Tips to Prepare Your Home for the Holidays

Holiday Cleaning Guide- Tips to Prepare Your Home for the Holidays

Read this article to know more about Holiday Cleaning Guide- Tips to Prepare Your Home for the Holidays.

The holidays are coming! As we get ready to start the festive season, it is also a good idea to give your house a good cleaning. Whether or not you have company coming to visit this year, you deserve a clean house to enjoy the holiday fun with your family. Here are some tips for preparing your home for decorating and fun!

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Tip #1- A good rule for yourself- clean first, and then DECORATE!

You will feel so much better getting out your holiday items with a clean house. So, set aside a day – or a weekend- and give your home a good top to bottom clean, complete with all of the extras you have been putting off for a while. 

Tip #2- Put away any spring or summer décor.

Those months are over until next year! Go ahead and put the décor away. It is time. It’s ok. They will be needed again next year. Don’t worry!

Tip #3- Clean your ceiling fan(s).

This is DEFINITELY a job for a Swiffer Duster… with an extender! A good rule of thumb is for cleaning from the top to the bottom of a room. You’re VERY likely to get dust from the fan (unless you routinely clean your fan, and may still even then). Make sure to clean this as the first thing you clean in that room. Prepare to be amazed at how much dust you pull, when you do this.

Tip #4- Wash your window curtains (and clean the blinds or shutters).

Pro Tip: Window cleaning is important too. Check how can you keep your windows clean.

Tip #5- Clean the cabinets.

Tip #6- Clean your appliances.

Tip #7- Clean BEHIND your appliances.

Tip #8- Clean under and behind your furniture.

Tip #9- Clean the floorboards.

Whether you are a really thorough cleaner, or one who does the best you can when you can, the floorboards could use some love, too! Take an appropriate cleaner and spray a cloth with it. Then, get down and wipe all that dust away. An alternative to this would be using something like the Swiffer dry mop or Swiffer Duster. If you use one with an extender on it, you may not even have to get down on the floor. Cleaning World Inc of NJ offers commercial and residential floor cleaning services to customers all over the Garden State.

#10- Give extra attention to your carpeted areas.

Pro Tip: Regularly vacuum your carpets to remove surface dirt and debris, and consider deep cleaning at least once a year to maintain freshness and prolong the lifespan of your carpets.

Tip #11- Decorate your home.

Decorate your home and make it something you and your family can really enjoy this holiday season.

Side note: As you go through your decoration boxes, clean out your decorations. This will help keep you from becoming overwhelmed with decorations over the years. It will also give you an excuse and room to add some more to your seasonal collection from things you find this year!

Tip #12- ENJOY this time!

Sit back in your freshly cleaned and decorated home, and just enjoy yourself and your family. 


Getting ready for the holidays is the perfect time to give your house a good cleaning. You probably have a regular rotation of some sort already going- laundry, dishes, mopping, vacuuming, etc., but the tips listed above are just some friendly reminders of other tasks that will help keep your home clean (and even your air). Getting your home this kind of clean may involve some time and effort, but with a plan (and our tips on how to prepare your home for the holiday season), you will get it all done. Then, you can enjoy the holiday season and a job well done! You may consider hiring a heavy duty house cleaning professional.

We hope that Holiday Cleaning Guide- Tips to Prepare Your Home for the Holidays have help you and wish you all the best..

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