Important Summer Cleaning Tips

5 Summer Cleaning Tips You Need To Know

Summer cleaning tips: Spring is often the time people do a full house cleaning or scrub down.  However, summer is a great time to do the same and your cleaning shouldn’t be neglected or avoided in any way.

During the summer, the heat can cause more problems that need your attention and should be addressed with urgency.  In this post we will discuss some summer cleaning tips that will help you get through the summer with a fully sanitized space.

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Important Summer Cleaning Tips For Homeowners

Summer Cleaning Tip 1: Don’t Rely On The Heat

Many people rely on the summer heat to kill germs.  As with the recent outbreak of COVID-19, one of the claims has been that coronavirus doesn’t survive in warmer climates.  However, this doesn’t mean that a blast of heat necessarily kills germs on surfaces or in your home or office.

On a sweltering day, when the inside of your home or office is experiencing higher heat levels, some people assume the germs that are on surfaces don’t need to be addressed.  However, this is not the case.  Summer is one of the best times to invest in commercial cleaning services for your home or business.

With the heat comes other issues of germs and bacteria which love the heat and will grow at an increased rate.  For this reason, it’s crucial to maintain cleanliness in your home and work environments to prevent mold, mildew, bugs, germs and viruses from flourishing.  Hiring a reputable cleaning service such as Cleaning World, Inc. is the first step to zapping the germs and dirt lingering on surfaces. 

Summer Cleaning Tip 2: Check Your Screens

Many times, during the summer, your home might see an increase in the little critters and pests that should be left outdoors.  But have you ever thought about why this may be?

During the warm weather, many people tend to leave their windows open to enjoy the fresh air.  While we think that you should definitely do this, you should probably also check the screens in your windows, sliding glass door and other doors to be sure that there are no holes or unsealed areas for bugs to enter.

Having bugs in your home causes your home’s overall cleanliness to deteriorate.  That is why this is such an important summer cleaning tip.  If you allow bugs in your home you will certainly also need to hire a house cleaning service to sanitize your entire house.

Summer Cleaning Tip 3: Wash Your Windows

Summer is a great time for window washing.  During the winter and spring months, debris gets tossed against your windows.  The build-up of dirt from heavy rain and winds causes windows to look dirty and foggy.

This summer cleaning tip is a small thing you can do to improve the overall look of your home.  Standing in a living room peering out a dirty window is such an eye sore.  Hire a quality window cleaning service such as NJ window washing company Cleaning World Inc. to make all the windows in your home sparkle and shine.  Now you can have company over for a summer barbecue and not feel embarrassed! 

Summer Cleaning Tip 4: Power Wash Your Home

Summer is a great time to get the power washer out and do some exterior cleaning.  If you don’t have a power washer, you probably should just hire a professional service.  When you power wash the exterior elements of your home, you could potentially do damage.  Hiring a company such as NJ power washing through Cleaning World Inc. is a great idea to improve the look of your home and give curb appeal a boost!

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Summer Cleaning Tip 5: Take Out The Trash

During the summer, the heat and your garbage makes for some very unpleasant odors.  You can fix all of this and have your house smelling nice by taking out the trash more frequently.  Especially if you throw food products that spoil easily in the trash, be sure to take it outside as soon as you can

In addition, wipe down the trash cans with a heavy-duty cleaning spray on a weekly basis.  This will keep your home free from unpleasant odors and pleasant to live in!


Maintaining your home during the summer months is very important.  You can do so properly by following some of these suggestions.

We hope you have learned some great summer cleaning tips and wish you all the best!

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