuck against the glass. More reason to clean it out of anything else in your home!

Of course, this also includes the window glass itself and the frame around it. And don’t forget the tracks when you open and close the window, you will find plenty of dirt and even dead bugs hidden there. If the vacuum you own is not small enough to get every slight corner, you can always use disposable wipes and cloth to get every smudge out. 

If your window also has blinds or shades, then that’s even more cleaning to do! But with the same steps above, it will be fast and easy to wipe down as well. If you want to do a perfect job with your window cleaning, you can take it down and start wiping it down with your cloth one part at a time. But closing the blinds and going slowly and carefully on both sides will be enough to have no more dust attaching to your new sights outside your apartment or home!


Out of all places in the property, this room should ALWAYS be clean when you move in. Even if the landlords claim it is spotless, you always want to ensure it is. The first thing is always to replace the toilet seat with a brand new one. It’s the first step, along with cleaning the toilet itself. Sanitize everything, such as faucets, handles, and even the holder for the toilet paper. Anything that you would be touching daily.

After that, clean the mirror with the same tools you’ve used for the window. And clean any tiles that are on the floor or walls by scrubbing with a sponge and cleaning products. The cleaner it is, the better you feel when you put your toothbrush away.

And if you have an old toothbrush, it will also help with any small tight areas that will be hard with a sponge or a cloth. It will be beneficial to clean the sink when you see any signs of dirt hidden in a hard-to-reach spot.

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Kitchen cleaning and degreasing is super important. The kitchen is the top priority room to clean next to the bathroom. You don’t want to eat or cook anything in a room that might have any germs from the last tenant, right? The kitchen sink, refrigerator, and cabinets should be clean and ready for your move-in with all of your treats.

Disinfecting the outside and inside your refrigerator, microwave, oven, and dishwasher will be the first thing to do. All handles should be sanitized, and clearing out anything left behind with the last owner will be a good start. Along with the tight corners, it will be the same steps as the last few rooms. At this point, you will know what to aim for, and it will be all clean and fast enough to order a take-out before the day ends!

Last Few Tips

If you’ve been following these tips, you’ve cleaned your new property perfectly! The last few things to keep in mind is to vacuum the floor when you’re done in a room, especially if there’s carpet, to make sure it will be clean to walk around with no shoes. Nothing feels as comfortable as walking in after a long day of work and enjoying your new place with no sign of anything left behind by the previous owner.

Companies such as Cleaning World, Inc. offer deep cleaning and heavy duty cleaning services that will completely disinfect and sanitize your space to help with the transition. Cleaning World is located in New Jersey and offers a variety of commercial cleaning services to help you with your move-in/move-out cleaning. Contact Cleaning World, Inc today to get started with your heavy duty home cleaning project.

And after a while, germs and dust will always return. And if you don’t want to repeat everything you’ve done at the last minute during spring cleaning, always keep your home clean! If you ever move again to a new home in the future, always keep these tips for deep cleaning your home in mind when the time comes.

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