Restaurant Cleaning Checklist For Handling COVID-19

Essential Restaurant Cleaning Checklist For Overcoming Covid-19

Restaurant cleaning checklist: During the current pandemic of Covid-19, restaurants have been hit harder than just about any other industry. Completely shut down for months, most were allowed to open in a limited fashion and with the promise to protect their patrons. These protections include reducing the number of people allowed into restaurants and creating social distancing rules for patrons. 

Another way to adequately protect customers and staff is to make sure your restaurant is cleaned and disinfected. Your restaurant staff has experience with cleaning during normal times. During a time of a pandemic, it is doubtful they currently have the necessary skills to properly clean. For this reason you should consider hiring a professional cleaning company such as Cleaning World, Inc to do the job. In this article, we will discuss creating a cleaning checklist for handling Covid-19.

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Why You Need a Checklist

There are several reasons you will need a checklist for your restaurant cleaning during Covid-19. If you’re not planning on hiring a commercial cleaner for in-depth coronavirus cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing services, it’s crucially important for your employees to follow a protocol.

Let’s take a look at the different reasons why and how a checklist will benefit your establishment.

A Cleaning Checklist For Your Restaurant

When building the cleaning checklist for your restaurant, make sure all of the information inside of it is clear and detailed. This does not mean it needs to be complicated. In fact, the checklist needs to be as simple as possible for everyone to be able to follow.

Make sure the checklist is in order from the first step until the last. The instructions should be clear to the staff to follow the order of the checklist. Since it is designed to give the best possible cleaning services and disinfecting methods, working out of the order of the list can be detrimental to the process.

As discussed, clear instructions need to be listed as to how to clean and what products to use. Again, make it clear to employees that the products chosen for each step are on purpose and should be adhered to.

The checklist needs to list all personal protective equipment required to do each cleaning step.

Always make sure that everyone is trained on the cleaning checklist and make sure your team is closely supervised during the first couple of runs to be sure that they understand it.

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Other Items that may need to be included in your checklist as instructions may be:

The list can be as extensive as it needs to be to make sure your restaurant guests and staff are safe. You may also want to read this article here on why cleaning is important in the food industry. Follow the recommendations of disease specialists, such as the CDC and others, and incorporate this information into your checklist.

Items You May Not Think Of

Several items will be easy to think of to add to your checklist for cleaning. There will be, however, some things that are specific to Covid-19 that you haven’t thought of. Let’s now take a look at some steps you may need on your list that are not common to restaurant cleaning.

Items People Touch Frequently

Shared Spaces

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When it comes to Covid-19, we want to be as safe as possible so that we do not infect the public or the restaurant staff. It is also essential that we use a checklist to give us the best opportunity to do this.

Restaurants who have a plan and develop checklists for cleaning will be more successful than others who are not prepared. This allows the restaurant which is prepared to stay open and stay in business in the long term. Take the time with your staff to create a cleaning checklist based on keeping your employees, customers, and your business healthy.

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