Moving Out Cleaning Tips To Get Your Deposit Back

Moving Out Cleaning Tips To Get Your Deposit Back

Need some moving out cleaning tips to get your deposit back? Moving is already pretty stressful and moving out cleaning is a form of commercial cleaning many homeowners invest in. 

As with moving, you have all of that packing of things into boxes, then you have to do the actual move which can take a big chunk of time and a lot of effort. People sometimes lose money because they don’t clean properly when they leave. When you clean your place properly, you can save a big chunk of money and ease the financial strain of moving. Are you ready? Here we go.  

6 Moving Out Cleaning Tips Guaranteed To Get Your Money Back!

Keep It Clean As You Go

Now before I get into the nitty gritty, I want to bring attention to one thing. If you take care of the space you are living in as you go, you won’t have to do much when you move out. Even though you are living in a rental, you don’t own it. You cannot just do whatever you want with it. An easy way to avoid having to scramble to get everything ready for you to move out is to clean the big things as they happen. A fresh carpet stain will be easier than a carpet stain that has been soaking in there for the past year or two. You will save yourself from stress in the long run by taking care of things as they happen. 

In keeping it clean as you go, you may want to clean things on your own or hire a heavy duty cleaning service.  Here are some of the services a home cleaning company may provide:

Look At Your Rental Agreement

You definitely should read the fine print when preparing to move out. Really, you should read it before you move in. But when you are fixing things up and cleaning there could be specific terms in the agreement you need to comply with in order to get your deposit back. 

I had a friend who went through her apartment meticulously cleaning and repairing minor defects. She even bought new blinds because her cat had clawed the old ones and ended up being out eighty dollars for the blinds and forfeiting her entire security deposit based on the fact that the blinds she bought were not the exact model her landlord required in the agreement. 

This hopefully does not happen to everyone, but it is a good idea to go in and read the fine print before jumping into everything. 

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Rent A Steam Cleaner

It is pretty uncommon for someone to have deep cleaning supplies on hand. If you do, then you are in luck. If you do not, there is no need to worry. You can go out and rent what you need to use and do the cleaning yourself. Rentals are not hard to find. For a steam cleaner you can go to home depot or honestly just google rent carpet cleaner. 

moving out cleaning tips to get your deposit back

Clean Everything

When I say everything, I do mean everything. You want it to look spotless. Don’t give your landlord anything to complain about. All of your basic things like the fridge, oven, floors, and bathrooms should be done. Some places people forget to address are imperfections in the wall such as scuff marks and dirty baseboards. These are easy fixes. That can save you a lot of money in the long run. 

Ask Your Landlord To Do An Inspection A Few Weeks Before You Move Out

If your landlord is cool, or even if they aren’t it is worth a try to ask and see if they are open to doing an inspection a few weeks in advance to let you know exactly what they are looking for. This way everything is clear, and you will not be confused as to what you are expected to do.

Do Your Best And Don’t Think Too Hard About It

Nothing is ever going to turn out perfect. As long as you tried your best, and the place looks good, most landlords are going to give you that deposit back. Make sure you are clear on what is expected of you by looking at your rental agreement. If you need further explanation, ask your landlord. A good idea would be to have them come out a few weeks before you leave to look at everything and tell you what needs to be done. Do a deep cleaning of everything. Rent cleaning equipment if it is necessary. Basically, just leave the place nice for the next person so your landlord does not have to do a bunch of work to get it ready to be rented again. 

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I hope moving out cleaning tips to get your deposit back helped!

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