Why Winter Office Cleaning Is Important

Is Winter Office Cleaning Actually Important?

You may be wondering if winter office cleaning is actually important and, if so, why. Well, important is an understatement. Not only is winter office cleaning important for employee morale and efficiency, but it can even protect a business from devastatingly costly accident related lawsuits.  Winter office cleaning can also reduce maintenance costs, prevent employees from missing work, and even save lives.

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Reasons Why Winter Office Cleaning Is Important

Increased Efficiency

Many who have worked in Corporate America have navigated through cluttered and congested work spaces and traversed mazes of moldy sandwiches and spoiled yogurt containers while looking for their lunches in the breakroom’s filthy refrigerators. Although much less intense and stressful than getting screamed at by a boss for losing an account, these suboptimal working conditions can not only chronically increase stress and anxiety levels among employees, but can contribute to decreased efficiency, burnout, and even higher turnover rates.

Reduced Costs

Despite being perceived as an added cost, winter office cleaning is actually a preventive measure that will reduce costs overall. For example, in places that receive snowfall, roads and sidewalks are salted to prevent ice from forming. This highly corrosive saline solution is then tracked into the workplace which can damage flooring, furniture, and even seep into walls providing an ideal environment for mold to grow. 

Even worse, standing water and a general lack of cleanliness can greatly increase the potential for slips, trips, falls, and other accidents in the workplace. The return on investment for office cleaning and comprehensive office disinfecting looks increasingly appealing when considering the substantial costs associated with  accident related lawsuits resulting from employer negligence, not to mention the impact to the businesses’ reputation and the potential long term injuries suffered by the employee who fell victim.

Healthy Employees Work

As previously mentioned, winter office cleaning can help to ensure the work environment is safe for employees. In addition to safety, winter office cleaning can have a tremendous impact on the internal air quality which can, in turn, affect an employee’s health overall. Air quality is dependent on the number of particles in the air, the size of the particles, and, most importantly, the source or type of particles.

For example, mold spores may be smaller than other particulate matter, but due to the potential invasive nature of a single spore, may have a much more substantial impact on a person’s health. Mold prefers the cool, dark, and damp conditions synonymous with winter. Document and supply storage rooms and other limited access areas are often overlooked when it comes to regular cleaning. These areas are especially susceptible as the lack of exchange can cause the air to grow stale, an environment in which mold can thrive. 

Unfortunately, mold is not the only concern. Allergens, such as pet dander and pollen, may be spread by heating systems from one area to another as well as bacteria and viruses, such as the coronavirus Covid-19, that has recently devastated the world. Luckily winter office cleaning helps to mitigate this and promote the circulation of clean, fresh air.

These risks are extremely important as some employees may be immunocompromised and may not be able to tolerate poor air quality. It is likely that during the winter months all employees will have weakened immunity to some extent. This is due to the drop in body temperature caused by the frigid outdoor temperature. In response to this the body utilizes peripheral vasoconstriction, or the narrowing of the blood vessels of the limbs, to regulate the body’s internal temperature. As the peripheral blood vessels constrict blood pressure increases which can lead to heart attacks, strokes, and other potential cardiovascular related causes of death.

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Winter Office Cleaning Is Paramount

Winter office cleaning is paramount to the health of employees which is in turn critical to the long term success of the business. Sick employees either don’t show up for work, or, show up, are unproductive, and spread the ailment to others. Healthy employees show up for work full of energy, move faster, take less breaks, have better attitudes, and have more consistent and better quality output. 

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Hopefully after reading this you now fully understand why winter office cleaning is important and how critical it can be to the long term success of your business.

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