Best Summer Cleaning Regimens For Homeowners

best summer cleaning regimens for homeowners
best summer cleaning regimens for homeowners

Best summer cleaning regimens for homeowners

When summertime comes around, it is essential to ensure you are keeping your home clean, so here are some of the best summer cleaning regimens for homeowners. You will no longer be left wondering what you should be cleaning around your home when summer hits, and you can instead focus on getting your work done and then enjoying the rest of your time doing what you want to be doing. 

If you are ready to learn the best summer cleaning regimens for homeowners, grab your cleaning supplies and let’s get started! 

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Remembering To Power Wash Your Walkways And Home

One of the most important things to remember for any summer cleaning regimen is to power wash any walkways you may have around your home and power wash your home itself. Forgetting to do this can lead to very resistant dirt and stains on your home and walkways leading to even more work farther down the road. 

The point of power washing walkways and your home is to get rid of stains and hard to remove patches of dirt and other assorted junk. It will help make your home, and the walkways look clean and give your home a fresh look. This should be done early summer, and a smaller power wash should be done before fall sets in, so you will have less work to do the following year though it is not necessary. 

vacuuming tips
vacuuming tips

Cleaning Your Carpet During The Summer

Another essential cleaning tip when it comes to your summer cleaning regimen is to clean your carpets during the summer. You should be keeping up with your proper daily carpet cleaning routines, but the summer opens up the possibility for more deeper cleans. This can mean you clean your carpet yourself or hire someone for carpet cleaning and to do a deep clean for your carpet. 

To kill two birds with one stone, it can be a good idea to do your once-a-year professional carpet cleaning during the summer months. When the professionals come to clean your carpets, you can just go outside for the day, which will make their job a lot easier, and you could even focus on a different summer cleaning task. 

PRO TIP: In addition to carpet cleaning, summer is a great time for floor cleaning of all types! So check out your floors and asses whether or not floor waxing should be done!

Washing The Windows For Your Summer Cleaning Regimen

One of the most common things to do during a summer cleaning regimen, yet still sometimes forgotten, is washing your windows. Washing your windows should always be on your mind when it comes to cleaning your home, especially during the summertime. The summer is when windows tend to get their dirtiest with dust and bugs and other assorted objects in the air during those months. 

There are many ways to clean your windows thoroughly, but the easiest way tends to be to take a bucket of warm water and a towel and wipe down the windows. It tends to be best to let them dry on their own because otherwise, you run the risk of getting streaks on your windows. If that happens, you will have to spend even more time trying to clean those streaks out of your windows. 

Do not forget when cleaning your windows during the summer to clean the window sills and the screens. Sills can quickly begin to gather dust and grime and begin to mold, and window screens tend to hold in dust and allergens. You should be cleaning your windows and the window screens thoroughly at least once a week. 

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Cleaning Rugs And Blankets

Summer tends to be one of the best times of the year to air out your home and clean your rugs and blankets. Most other times of the year are not suitable for doing this task, though sometimes you can get away with doing it during spring cleaning. If you live in a wet spring area, though, you should save this for summer cleaning. 

It is quite easy to clean your rugs and blankets during the summertime, and you should do it at least twice in the summer if you can get around to doing it. What you will want to do is take all the blankets and rugs out of your home and hang them up somewhere in the yard. This can either be on a clothing line or just a rope you hang up once a year.

Once you have the rugs and blankets hanging up, you will want to proceed to smack them with a broom or other hard object. This is the best way to get all the dirt and dust out of them before bringing them back into your home. 


Summer cleaning regimens can be tough, but if you do your research and take your time, there is no reason you should not be able to find one for you. In addition, hiring a cleaning service near you such as Cleaning World is a great first step to getting the clean and cared for home you deserve. We invite you to visit our official website: Cleaning World Inc. Cleaning World Inc has locations in New Jersey and look forward to your call.

You now know some of the best summer cleaning regimens for homeowners.

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