Keeping your new jersey home or office clean

The Best Strategies For Keeping Your New Jersey Home Or Business Clean

Keeping your new jersey home or office clean: If you want to know some tips and strategies for keeping your NJ home or corporate space clean, this post will answer your questions. Here you’ll learn some of the best tricks of the trade! And with complete consideration of what it’s like to be a homeowner or business owner living in New Jersey, too!

New Jersey Is A Great Place To Live!

With some of the best schools and travel hot-spots in the country, many owners of businesses and homes choose to work and live in New Jersey. In addition, with room to spread out and nature to be found, the Garden State is a great place to raise a family AND run a business. Whether you only own a home, a business, or both, you know keeping them clean can be a challenge.    

If you decide to tackle the job on your own and without the right tools, cleaning your home or business can be a chore that can become overwhelming quickly. With the right equipment and knowledge, however, keeping either one clean can be fast and efficient. We found some of the best ways to keep your home or business spotless with the least effort. We will show you the best ways to clean your home, business, and what makes sense for both. First, let’s discuss what they both must have in common. 

Have a Cleaning Plan

Whether a house or an office building, there is one strategy that is a must when beginning a cleaning regiment. The best outcomes in life usually are the best because of one reason. The person who took on the project had a plan. For cleaning the same approach will serve you well if you’re choosing against hiring NJ Cleaning World, Inc services.

Your plan must include:

1. The Frequency You Plan On Cleaning: The best way to keep either a home or business is to keep it clean. This means cleaning at a high frequency. Take a moment and write on paper a schedule of what days you will clean.

2. What You Will Clean: Although some rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens need to be cleaned every day, other areas may not. Set in your plan what you will clean daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly. Deep scrubs and cleaning of closed spaces (such as storage rooms and closets) can be completed at less of a frequency than living and working spaces. 

Best Ways to Keep Your Home Clean

Light Vacuuming: When it comes to your home and carpet cleaning, a good vacuum is a must. And a vacuum can come in handy whether your using it on carpet or hard floor. The trick to home vacuuming is to invest in not only a quality vacuum but a light one. With two-story houses popular in New Jersey, you soon learn why after carrying a heavy one up and downstairs. Having a lighter vacuum with plenty of attachment for furniture and ceiling fans can reduce your cleaning time dramatically. 

Use a Steam Mop: What was life like before steam mops? They were messy is the answer. While the old cloth and sponge mops still have a life as we will see later, the steam mop is perfect for the home. Heating up to steam temperature in as fast as twenty seconds, you can cut your mopping time in more than half from a traditional mop. Not only is the steam mop fast, but the steam alone will kill 99% of germs. 

Use Natural Cleaners: Cleaning can take a toll on your hands and even your sinuses from caustic chemicals in cleaners. Over time people have even developed sensitivities to cleaners. An answer to this is to use natural cleaners, such as vinegar, lemon juice, essential oils, and warm water to clean with. You’ll find they all do a wonderful job of cleaning and can leave your house smelling clean and fresh. 

Microfiber Duster: These dusters revolutionized the way people clean their homes. When the microfibers of these handy tools move, they create an electric charge which attracts dirt and dust that never escapes its grasp. Whether it be mini blinds or a coffee table these microfiber dusters will get the job done and faster than any rag and chemical could. 

Soak Your Tub and Shower: Before wearing yourself out scrubbing your bathtub and shower try wiping it down with a bathroom cleaner for some great tile cleaning results. In addition, try letting it sit on the surface for a few minutes before scrubbing with a sponge and hot water. Cleaners take time to activate with soap stains and grease on your shower walls and tub. By allowing it to sit while you take care of something else will make the scrubbing much easier. 

Clean with Microfiber Towels: Many people use dish towels or waste paper towels to wipe down surfaces or soak up liquids. Microfiber towels are the best bet in your home. Reusable, microfiber towels will save money on paper towels and clean better, by soaking up over seven times their own weight in liquid. 

Use Vacuum Brush Attachment on A/C Intake: Most people are good about changing their home air conditioning filter. Some forget or don’t realize the metal vent can become just as dirty and clogged and can cause your filter to be ineffective. Using your vacuum brush attachment, clean the metal vent to remove built-up dust from overtime.

Use a Lemon to Clean Your Microwave: Before giving your microwave a scrubbing to remove caked-on food. Cut a lemon in half and place it in a bowl of water within your microwave and turn the unit on for a minute. Acid from the lemon and evaporated steam from the water will loosen the food to be easily wiped away. 

Best Ways to Keep Your Business Clean

The Benefits of a Clean Business

1. The first impression your customer has of your workspace can make the difference in doing business with you or not. Impress your customers with a clean shop. 

2. A clean environment will make for happy employees and remind them to clean their own areas. 

3. Keeping the work area clean will make your business safer for your employees and customers. 

4. Your business will have better air quality with a cleaner environment. A smell can be the difference in a customer staying inside your business or leaving. 

