Cleaning checklist for hosting Thanksgiving

Your Complete Cleaning Guide for Hosting Thanksgiving Dinner

Cleaning checklist for hosting Thanksgiving: If you were wondering about a complete cleaning checklist for hosting Thanksgiving this year, this guide will walk you through everything. Here you’ll learn how to keep your home safe and sanitary while hosting Thanksgiving during coronavirus pandemic.

PRO TIP: Read this article on COVID Disinfecting and how it is possible!

comprehensive guide to floor cleaning

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to have company over to share a meal. Of course, you will want to have a neat and tidy home, where your company will spend a good part of the holiday. Whether you hire a cleaning company as Cleaning World, Inc or do it yourself, you’ll need to a plan. Here comes a complete checklist for hosting Thanksgiving:

Cleaning Tips For Hosting Thanksgiving

In the Hallway/Entryway:

This is going to be your guests’ first impression of your home (whether they’ve been there a million times before or this is their first time). You should…

In the Kitchen:

While you will be using the kitchen for a lot of cooking this day, you will still want as much of it to be as tidy for your guests as possible. Before guests arrive, you should…

In the Dining Room:

Since this is where you are likely to be eating with your company, you should…

In the Living Room:

This is liable to be a very used area, while guests wait for dinner to be waiting for dinner to be ready. Prior to their arrival, you should…

Pro Tip: When disinfecting your house, focus on high-touch surfaces like doorknobs, light switches, and countertops. Using EPA-approved disinfectants and following manufacturer instructions ensures thorough sanitation.

In the Bathroom/Powder Room:

Guests are bound to need to the bathroom/powder room at some point, during their visit. You should…


Hiring an excellent commercial cleaning service or home cleaners is an excellent option to alleviate some of the stress you may feel with the holidays. Cleaning World, Inc is a New Jersey cleaning service. You may want to give them a call if you are located in Northern NJ and want to hire professional cleaners.

It is a great idea, when having company for Thanksgiving, to put all of your daily items away for the day. These items can be brought back out after everyone goes home, or as needed. Give everything you can a good dusting and wiping down (first), and then give all of the floors a good cleaning. You should focus on the rooms, where your guests will be. For your table, set up a table cloth and proper place settings. Hope you enjoyed this complete checklist for cleaning your home to host Thanksgiving!

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