Why Commercial Cleaning Is Better Than Janitorial Services

Why Commercial Cleaning Is Better Than Janitorial Services

You may be wondering why commercial cleaning is better than janitorial services. We will discuss the many benefits of hiring a commercial cleaning service over a janitor. Keep reading to learn how a commercial cleaning company can help you and your business. 

What is a Commercial Cleaning Company 

Many people are not aware of what a commercial cleaning company does. We are going to talk about that here. Commercial cleaning is going to be a crew of people that come in. They are going to deep clean the area. Most often, offices are cleaned by cleaning companies. 

A cleaning company will have special tools and equipment for all types of surfaces. They are also trained specifically for the tasks they are doing. This means that they can focus on some of the harshest environments when cleaning. Here are some of the places that a commercial cleaning crew would take care of: 

Many people will use the term commercial cleaning and industrial cleaning in the same context. However, there are some differences between commercial and industrial cleaning.  Commercial cleaning companies are not trained on heavy-duty equipment. This means things like factories are not a cleaning company’s forte. 

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Commercial Cleaning Services 

A commercial cleaning crew will do all the tasks that a normal janitor does not do. This means that they are going to do a deeper clean. They are going to clean your carpets and hard floors. They are also going to clean your tile and even the grout. 

Many cleaning crews offer special cleaning services for harsh environments. This would include hospitals and other sanitary environments. 

Janitorial Cleaning Services 

In order to understand which is better, we are also going to talk about what a janitor does. Keep in mind that a janitor’s duties will vary based on the workplace they are in. However, we are going to talk about general activities that a janitor does. 

You can expect a janitor to sweep and mop the floors of the office or area. They should also be grabbing trash and replacing the bags. Your carpets and floors will be cleaned by a janitor but they are not going to be deep cleaned. 

You can also expect a janitor to do minor cleanings. This includes cleaning the bathrooms and mirrors. A janitor will also clean windows, disinfect some items, and change light bulbs as needed. 

Keep in mind that each janitorial job is different. For example, if the janitor works in a hospital, their duties are going to differ from someone who works at a nursing home as a janitor. 

Many people will also use the term cleaner or custodian instead of the word janitor. These words can be used interchangeably. 

Which Is Better? 

You can expect a janitor to do the jobs that need to be done daily or weekly. You can expect a cleaning company to do deep cleanings at least twice a year if not more. They are going to do the work that a janitor cannot. 

It is important to keep in mind that a janitor might be needed occasionally with a professional cleaning company. However, if you get everyone to pitch in and clean up, you will only need to hire a cleaning company a few times a year and you will not need a janitor. 

Benefits of Commercial Cleaning 

As stated, a commercial cleaning company is going to provide many benefits that a janitor cannot. Here are some of the things that you may notice when you hire a commercial cleaning company:

Why Commercial Cleaning Is Better Than Janitorial Services 

Many people are not aware that a janitor is different from a commercial cleaning crew. People use the term janitor and custodian interchangeably but they do not realize that oftentimes, a professional cleaning crew is used. 

You may find yourself wondering which is better. If this is still on your mind, give Cleaning World a call. They can answer all questions you may have. Now that you have read why commercial cleaning is better than janitorial services, visit our website! 

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