Why Cleaning Is Important In Food Industry

Why Cleaning Is Important In Food Industry

Why cleaning is important in food industry? Read this article to find out.

Why Cleaning Is Important In Food Industry

The Importance of Cleaning In the Food Industry

Many New Jersey companies learned the hard way that cleaning is important within the food industry. From sanitizing surfaces frequently to properly cleaning dishes and utensils to even keeping windows and panes clean with frequent window washing to prevent dust and debris contamination cleaning is vital for restaurants and eateries.

One of the most heavily regulated industries is with companies handling foods and for a good reason. Cross-contamination is one of the leading causes of these regulations. Clean equipment is essential for the preparation, serving, and manufacturing of food. In this article, we will discuss the importance of cleaning in the food industry. 

History of Cleanliness Regulations

Until the year 1906, regulations requiring food industries to prevent cross-contamination of foods were not applied for the nation. Humans have known for thousands of years that food can cause poisoning if ingested. In this regard, over time, humans developed ways to process food to reduce the risk of sickness. These are: 

Keep in mind most of these were developed by trial and error, as no one knew that bacteria or viruses were the issues. Humans only knew these methods worked to reduce sickness from foods. It wasn’t until later, when microscopic bacteria and viruses were discovered, that cleaning could prevent sickness when working with foods. 

Foods That Cause Cross-Contamination

Most of us think of undercooked pork or seafood when dealing with foods that can have bacteria issues, but let’s take a look at the reality of what can cause sickness when dealing with foods. 

How To Keep Food Working Surfaces Clean

Have a Cleaning Plan

Creating a cleaning plan and schedule is the first step in keeping working surfaces and the entire premises clean and disinfected. Hiring someone for restaurant cleaning is also vital to your success.

A cleaning plan is important because it does not leave it up to the employees on what and when to clean. By doing so, this makes sure every possible risk is addressed in your cleaning plan. Here are some examples of what a cleaning plan needs to involve: 

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Clean Surfaces

Restaurants, food processing facilities, and other food handling processes, all have two things in common. They deal with many of the foods listed above and have limited space to work. Using the same surfaces to process different foods is the major cause of bacteria and viruses’ cross-contamination. To prevent cross-contamination, these surfaces must be cleaned and disinfected often. More specifically, they need to be cleaned between different food groups sitting on the surfaces. 

Make sure no food is brought into an area that has not been properly cleaned, or that is in the process of being cleaned. 

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Clean Any Items That Are Touched

As mentioned in the plan above, any items that are touched can by hand spread bacteria and viruses. Here is a list of items that should be cleaned. 

Professional Cleaning

For cleaning and sanitizing outside of your plan’s daily activities, have a professional service set up on a schedule for deep cleaning and sanitizing. A professional company will have the right tools and know how to clean hard to reach places and to sanitize the entire working area properly. 

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Food can become contaminated with bacteria and viruses and cause severe illness to those working around or being served. Safeguards must be taken to ensure everyone is safe from foodborne illness by cleaning properly between food handling. Companies should have a plan in place that makes sure every aspect of the sanitation of their business is completed in the right way. Hire a Janitorial Service professional to help you maintain the cleanliness of your property.

By putting this plan in place and making sure it is followed, you can greatly reduce the risk of illness to everyone. Having a professional service assist in regular sanitation can also add to your risk reduction. Make sure your employees follow these rules as cleaning is important in the food industry. Take note that junk removal is important to lessen the contamination.

You should now know why cleaning is important in food industry consist of and wish you all the best.

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