A Few Other Cleaning Tips

Clean from Top to Bottom: When cleaning offices and rooms in a business, be sure and clean from top to bottom. By starting with higher objects, such as dusting shelves or removing cobwebs from corners, the debris will fall down. If you have already cleaned the tables and the floor, you will have to do it again once the dust settles from cleaning above them. 

Use a Bucket or Push Cart to Carry Supplies: Spending time walking back and forth to the last room you left your broom and dustpan wastes your time and only causes more physical distress. Most commercial cleaners would recommend to use a bucket or even better a small pushcart to store your cleaning supplies on. This way they travel with you from office to office.  

Use Automatic Toilet Cleaning Products: Let’s face it. Cleaning a shared office restroom is not the way we want to spend our time. Help yourself by installing self-cleaning products that will clean the toilets throughout each day. There are several different products that hang inside the bowl or in the toilet reservoir to release a cleaning agent, each time a toilet is flushed. Thes can cut down on scrubbing times tremendously. 

Use Rubbing Alcohol on Electronics: Electronics such as a credit card machine may be damaged by corrosive cleaners or even water-based products. Giving electronics a rub down on the outside with an alcohol wipe will keep them clean but not damage them, as the alcohol will evaporate very quickly into the air. The credit card machine area where a card is inserted should be cleaned with a card slot cleaner designed to go inside.

Clean Tight Spaces with Canned Air: When getting into the nooks and crannies as with computer keyboards, use canned air. This pressurized gas will blow out any debris that is stuck inside the keys, keeping them clean and healthy. Canned air can also be used in the office to clean out the air conditioning vents before wiping down. Be careful of getting debris in your eyes. It is a good idea to put on a pair of safety glasses beforehand. 

Clean Common Areas with Disinfectant: With the potential of others to spread germs or viruses during flu season, keep a disinfectant spray for in common areas such as break rooms and common areas. If the spray is conveniently located, it will be easier for your employees to give counters and tables a quick spray after using the rooms. Not only will this help slow the spread of disease, but by the constant spraying and wiping, the area should stay clean the majority of the time. 

Purchase or Rent a Floor Buffer: Nothing says you have a clean business like having a floor that shines. Make sure your cleaning plan has a frequency set to wax and buff tile or other hard surface type floors. These buffers are relatively inexpensive to rent or even hire, yet give your business a look of quality and care. 

Use a Squeegee for Glass and Windows: Another first impression besides clean floors in business is having clean windows and especially clean glass display cases. If a customer is looking at merchandise in a glass case covered in smudged fingerprints he or she may lose interest. Use a small squeegee and warm water or a glass cleaner to quickly clean glass cabinets if possible. Windows can be less often, but make sure they are in your plan to clean. 

Use a Sponge Mop to Clean A/C Outlets: Coming back to sponge mops, they are perfect for cleaning air conditioner exit vents in your business’s ceiling and other hard to reach items. Wet the sponge slightly and with the long handle, give the vent a good scrub. This will save you from dragging a ladder around to reach high spots to clean. 

PRO TIP: Read these office cleaning hacks used by the pros for some great tips you’re going to love!

Best Ways to Clean Both Your Home and Business 

Pressure Washer: When talking about cleaning homes and businesses we often overlook the outside. Pressure washers not only keep your home sidewalks and driveway clean, but it should also be used at least once a year to wash down the outside of your home to prevent mold and mildew. In addition, you can hire someone for power washing services if you’re not sure how to do it on your own.

Depending on what type of business you have, a pressure washer can be a must. It may be used to clean grease off a shop floor or simply keep sidewalks and parking lots sparkling clean for your customers. As with a house, us a pressure washer to keep the outside of your building free of grime.  

Use Cleaning Gloves: If you choose to use degreasers to clean in your home or business, use a pair of cleaning gloves. These gloves will protect your hands from drying out due to degreasers removing the oils from them. 

In your business, you not only need gloves to protect from degreasers but also other germs. Unlike your home, your business may share bathrooms and break rooms with employees. Gloves will help protect you from any viruses or germs that may potentially spread. 

Use Spray Bottles: When buying your cleaning products in bulk there is nothing better to have for your home or business then spray bottles. Putting your cleaning products in spray bottles instead of carrying large containers around with you will take less of a physical toll on your body. Be sure and label each of your spray bottles so you don’t mix up products.

Delegate Tasks to Employees and Family: If you have family members at home or employees at work, have them keep their areas tidy. There is no reason you should be picking up paper and trash others leave behind. By setting some rules for others to clean up after themselves, this can save you valuable time at home or in your business. Make sure it is in your plan to have family members and employees spend the last fifteen minutes of their day tidying up. 


Keeping your New Jersey home or Business clean doesn’t have to be taking up all of your time. Using these strategies gives you more time to enjoy your house or spend more time working on more important parts of your business. 

We hope these tips for keeping your new jersey home or office clean have been helpful and wish you the best! Visit official website: Cleaning World, Inc. for more!

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