Common Mistakes to Avoid in Floor Stripping and Waxing

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Floor Stripping and Waxing

If you’re looking to know common mistakes to avoid in floor stripping and waxing, you’ve found the right post. Stripping and waxing the floor on occasion is the ticket to keeping the floor pristine for years to come. But it’s possible to make mistakes during the cleaning process. The severity of these mistakes will ironically do more harm than good. They’ll reduce the floor’s lifespan. It’s possible for a person to attempt this cleaning without proper experience. Let’s discuss the fatal mistakes that should be avoided in any attempt to strip and wax your floor.

Not Applying Enough Wax

Anyone cleaning knows that wax needs to be applied to have the floor shimmering afterward. But the amount that needs to be applied is a key ingredient for the best cleanliness. It’s common to think that a floor won’t need to be waxed for a while after cleaning. This will depend on the average amount of people who walk on the floor daily or weekly. Any floor that sees much traffic will need waxing on a regular basis. The floor will sometimes look clean enough from a quick glance. This doesn’t mean that dirt hasn’t already wedged its way into the innards of the floor.

The floor needs waxing and stripping depending on how often its used. This should happen biweekly, monthly, or bimonthly, depending on how much traffic the floor gets. Consider how many people use the floor before realizing the best schedule. The stripping and waxing will also have to be done when the floor isn’t usually trafficked.

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Using the Wrong Equipment

Equipment for floor stripping and waxing should be in top shape. This needs to be the case to perform the best job possible. Make sure the machine to be used is running correctly, and at high RPMs. If the equipment isn’t running well, or is old, the cleaning won’t be adequate. In the worst-case scenario, it will even damage the floor.

It’s possible that your equipment has become too old. In this case, consider a cleaning service that will always have the best equipment on hand. 

It’s also possible to start the job and realize your equipment is inadequate. There is more equipment required for the process than often assumed. A defoamer and a good wet/dry vacuum is needed for the process. Without the best equipment, the surfaces will only be half-finished. The floor will be more prone to damage if you start the job and can’t finish it adequately. Remember to have all the best equipment available well before starting the cleaning process.

Not Knowing the Floor Type First

Knowing what type of floor needs to be stripped and waxed is essential. It’s important to document this information before starting for research purposes. Flooring comes in hardwood, laminate, vinyl, and tile styles. The tile can be made from natural stone, ceramic, and porcelain. The care for each type of floor will vary. The type of chemical used for a vinyl floor isn’t the one used for tiles of other makes. If the wrong chemical is used, permanent damage will be done to the floor. 

The Floor Is Incompatible with the Chemical

Using the wrong chemical on a floor could do severe damage to it. Remember that different floors use different chemicals for cleaning. Floor strippers are very corrosive. Not using the right chemical will leave behind residue. The chemical used will not mix with the floor material in this case. This is why it’s necessary to study the kind of floor you’re cleaning. This will save you money and unnecessary frustration.

The Dangers of Using Chemicals Too Harsh

Using chemicals that are too harsh will strip the wax off too efficiently. This will start damaging the fragile tile underneath. Chemicals that are too harsh will damage granite, marble, and linoleum tile. This is why it’s a good idea to know which floor you’re dealing with beforehand. Then, make sure to acquire the wax and chemicals necessary for cleaning. It’s a good idea to not apply a chemical that’s more potent than needed or intended.

Mistakes to Avoid in Floor Stripping and Waxing

Inadequate Dwelling Time

The stripping chemical will need enough time to penetrate the top layers of the floor. When it’s not given enough dwelling time, the chemical applied will be harder to remove. This will make the cleaning process harder, and require unnecessary labor. The stripper should dwell for about 10 to 15 minutes. Only then should a machine or auto scrubber be applied to continue the cleaning process. The time periods are often provided on the product label. Always read those before beginning the process.

On the other hand, don’t let the stripping solution dry by letting it dwell for too long. Apply more solutions to areas that have already dried.

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Letting the Solution Dry Too Soon

The solution will dry too soon if it’s left alone for too long. But this will also happen when too little solution has been applied to certain areas. The solution should be liberally applied to all sections of the floor that need cleaning. Go over the floor and see if every aspect is adequately dampened with solution. This will primarily be a problem when cleaning a large floor. If the floor dries before the dwelling time, make sure to apply more.

Cleaning a floor without a solution that’s been adequately applied will have negative effects. This will result in damage to the floor where the cleaning solutions need to mix.

Not Having Clean Equipment

Always use the cleanest equipment before beginning the cleaning process after the waxing. The equipment for the job should be adequately cleaned after any previous jobs. If it hasn’t been cleaned, it won’t do the job of waxing and stripping good enough. It’s also a good idea to line the buckets with plastic liner before adding the solution. This will help prevent any unintended contamination.

Not Having Necessary Safety Signs

Safety is the top priority for cleaning any floor, regardless of the size. In addition to safety for yourself, consider the safety of others. Wet floor signs are one type of item that should be used. These will indicate to others that the floor is being worked on. These should be large enough to prevent anyone from thinking about walking on it. It will prevent accidental slips or falls. It’s also possible to use safety cones for this process. If anyone does walk on it, they can’t say they weren’t adequately warned.

How large the signs or cones need to be will depend on how often the floor is used. The signs should be very large in a residential or commercial area. In the house, it should be large enough so everyone can see it, depending on the size.

This is why it’s a good idea to do the cleaning at a time when few will walk on the floors. Remember to craft a good schedule to know when less people need to walk on it. Make sure there’s a place for them to walk around the floor being cleaned instead of on it. 

Not Wearing Safety Gear Yourself

In addition to considering others, your own safety is worth considering too. It’s worth wearing the right safety gear when stripping and waxing. This includes goggles, gloves, and safety slippers or shoes that will prevent you from slipping. A face mask may also be necessary, depending on the chemical being used. Make sure to look over the guidelines for the chemical to know its toxicity. It’s worth protecting yourself from injury or other hazards. 

Not Having the Proper Experience

Don’t underestimate the job that goes into cleaning the floor. It’s a complicated process that’s important to know all the steps for. This will prevent accidents from happening to the surface and to yourself. It’s easier than many suspect to break through the wax layers. You don’t want to damage the floor surfaces in the process.

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Know When It’s Better to Hire a Cleaning Company

It’s possible that you may not have the experience necessary for the job. You fear making a costly mistake. In this case, it’s a better idea to hire a professional cleaning service. The service hired won’t make any rookie errors thanks to having plenty of experience. They’ll achieve the highest-quality results. Each service will have plenty of stripping and waxing jobs under their belt for every floor type. All of them have specialized chemicals, finishes, and equipment for the job. The cleaning service will also help the floors last longer.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Floor Stripping and Waxing

It’s best to avoid mistakes that will inadequately clean the floor. In the worst scenario, the floor could be damaged. Perhaps not enough wax has been applied. The person cleaning may not even have the right equipment for the job. The equipment itself should also be very clean. It’s worth knowing the floor type first, and which chemicals to use. The floor and chemicals used also need adequate dwelling time for good cleaning. Remember to prioritize the safety of others and your own during this process. If you don’t have the proper experience, hire a professional cleaning company for the best job. These are common mistakes to avoid in floor stripping and waxing.

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