How To Clean After Your Home Renovation

How To Clean After Your Home Renovation

how to clean after a home renovation
how to clean after a renovation

Before Your Next Big Project, Make Sure You Know How To Clean After Your Home Renovation

Home renovations can be a lot, so it is important you know how to clean after your home renovation. Projects can range from Do-It-Yourself, DIY, to professional additions. No matter what project you are choosing to tackle this season, it is important to know how to clean so that your renovation stands out and shines in the space it is given. Some people will have the time and energy to efficiently clean up after their own home renovation while others may want to turn to a professional cleaning service. It is up to you to figure out what you can handle and go from there during your next home renovation.

Make Sure You Prepare Accordingly

Whether you are renovating your house by yourself, or with a contractor, it is important to identify the spots around your house that are going to be affected by a lengthy home renovation. This means finding places around the house that may need to be taped off for the time being or covering furniture to avoid accidental damages and excessive dust accumulation.

There are a lot of moving parts that go into a home renovation. Depending on the project, parts of your home may be uninhabitable and vulnerable. By preparing for the mess at hand, you will be able to minimize the work you need to do once your home renovation is complete.

Protect What You Can

Things are going to get messy, they just are. No matter how much time you put into it beforehand, you will have to do some cleaning up when all the dust has settled. With that being said, you can still take precautionary measures to reduce the stress that comes with cleaning after your home renovation. Do your best to wrap or cover furniture In the spaces of the house where your renovation is taking place. If you don’t like the idea of plastic wrapping your furniture, try something as simple as a spare bed sheet to provide a layer of protection between your furniture and the dust and dirt that will be floating around your home during renovations.

Protect Your Floors

If a renovation is being done professionally and contractors are expected to be coming in and out of the house, be sure to put down matting from the doors to their workspace. Something as accessible as cardboard makes for a great pathway through your house. This way you can keep your mind at ease while contracts trek through your house with their work boots.

You may need to hire a floor cleaning service to get your flooring back in shape post renovation. There are many companies that offer carpet cleaning, floor waxing and more such as Cleaning World, Inc. You don’t want to be in a new home with dirty flooring, do you?

After Your Renovation Dust Everything!

As a consequence of most home renovations, dust and dirt is thrown into the air during work. Some dust will stay in the air, and the rest will settle throughout the house. Unlike some debris, that will stay in the room being worked on, dust will very often get lifted throughout the whole house. During a home renovation, dust accumulation is inevitable. It is sucked into air filters, it is carried on peoples’ shoes and clothing, and it floats around. Take a duster to all your walls and surfaces and make sure you pick up all the allergens left behind so that you can breathe easy after your home renovation.

PRO TIP: Hire a commercial cleaning service if dust is out of control. They have the proper equipment to deal with dirt at a much higher level.

Clear The Air

Dust isn’t just settling on your furniture, it’s staying in the air. During home renovations, air filters are put into overdrive as they work hard to purify the air the system is using throughout the house. Changing your air filters after a home renovation is essential. In addition to this post-renovation chore, consider using an air purifier during the renovation itself if you have one on hand. This would seriously reduce the strain put on your HVAC system.

Pay Attention To Your Furniture

Hopefully, you have taken the time to cover the furniture in the rooms that you are working on. If not, you will have a little more work to do come cleaning time. Whether you cover your furniture or not, it is a wise idea to take a vacuum to all the upholstery throughout the house. Some dust will have penetrated through sheet covers and traveled around the house to other rooms. Avoid triggering allergies by using a vacuum to pick up the dust.

Look Into A Professional Cleaning Service Post-Renovation

Some cleaning is simply beyond our means. Post construction cleaning is one of those things that you shouldn’t tackle alone! Cleaning companies such as Cleaning World, Inc. are well known for post construction cleaning and a variety of other services. They are located in NJ and are very reputable in the area.

Depending on how large your renovation is, a professional cleaning service may be essential. Often times, a professional home renovation requires a professional cleaning service. Professional home renovations can often leave dust, dirt, and scuff marks throughout your hallways and rooms. When you need more than just a light surface cleaning, it may be worth your time and money to consider a cleaning service.

Don’t Let A Mess Get In The Way Of Your Dream Space

Home renovations are never easy, but they are always rewarding. Having the resources to make your house in your image, and following through on your ideas, is what makes a house a home. Embrace your space and don’t be afraid to invest in it. You are, after all, investing in yourself. Bring your ideas to life now that you know how to clean after your home renovation.

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