How To Clean Your Stove

how to clean a stove
how to clean a stove

How To Clean Your Stove

Follow This Quick Beginners Guide To Find Out How To Clean Your Stove!

Stoves get messy fast, so knowing how to clean your stove and doing it makes a difference. It doesn’t take a lot. The stove can be a place to cook, to mix, to plate, and it only takes moments for a clean stove to begin looking like a seasoned appliance.

A stove top is no stranger to collecting spices and grease, or liquids boiling over and around the burners or heating surfaces. Everything collected right under your cooking utensil, and while you are cooking, there’s nothing to do about it. All you do is watch it cook right onto your stovetop, anxiously thinking about the elbow grease it is going to take to wipe that off. Hiring a commercial cleaner near you would make it a little easier, but most people take a DIY approach.

Follow this straightforward guide to learn how to clean your stove with ease.

Steps For Cleaning Any Stove With Ease

  1. Clear The Area

If you are cleaning your stove, you better not have just cooked on there. There’s no reason to clean a stove while it’s burners are still cooling off. Take time to clean the stove when it is cool and clear of any pots and pans from the meal before. If you have an electric stove, cleaning will be similar to wiping a surface down. Gas stoves will be a bit more tricky. You’ll have to remove the grates from the stove top. Place them in your sink with a warm water bath and dish soap to loosen up any built up spills.

Additionally, you can hire heavy duty cleaning services to do the job for you. Most cleaning companies have dealt with major build-up on stoves and have the tools to cut grease fast!

Cooking often oversteps the boundaries of the stovetop. It’s almost impossible to fry bacon on a stovetop without splattering grease all over. You take your eyes off for a second and then, BAM! You’re stuck having to wipe everything down within a one foot radius. With your burner grates removed from your stove’s surface you will be able to spray cleaning solution over the entirety of the stovetop.

Most cleaners will have similar directions; you will want to apply the solution to every area you want cleaned, let it sit, then wipe it away. Multitask by doing this while you soak your burner grates in the sink.

While you fight grease and crumbs built up on your stove’s surface, remember to fight germs and dirt on your stove’s control dials. The knobs on a stove that control the temperature of the burners, and oven, are touched daily. No matter how much we try to, there are always times we touch something and return to cooking before realizing we haven’t washed our hands. While cooking, people will often move around the kitchen, touch their own bodies, prepare raw food, maybe even share with furry friends. Before you know it, you’ve cross contaminated. It’s not a huge deal, but overtime, germs collect on high traffic areas. Keeping a kitchen clean means keeping a kitchen healthy.

Pro Tip: Check out our restaurant cleaning checklist for COVID 19 to understand more about disinfecting!

Once you’ve soaked your burner grates, applied a grease and stain fighting surface cleaner to your stove, and disinfected your control dials you are just about done. Take the rough side of a clean sponge and apply pressure and create friction against any build up in order to lift it from the surface. Apply that elbow grease to all the spots on your stove that have built up layers of burn off. After lifting all your tough surface stains, use the softer side of your sponge to collect any excess cleaning solution by sliding it across the surface, washing it off in between motions as needed.

For your burner grates, use your sink’s sponge to remove any surface build up, same as you would for dishes. Leave them to the side and replace them after the next step.

Now that your stove’s surface is clear of debris and shining like new you can take a clean towel to wipe away residual moisture. Use circular patterns to effectively dry and pick up leftover surface dust. Once the stovetop is dry, you can replace your burner grates and relax until next time.

The easiest way to stay ahead of a mess is to avoid playing catch-up. Stoves get dirty fast and there is no way of stopping it. Stoves are an essential kitchen appliance that are used daily, in most cases. Do yourself a favor by cleaning it often to avoid stubborn build up.

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