Best Products To Keep Your Home Clean

10 Products You Need To Keep Your Home Clean

Are you wondering about the best products to keep your home clean? You’ll learn everything in this post.

Keeping a house clean can be a challenge, especially when you have so many things going on in your life. With work, the kid’s soccer practices, and all of the other responsibilities, there never seems to be enough time. By making sure you have the right cleaning products, you can save hours in cleaning time.  

Creating the List

We gathered a list of 10 of the most essential products for your home to solve even the most stringent cleaning needs. If you do not have these items in your home, you may cost yourself precious hours. Some of the products on our list are familiar, and some may be new to you, but all play an important role in keeping your home clean. 

The Importance of Using the Right Products

Having the correct tools to do a job is essential to any activity. People such as mechanics and builders use the right equipment to do a professional job and make their work more efficient. Think of cleaning your home in the same manner. The more efficient the time spent, the faster and better cleaning you will have. Let’s go through each product and discuss why they are the 10 must-haves in your home.  

Top 10 Cleaning Products You Need

Here is the list! Created by NJ cleaning services company, Cleaning World, Inc.

1. A Microfiber Towel: When microfiber products hit the market, they created a revolution in cleaning. Towels made from microfiber can hold seven times their weight in water, making them the top absorbers on the market. These not only can clean faster than other towels made of paper and cloth but also save you money in the end. Buy a whole set for different needs. 

2. A Scrub Brush: Where would we be without a good set of scrub brushes in our homes? From getting baked-on food off of dishes to cleaning grout, scrub brushes are an essential item in any home.

Make sure you purchase brushes of all sizes to tackle all the tough scrubbing jobs. A toothbrush sized one is perfect for tile and grout cleaning. And if you need to hire someone (if the job is to big) consider NJ house cleaning and commercial cleaning company, Cleaning World, Inc. They are located in Northern NJ and available to handle any heavy duty cleaning job!

3. Broom and Dustpan: Not all products must be newly invented to have an impact on your cleaning. The tried and true broom and dustpan are a must to clean in corners and in tight spaces quickly. Nothing matches this product’s speed in cleaning up those surprise granola spills. We will discuss the benefits of a vacuum later, but sometimes the broom and dustpan are the fastest option. Along with a large broom and dustpan, also purchase a small set for compact areas.

PRO TIP: In some instances, a broom and dustpan just won’t be enough. Consider investing in floor care such as floor waxing and maintenance to restore the natural luster of your flooring.

4. A Toilet Brush: If you are cleaning the inside of your toilet bowl with anything other than a toilet brush, you are wasting your time. A brush and holder strategically stationed beside the toilet for quick daily scrubs is the easiest way to keep your bowl clean. Paired with a good cleaner, the brush will keep your toilet sparkling clean every day. 

5. A Spray Bottle: Never underestimate the usefulness of purchasing a spray bottle for your home cleanings. By using different sizes of bottles, you can match them to a specific job that requires a large or small container. You really don’t want to pour a bottle of bleach onto a surface to clean. Mix a little water and bleach in the spray bottle and keep under the sink for quick cleanings. Another great use for spray bottles is when you want to use natural cleaners such as vinegar and water instead of harsh chemicals.

6. A Vacuum with Attachments: When purchasing a vacuum for your home, make sure you buy a reliable brand that has an assortment of cleaning attachments. Some think homes without carpet do not need vacuums, but a vacuum is a whole-house cleaning machine. A good vacuum with attachments is vital for cleaning not only floors but can quickly remove unwanted dirt and hair from ceiling fans, furniture, and curtains. These all-purpose cleaning machines have evolved over the years to make vacuuming more comfortable and faster than ever.

7. A Microfiber Duster: Just as the microfiber towel revolutionized cleaning kitchen counters, the duster has been better and faster at dusting than anything else invented so far. A microfiber duster actually creates its own electric charge as the tightly woven fibers rub together. The result of the electrical charge is that it attracts the dust to it. Instead of merely moving dust around or throwing it into the air, the microfiber duster catches and removes dust from surfaces. 

8. A Steam Mop: One of the fastest ways to not only to clean but to sterilize a tiled or hard material floor is with a steam mop. You can read more about which steam mops are the best (and which ones aren’t so great) in this post here.

Gone are the days when carrying around a bucket and mop room to room only to splash dirty water onto your floors. With a steam mop, you plug it in and get to work. The efficiency of the steam to clean combined with cleaners get floors cleaner and faster than a cotton mop ever could. 

9. A Squeegee: Of cleaning products, the squeegee may be one of the most underrated items in an arsenal of cleaning supplies. This fast and reliable product will keep windows, and all of your glass table tops squeaky clean. Squeegees are so straightforward to use; you can even have your kids in charge of windows. Don’t forget to buy one for your car also. 

10. A Robot Vacuum: Do you know what is better than vacuuming? Not having to vacuum. These little guys are a must for any home. They not only clean when you are away; they never complain about it. In the past, robot vacuums were a luxury, but prices have come down in the last few years. Coming home daily to a clean floor will brighten not only your home but also your day. 

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When these 10 products from our list are assembled for your home, you will have powerful tools you need to stay on top of your house’s cleaning needs. The challenges you faced before having these products will be eased substantially, so you can get back to the things you enjoy the most. 

We hope you’ve gotten a lot of value from this post. We also hope that you’ve learned the best products to keep your home clean!

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