How To Clean Your House Fast

How To Clean Your House Fast!

If you want to know how to clean your house fast, this post will teach you all the tips and tricks you need to know.  Sometimes, you will need a very quick home cleaning. This often happens when you get unexpected company or if family or in-laws decide to visit at the very last minute.

Many times, homeowners will seek out expert cleaning services such as Cleaning World, Inc for their emergency cleaning needs.  Although there are many great companies, you might choose to go at it on your own.

As you know, scrubbing down your home can be super tedious.  There’s so much that needs to be done and if you need for it to get done fast, chances are you may not succeed.  That is why we created this super easy guide.   It’s for anyone who wants to clean their home thoroughly and in a very short amount of time.

In the remainder of our post, we will offer a step-by-step plan of action to get your house in tip top shape in little to no time!

Fast Tips For Cleaning Your House Quickly

TIP #1: Don’t Take A Room By Room Approach

Many times, people think that if they tackle one room at a time and focus on the tasks they are doing, that this will yield the best results.  However, this is not the case.

The best way to clean a home or interior space fast is to pick one thing to focus on and go through the entire house just doing that one thing.  You might want to divide cleaning into separate tasks such as:

Separating the tasks and focusing on your whole house is a great way for a quick scrub-down.

PRO TIP: You can assign different tasks to people in your household and see your cleaning project get finished in no time!

TIP #2: Use A Bucket Or Caddy To Keep Cleaning Supplies

Walking around your home with some sort of bucket or caddy is a great way to organize your cleaning project and get it done in as little time as possible.  You can keep a bucket with the essentials such as paper towels, Windex, sponges and more.  This will eliminate some of the footwork that would happen if you had to run from room to room then go back and get your supplies.  You can cut down on a lot of time and energy by keeping supplies with you as you clean.

TIP #3: Get Organized

Before you start your project, go from one room to another with a trash bag. Put away items that are out of place quickly and throw out junk like papers, food wrappers, and water bottles that belong in the trash.

You can also begin to set aside items for donation and junk removal. Getting organized before you begin your scrub-down will eliminate a lot of the time spent wasted in between!

 TIP #4: Do Your Dusting

You should do a general dusting prior to wiping things with cleaner or vacuuming. Run through the house with a duster, and clear away any visible debris.  Don’t worry about where it falls because you can vacuum at the end and get any remaining dust that fell to the floor.

Be sure to work from top to bottom. Don’t obsess too much, just dust mindlessly.  You can look for cobwebs and areas that don’t get attention often. Then you can move on to the next step!

TIP #5: Treat Windows And Glass

The next step after dusting is to treat windows and glass. Using a microfiber cloth or a cloth that has been dampened, clean the surfaces of dirt and debris.

You can also clean windows and glass with Windex. Be sure to buff out the streaks as best you can and move along quickly from one room to the next.

PRO TIP: You should have your windows professionally cleaned once a year.  Hire an expert such as NJ window washers Cleaning World Inc. to maintain the beautiful luster of your windows.

TIP #6: Disinfect Surfaces

Disinfecting surfaces is an important part of the cleaning process. Having a caddy with supplies as discussed in tip 2 will eliminate some of the work you will have to do with running back and forth.

Remove objects from surfaces and fully cleanse so that they are debris free and sanitized.  Use the right cleaner as per requirements on the manufacturers label. You can find some great and affordable cleaning products at your local target or 99 cents store.

TIP #7: Do Your Bathroom

Cleaning your bathroom can often be a bit production.   A great way to make it go smoothly is to keep it clean as best as you can. This will prevent any major things that might need to be done if your bathroom has been poorly maintained.

Be sure to wash the tub with cleaner. You may need to hire a reputable home cleaning service if your bathroom is a bit of a mess. In addition, a professional commercial cleaner might be able to revitalize your bathroom and sanitize it properly. 

TIP #8: Swiffer After Vacuuming

You’ll want to vacuum your floors (or sweep them if you don’t care about the extra time it will take) then Swiffer them. Picking up all the loose debris by sweeping or vacuuming is crucial prior to running your Swiffer over the area.

To do it quickly, glide over everything very quickly. Be sure you have your vacuum on the right setting and that the filter is cleaned properly.  This will make the process quicker.

TIP #9: Vacuum Quickly

Vacuuming quickly is something many homeowners are scared to do.  Don’t worry- if your vacuum is well maintained it and cared for, it’s completely ok to vacuum at a fast pace.

Vacuuming quickly only works if the suction is good on the vacuum. You will also want to inspect the bottom to make sure there isn’t any debris that could potentially scratch your floors.  In situations such as that, you will need to hire a company for floor waxing to help with any scratches on the surface.

Additionally, if you vacuum quickly and notice any stains on your carpets, take note of that. We know you’re trying to complete your project quickly. However, you can hire carpet cleaning services at a later date to treat your rugs.

TIP #10: Replenish Supplies

Replenishing supplies and always having cleaning products and tools handy will cut down on time consuming distractions such as having to go to the store mid-clean. Replenishing supplies will help you clean your home fast.

 Common house cleaning supplies you should have handy include:

TIP #11: Invite Friends And Family To Help

Inviting your friends and family to help and join your little house cleaning party will help it go quicker and smoother.  Just remember to order pizza and get some beer to thank your friends for all their help!


We hope this post has been informative and has taught you tricks to clean your home quickly.  You should now know exactly how to clean your house fast! Visit our official website Cleaning World, Inc for more details.

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