New Jersey Cleaning Guidelines For Gatherings

New Jersey cleaning guidelines
New Jersey Cleaning Guidelines

Look No Further For New Jersey Cleaning Guidelines For Gatherings

With New Years right around the corner, you might be wondering about New Jersey cleaning guidelines for gatherings. In addition, you may have practiced some of these tips for your recent holiday festivities.

This year more than ever, local residents need to follow New Jersey cleaning guidelines for gatherings. This time of year is one of the busiest for household families as they prepare for New Year’s festivities. This year is undoubtedly a bit different. Because there are mandatory guidelines as well as best practices, it is important to be aware of how to celebrate responsibly. Follow these steps to ensure your family enjoys a healthy and sparkling gathering this season for New Years.

1.   Keep Your Gathering Small

The most important thing to keep in mind this season is keeping gatherings small. This is a nationwide mandate, but you don’t have to let it take a heavier toll on your holiday spirits than you need to. Take this opportunity to enjoy the intimacy of a quiet dinner with your closest friends and family. Embrace the fact that you don’t have to clean your entire house to accommodate for a huge family gathering. Keeping your gathering small will allow you to spend more time with those who matter most.

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2.   Make Sure Everyone Invited Has Been Safe

With COVID cases on the rise, it is a good idea to communicate with your friends and family and voice any concerns you may have. Individuals at high risk want to see family as much as anyone else, but have to be more careful than most. Try to oblige those individuals by making sure everyone invited to your gathering this season has been exercising safe distancing and state mandates. Together, a safe holiday gathering is within reach.

3.   Open Up Your House

Now that you have sent out invites and been in touch with your guests, it is important to provide an atmosphere for everyone to enjoy themselves. As a host, it is important to clean any space of clutter and create a space where everyone can sit down without being shoulder to shoulder. Open up living rooms and dining rooms by relocating any toys, clothes, and furniture that are not going to be in use. Store overflow of belongings for the time being and allow your guests to have room to themselves while gathering at your house. This is important as you will want everyone to be able to breathe and sneeze and cough to themselves.

4.   Check Your HVAC System

Keeping an HVAC system up and running is no easy feat, but making sure your ventilation is adequate is something every homeowner can do. In addition to letting fresh air into the house by opening windows, it is important to frequently change air filters. Changing air filters will not only help catch dust and debris in the air, but it will also help filter germs and allergens brought by having guests over. It is routine to change an air filter every three months, but during gatherings this season it would be astute to replace it before and after having handfuls of guests over.

5.   Clean All Your High Contact Surfaces

High contact surfaces like doorknobs and light switches are key points for guests to leave traces of bioburden and germs. A cleaning service near you is the best mode of action for cleaning and sanitizing properly. It is thought that the average individual touches their face once every few minutes. That means when these individuals then turn on lights or open doors, they are leaving bioburden from their mouth and nose on these surfaces. Before, throughout, and after hosting a gathering, it is crucial that you clean these surfaces. Facilitate this chore by keeping a pouch of alcohol wipes within reach so that you can effortlessly wipe these areas down.

6.   Keep Soap And Sanitizer Stations Available Throughout The House

Try your best to facilitate safe practices by keeping soap refilled near sinks and sanitizer bottles readily available throughout the house. When these cleaning solutions are within sight, guests are more likely to use them. Keep sanitizer bottles near your entranceways to encourage guests to use them as they enter your home. This will greatly reduce the number of germs they leave while they make themselves comfortable in your home.

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7.   Keep Your Kitchen Clean

A clean kitchen is absolutely essential to keeping everyone safe this holiday season. Hiring a cleaning service is the best mode of action prior to any gathering.

Most illnesses come from contamination while preparing food. Before any cooking begins, be sure to wipe down countertops, microwave and fridge handle, and faucets before. This will reduce the amount of contact between the food and germs that people may leave while using kitchen appliances. In addition to keeping the kitchen clean, do not let others loiter or gather in the kitchen. In order for everyone to enjoy a healthy meal, it is important to reduce the number of hands around the food during preparation.

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Now Enjoy Your Company With A Mind At Ease

At a certain point, you will have done everything you can to keep every one of your guests safe during your gatherings. After practicing safe social distancing and getting the house in order for guests, it is time to enjoy the time with your family.

A huge step you can take to put your mind at ease is to hire a professional cleaning service to pay a visit to your home before and after any major gatherings. Doing so is the best course of action as a commercial cleaner will be able to properly deal with germs and virus and stop them before they spread. Cleaning World, Inc. is a NJ cleaning company that can help you with COVID-19 cleaning. Call Cleaning World, Inc today for a free quote and start the New Years out right!

Do your best to welcome family this holiday season by following these New Jersey cleaning guidelines for gatherings.

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