Office Cleaning Hacks Used By The Pros!

10 Office Cleaning Hacks for Your Workspace

Office cleaning hacks: If you wanted to know some easy office cleaning hacks for your workspace, this post is perfect for you. We’ll tell you some easy tips and hacks used by the pros that you need to know!

Keeping an office space clean can go a long way in increasing workplace productivity. Sometimes, however, it just seems like the dirt is impossible to get rid of. In addition to this, most people don’t really know how to clean an office. Well, this post has been created to help answer your questions!

If you’re in need of some extra grime-beating tips, keep reading while we go through 10 cleaning hacks to keep every office running smoothly.   You can also read these tips for cleaning your business or home here.

PRO TIP: Check out our office cleaning checklist if you want some guidance on what needs to be done and how often!

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10 Cleaning Hacks Every Corporate Space Needs!

  1. Sticky Notes

We’ve all had to eat lunch at our desks at some point. It’s not always fun, but sometimes it just has to be done. One of the worst parts of having food at your desk, is the inevitable crumbs left behind.

Notoriously hard to clean, keyboards are prone to hiding bits of dust and dirt. A great way to get into the deep cracks and crevasses is to use the adhesive part of a sticky note. Simply fold it so the sticky part is exposed and run it between the keys of a keyboard or other hard to reach places for a detailed cleaning job.  

  1. Baking Soda Pots for Smells

Nothing is worse than a funky smell around the office. Your employees will go running if it gets really bad!

Kitchens are infamous for this issue. Putting small pots of baking soda near smelly spots will help absorb the smell and emit a sweet scent without having to use noxious aerosol sprays.

If you’re dealing with particularly potent smells, try adding essential oil diffusers.  In addition, you can hire office cleaning services near you to deal with anything that’s unmanageable and maintain your space. Cleaning World, Inc. can offer you these services.

  1. Hydrogen Peroxide

Office chairs are some of the dirtiest surfaces in any office. Wiping them down at the end of the day with a hydrogen peroxide solution is an easy way to stop dirt and germs from building up. It’s not a bad idea to also use hydrogen peroxide to clean other surfaces like phones and keyboards as well. 

  1. Hairdryer for Water Stains

Where there are drinks, there are spills. Water rings are a common sight on wooden desks. One surprisingly easy way to get rid of them is with a hairdryer.

NJ cleaning services Cleaning World suggest to simply turn the hairdryer on a low setting. Once you’ve done that, point it at the stain. It should begin to fade and disappear after a few minutes. For extra stubborn stains, scrubbing with mayonnaise often works. 

  1. Vinegar and a Sock

Here’s a great hack you’re going to love! Dust on office blinds can be frustratingly stubborn. One useful technique is a sock and vinegar. Sprinkle some white vinegar on an old sock and run it over your dusty blinds to get rid of stubborn dirt. 

You can use this at home too when you engage in house cleaning or any heavy duty cleaning job. Try this trick and watch how it works wonders!

  1. Microfiber Cloths

A great way to stop dust and dirt from becoming overwhelming is doing some basic cleaning every day. Stocking a microfiber cloth in a desk drawer can be a great way to so this. Microfiber cloths are great for keeping dust off of computer monitors, keyboards, phones, and shelves. Quickly wiping surfaces down whenever you notice dust starting to build-up will save you from having to do a full deep cleaning later. 

  1. Schedule a Rota

Assigning cleaning duties is one of the best ways to make sure they get done in a timely matter. It will also stop things from building-up into an overwhelming job.

  1. Handheld Vacuum

Most commercial cleaners would agree that handheld vacuums are great for cleaning a workspace at the end of the day. They get rid of dust, crumbs, and any other dirt that would otherwise build-up throughout the week. It might be a bit of an investment, but worth it in the long run.

  1. Protecting the Floors

Floors are constantly subject to wear-and-tear, but there are a few steps you can take to help protect them. Putting floor mats down under office chairs will help reduce damage from the wheels. They’re also easier to clean and will protect your floors from spills. 

Pro Tip: Ensure you peruse the article on Floor Cleaning for indispensable advice and methods to maintain the pristine condition of your floors!

  1. Cornstarch

Everyone has spilled a drink on their papers at some point. However, there is a way to save documents if you keep corn starch at your desk or in an office kitchen. Sprinkling the cornstarch on the spill will absorb the liquid, leaving your papers dry and readable. 


Keeping your workspace clean can go a long way to increasing work speed and efficiency. It may seem overwhelming sometimes but taking small steps can help stop dust and dirt from building up. The best way to keep office clean is to do some minor cleaning every day, and working together with your coworkers to take care of communal spaces. 

We hope our post has given you some office cleaning hacks used by the pros and wish you luck with your cleaning!

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