The Best Wood Floor Cleaning Tips From the Pros

The Best Wood Floor Cleaning Tips From the Pros

If you’re looking for the best wood floor cleaning tips from the pros, you’ve found the right post. It’s more difficult to keep a wood floor clean than most people expect. Several tend to underestimate the level of work that goes into giving them a thorough scrub. This is where it helps to have tips from the pros. By reading through these tips, you’ll learn how to clean the floor and keep it pristine. Some parts of the work might be too much for the average homeowner to handle. This will go double if they have little free time throughout the week. This is where it will be necessary to call the professionals. Let’s go through the cleaning process.

Sweep the Floors Every Day

Wood floors should be swept every day to make sure they’re clean. Dirt and dust will accumulate over time. But many underestimate just how quickly that will happen. This will prevent those wood floors from shining. The need for this will increase in households with kids and pets. Pet hair will be especially damaging for the floor. Walking across a wood floor that’s dirty is like using sandpaper on the surface. This will quickly ruin the quality.

The floor should be swept daily. But not every person has time during their daily lives to do so. In this case, focus on sweeping parts of the floor that receive the most traffic. This will include the entryways into rooms with wood floors. It will also include the entire hallways. The sweeping should be done as often as possible to prevent scuffs from happening. 

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Vacuum the Floors on Occasion

The wood floors should be swept daily, and vacuumed regularly. The vacuum will pick up the fine particles that manual sweeping will miss. Vacuum cleaners have strong suction potential, especially newer vacuums. This is useful for picking up dust and dirt that’s wedged itself into the wood floor crevices. It will get the material out of cracks and corners too.

Carefully make sure the vacuum is one made for use on wood floors. The vacuum likely has a setting that allows for better suction and cleaning on wood floors. This will turn off the brush rolls and beater bars on the vacuum. The safety precaution is made to prevent scratching. It would be a terrible feeling to accidentally damage the floor during the cleaning process.

Mopping the Floors

The floor should also be mopped on occasion. There are several good wood floor cleaners available in a variety of stores. This should be used on the floors in combination with a damp mop to ensure cleanliness. Remember to do it without excess water, which will cause damage. Don’t allow standing water to pool on wood floors. The wood will swell if this happens.

Usage of a microfiber mop will prevent excess water usage. The mop won’t be dripping wet afterward, which contributes to potential damage. Microfiber mops tend to use around 20 times less liquid. This is also a great way to spend less time wringing out the mop afterward. This will leave you with more free time if you’re already incredibly busy with life. Make sure not to use a steam mop. Vapor from steam will potentially enter smaller spaces, resulting in damage to the floor.

Maintain the Floor’s Shape and Quality

Multiple materials will be dangerous to a wood floor when gathered. Grime, bristles, and pet hair will cause scratches if left alone. If they aren’t taken care of, those in the house will continue walking on them. This will act like sandpaper on the floor, damaging it in the process.

That said, fixing minor scratches isn’t hard. All that’s needed is a stain marker from a wood touch-up kit. More serious scratches will require stain solutions that match the floor’s color. The stains should then be buffed with fine sandpaper. Apply the stain with a clean cloth, and then wipe it away.

The mere thought of potential stains and scratches will be fixed with buying rugs and doormats. This will protect the floor’s surface, and add personality to the room. Choosing colors and designs for the rugs and doormats is essential here. Furniture pads for the furniture in the room are essential here as well. The pads should be placed under the legs of chairs, tables, sofas, and other furniture. These pieces will cause scuffs and scratches in the wood floor if left for too long a time. There’s an even higher chance of this happening if they’re moved. The heavier the piece of furniture, the higher the chance of it scuffing or scratching the floor. 

Tackle Any Mess When It Happens

The wood floor needs to maintain its shape to last for several years, if not several decades. Any dry mess or wet spill made on the floors should be cleaned immediately. It shouldn’t reside for more than a few minutes. This goes double for mud, food, and dark liquids. All three will be extremely difficult to remove if left for too long a time.

Quickly clean any spill with a paper towel or a cloth. After this process, the floor should be rinsed with a slightly-dampened cloth or mop. Keep the “slightly-dampened” point in mind. You don’t want to damage the floor in a different way during this process through excess moisture. Wipe down whatever mess is made in the direction of the wood grain. This will provide the best clean, and prevent streaking.

The Best Wood Floor Cleaning Tips From the Pros

Recoat the Floors Should the Worst Happen

When the floor starts wearing down, it should be recoated. A deep cleaning of the floor will be necessary first. Then, buff the floor. Finish by applying a new coat. This will prolong the floor’s life by adding a new layer of protection. The best recoating solution for the floor will depend on the kind of wood floor you have.

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When to Call a Professional Cleaning Service

Make no mistake: Plenty of steps go into keeping the floors clean. Many homeowners won’t have time in their lives to maintain cleanliness. They won’t have the energy to provide the deepest cleaning job. Not to mention the potential of damaging the floor in the process. This will be a good time to call a professional cleaning service for the job instead.

Professionals will always have the right tools for the job. Most homeowners won’t have all the tools they need to clean wood floors lying around the home. The wood floor might attract deep marks and indentations. Here, professional equipment will be necessary to do the cleaning and polishing job properly. Trying to clean the floor without the right equipment will result in doing more harm than good.

Professionals know all the best ways to maintain the wood floor’s safety. They’ll do so while minimizing the damage in the process. They’ll have the right tools and equipment for the job. They’ll also know which coatings and finishes are best for specific kinds of wood floors.

Not to mention that hiring a professional will save you plenty of free time. Keeping wood floors clean is a tough job for anyone without expertise. It will take even longer to clean it if you don’t know of all the materials you need. Instead of keeping this around as a daily or weekly chore, a skilled professional will take care of it. The floor will be cleaner and safer as a result.

The wood floors will last for a longer time after a thorough cleaning from a professional. They know how to clean a floor thoroughly while avoiding damage. The professional cleaning will stop dirt, grit, and grime from building up. The finishes they apply will prevent this build up from wearing away at the floor’s finish. The professional will make sure to remove any contaminants that build up on the floor. This will also include dust mites, pollen, and the dreaded pet hairs. The removal of these contaminants will make the entire room and house healthier.

Visits from professionals for cleaning should be regularly scheduled. Don’t wait until the floor is too dirty to call them. Cleaning plans with professionals are also very customizable. With a good plan and schedule, the floor’s longevity will be extended for several years. If you do wait until the floor is extremely dirty, the professional will thoroughly clean and polish it. This will come at a higher price, of course.

The Best Wood Floor Cleaning Tips From the Pros

There are several pro tips homeowners should keep in mind to maintain wood floor cleanliness. Sweep the floors every day. The floors should also be vacuumed around once a week. Mopping needs to be done to make sure the floors keep their polished sheen. There are other ways to maintain the floor’s quality too. Finishing solutions should be applied to maintain their shape. If something spills on the floor, it should be cleaned within minutes of it happening. But there are many reasons to call a professional to handle this instead. They’ll provide the best deep cleaning, and save the homeowner time. These are the best wood floor cleaning tips from the pros.

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