What Can Be Pressure Washed

What Can Be Pressure Washed? 

Summer is right around the corner and you may be wondering – what can be pressure washed. It is time to start thinking about the outdoor cleaning projects that you may have and consider this question very seriously. Many people spend hours cleaning outdoors when the use of a pressure washer would save much time. 

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Items To Consider Power Washing

Washing Patio Furniture 

When it is time to bring your patio furniture out of storage and you see that it is dirty, there is no need to worry. You can remove all debris and dirt with a pressure washer. (Be cautious if you have wood patio furniture, soft woods can be damaged by pressure washing.) 

Washing Your Sidewalk/Driveway 

The place in which receives the most traffic is your concrete. People often have concrete driveways and sidewalks. This area is always exposed to the elements, which makes it a great candidate for pressure washing. 

You are able to remove grime, dirt, gum, wet grass, and more with power washing. 

*Please be careful when pressure washing concrete if it is damaged. Cracked concrete can cause small rocks or pieces to fly back at you. 

Bring Out The Pool 

When you have your pool ready to go but the deck is a mess, you need to ensure that it is clean. Pool decks have been known for grime buildup, pool chemicals, and bacteria. (It may be wise to hire a professional to do this job due to chemicals and bacteria that are present.) 

Check the Roof 

The biggest thing about spring cleaning is cleaning your roof. If you do not clean your roof regularly, it can compromise the lifespan of your roof. To avoid further damage, remove all grime, moss, soot, and algae. You can do this with a power washer. While you are cleaning the roof, if you have solar panels, you can clean those too. 

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Power washing Solar Panels 

You can power wash solar panels. However, there are a few things that you should take into consideration before washing. 

  1. Are you able to clean them yourself with proper equipment and safety. 

*Remember, cleaning solar panels yourself can result in damage. It is not usual, but it is a risk. 

  1. Is there a drop in your production? Often, if panels are dirty or damaged, you will see production drops. However, you should run a performance test on your panels before cleaning. 
  2. How old are your solar panels and what condition are they in? Usually, if you have a new system in place, it is best to hire an experienced company so that you do not have to worry. If you have had your solar panels in place for a while, you can power wash it yourself. 
  3. Lastly, where are your solar panels? If you have ground-mounted solar panels, these are going to be easier to wash then other solar panels. 

Do Solar Panels Need to be Cleaned? 

You will find that you do not have to clean your solar panels often in most cases. This is due to the need of sunlight exposure. If there is no sunlight, odds are that the panels will not be there and there will be less debris and dirt. However, in areas where sand, dust, dirt, and wind are present, cleaning may be needed. 

Can I Clean My Solar Panels Myself? 

You can do your solar panels yourself. However, there are a few risks associated. The biggest risk is damage to your solar panels. Keep in mind that a cleaning company may not do a better job than you, but they will be able to do it quicker and safer than yourself. 

How Often Should My Panels Be Cleaned? 

The frequency in which your solar panels should be cleaned by professional commercial cleaners depends on your environment. In some areas, sand may build up. In some areas such as near a truck route, you may find oily stains. Depending on where you are located, will determine how often you need to clean your solar panels. 

Hiring Someone To Pressure Wash Solar Panels 

This is going to be the best idea for your solar panels. Hiring an experienced pressure washing crew like Cleaning World will allow your mind to be at ease. Professionals will be able to clean your solar panels quickly without damaging them. 

Wrapping Up: What Can Be Pressure Washed?

Taking the time to properly clean your solar panels and properly pressure wash items outside is essential. While you can power wash many items yourself, solar panels are a little more finicky. All it takes is a small scratch and you are paying for repairs. 

Leave it to the experts who know how to properly handle pressure washing equipment, are trained in safety procedures, and know proper washing methods. Cleaning World is your go to for all your pressure washing needs in NJ!

We hope you now know what can be pressure washed and reach out if you have any questions.