Easy Cleaning Tips For Fall And Winter

10 Easy Cleaning Hacks for Fall and Winter

Easy cleaning tips for fall and winter: Days are getting shorter. Temperatures are getting cooler. There are pumpkins and apples everywhere! You know what that means? Fall and winter are upon us! With the weather being colder (and sometimes a little more wet- like snow), here are some easy cleaning tips for wall and winter coming your way!

These Cleaning Tips Will Help This Fall And Winter!

From carpet cleaning to good ol’ junk removal and other cleaning tasks, the winter can give us good reason to get out the dust pan and broom and get to work. In this article we’ll go over some tips to make your fall and winter cleaning regimen a breeze.

Please keep in mind that if you want peace of mind, hiring a good cleaning service or cleaning company might be on the agenda. Cleaning companies can take the stress out of cleaning before the holidays. But it’s up to you! So let’s get started with the tips!

Tip #1- Clean your ceiling fans and light fixtures.

Take a duster (perhaps even one with an extender), and clean the fans and light fixtures (while they’re off and cool to the touch). You might want to call a professional cleaning company to do so. However, if you do it yourself and if your fan has the option, go ahead and flip the direction switch. This will create an upward airflow, which is ideal for the colder months. 

Tip#2- Give your curtains a good cleaning.

With the seasons changing, it is a great time to give your curtains a good cleaning. See if they are machine washable or need to be dry cleaned. Either way, it will help freshen up your space, especially since you are likely to be inside more with the colder months ahead.

Tip #3- Clean your windows.

Sure, you may already clean the panes of your windows regularly, but when was the last time you cleaned the window sills or grooves? Going into fall is a great time to give your windows a thorough cleaning or hire window washing services. Cleaning World’s Inc provide these services. Most commercial cleaning companies and residential house cleaning services offer window washing.

Plus, you will want to remove your screens to keep them in tip top shape for next year, since most winter weather is unkind to them.

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Tip #4- Clean your window screens.

If you have screens on your windows during the warmer months, the beginning of fall is a great time to take them down and give them a scrub. It will take all of the spring and summer dust away, and help to keep them in good shape for use next year.

Tip #5- Wipe down your walls.

Chances are that you do not wipe down your walls on a weekly basis. However, this is the perfect time to do this job! You can even complete this task with a dry or wet Swiffer (depending on the wall). It will make the job quick and easy. Plus, you’ll reap the benefits of clean walls! 

Tip #6- Tidy up the closets.

You will be changing wardrobes soon, if you haven’t done so already. For major messes, consider junk removal services.

Be sure to put aside anything that wasn’t worn or that you are done wearing for good aside, so that you can sell or donate it. Plus, you should go through yours (and your family’s) wardrobe for fall and winter and make sure you have everything you need.

Tip #7- Wash pillows and pillow cases.

This is the perfect time to wash decorative pillow cases to any pillows on your couch or bed, but it is also a great time to wash your actual bed pillow (sans covers/cases). A good rule of thumb is to do this twice a year, so think of it as doing it in the fall and the spring. It’s so nice to sleep on a super clean pillow!

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Tip #8- Clean the inside of your cupboards.

This one is simple, but very effective. Take everything out and give the shelves a good wipe down. If you’re happy with the arrangements of where things are, then all you have to do is put them back. However, if you have been thinking about switching homes of cups, plates, etc., then this would be a fantastic moment to get to it.

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Tip #9- Dust everything!

Here’s another thing professional cleaning services can help you to do. All of those places that you may have been avoiding the rest of the year? Dust them! Vents, tops of appliances (think- refrigerator, and other tall/high up places), tops of windows, etc.- give them some love! Just remember- start at the top and work your way down.

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Tip #10- Steam clean your carpets.

If you are a DIY-er, move that furniture (or hire an excellent junk removal company) and steam clean those carpets. If you prefer, you can always hire professionals carpet cleaners such as from Cleaning World, Inc to come take care of this one. Either way, get your carpets clean to start the season where you are inside more. The less dust hiding in your house to start the cooler seasons, the better!


Since you’re about to be inside your house more with the impending cooler (colder) months ahead, you may want to clean some things that aren’t normally on your weekly or even monthly cleaning list. Hope you enjoyed these easy cleaning tips for fall and winter! Now go and enjoy a cleaner home and pumpkin-spice season!

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