Office Cleaning Checklist

Office Cleaning Checklist – How to Maintain Office Standards After COVID-19

Here, we will go over a complete office cleaning checklist.  In our custom checklist, you will find each individual task to focus on for office cleaning, how often it should be completed and certain things to be noted.

Your Office Needs Frequent Cleaning

When considering office cleaning services, it is important to maintain the highest level of standards for a healthy, sterilized and well sanitized environment.  As we’ve seen with the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the rate of exposure and spreading of germs can be greatly reduced when performing regular office cleansing and sterilization.

Maintaining a healthy work environment for employees is crucial to the longevity of your business.  In addition to that, you want to keep yourself, your workers and your customers safe and happy!  In this blog post, we will show you just how to do that with a very convenient office cleaning checklist to ease you back to work and maintain office standards after COVID-19. 

Daily Office Cleaning Checklist

 There are a multitude of different tasks that should make up a large portion of your regular cleaning routine in your office.  Especially now, following the coronavirus pandemic, attention to cleaning routine at the office needs to be kept in high consideration.

Below, some of the daily tasks for maintaining a healthy and clean office are outlined:

Office Area And Conference Rooms:

Sanitize frequently touched surfaces

Sanitizing frequently touched surfaces should be done daily.  Doing so could prevent the deadly spread of COVID-19, so this is a very important thing to do.  You can use a surface cleaner that is recommended by the CDC.

Some of the surfaces you should sanitize daily at the office:

Empty the trash

It’s important to empty all trash cans in the office on a daily basis.  You can also sanitize the trash can before putting in a new trash bag.

This is important in that harmful germs can linger in your garbage can.  Be sure to wear gloves and wash hands thoroughly after you do this important chore.

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Places to check for trash cans:

Reorganize workspace and monitor daily

Following coronavirus, you will want to reorganize your workspace area completely.  Position desks 6 feet away from one another.  You can clear out unused office space and add more desk space to better utilize the area.

You can use masking tape to put markers on the carpet, floors and desks and show office workers where they should be positioned.  At the end of every day, circle the workspace and reposition chairs and desks so that they are properly social distanced.

Naturally, people will want to work together and things can get moved around easily.  However this is no reason to be lax.  It’s important to maintain social distancing and do frequent checks daily to ensure a safe and sterile work space.

In addition to this, you will also want to keep your new work space areas junk and debris-free.  This will ensure that the space will be less likely to contribute to disease and germ transmission.

Dust surfaces daily

Dust surfaces in the office area daily.  This will help you to keep areas germ free. Pay close attention to edges and ridges that can collect dust, debris and germs.

Office Kitchen

There are several daily tasks you will want to do in your office kitchen or cafeteria area.  Below we’ve outlined a few!

Wash dishes

You will want to make sure kitchen utensils and silver wear and cleansed regularly. Leaving items in your office sink can prove to be hazardous to your health and the health of others.  Additionally, cleaning your office sink with some disinfectant daily is crucial.  Focus on the sides and the drain where debris can build up and germs can linger.

When washing dishes, keep this in mind:

Empty the trash

Be sure to empty the trash in your office space kitchen or cafeteria on a daily basis.  Leaving food in the office trash can lead to disgusting pests inhabiting your work place.

Additionally, you will want to be sure to disinfect the garbage cans thoroughly.  This will prevent the spread of germs in your kitchen area and among coworkers. 

Clean and disinfect surfaces

As with your main office space, you will want to clean and disinfect all surfaces in your office kitchen too.  Pay close attention to office tables, door knobs, sink faucet area and drawers and other frequently touched surfaces.

Spray them down a the end of the day to ensure that they are properly cleansed and disinfected.  

Light sweeping

Light sweeping is important to do in your office kitchen or cafeteria area on a regular basis.  Crumbs and pieces of food may fall on the floor.  Leaving it laying around for more than a day can attract bugs and pests.  In addition, it can lead to the spread of germs and viruses.

Do a light sweep in the kitchen area at the end of each day.

Office Restroom

The office restroom should be fully cleaned and disinfected regularly.  This includes the following:

Weekly Office Cleaning Checklist

 On a weekly basis, you will want to do a more intense scrub down and cleansing to address heavier build up in different areas of the office.

Here are some of the things you should be doing weekly in addition to the daily chores outlined above:

When You Should Hire An Expert

As with any cleaning and sanitization processes, it’s most beneficial to hire an expert rather than trying the DIY route.  Especially now, following the coronavirus pandemic, it’s especially important to hire professionals because you know the job is going to get done right.

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Experts are more aware of the products that need to be used to kill germs and viruses.  Additionally, expert cleaning services have the tools to use and know all of places to check where dust and dirt can build up and collect over time.

However, hiring professionals is not always possible.  If finances are limited, you may need to resort to cleaning the office yourself and only hire professionals every now and then.

Keep these tips in mind if you can’t have a cleaning team come in regularly.


It’s important to keep your office clean and sanitary.  Doing so will preserve the high standards of your business and maintain the safety and health of employees and customers.  Especially now, in the aftermath of COVID-19, it’s crucial to follow office cleaning standards and promote a safe and healthy work environment for all those around you.

We hope this office cleaning checklist has been informative in teaching you how to maintain standards after COVID-19.

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