Summer Office Cleaning Checklist 2022

Summer Office Cleaning Checklist

Are you looking for a summer office cleaning checklist for 2022? Get ready to read the best summer office cleaning checklist for 2022.

Although spring is usually considered as the best time to clean our environment, summer cleaning is just as important as cleaning in spring. Due to the utility of office buildings, they are a hotbed for germs throughout the year. Research shows that an office desk contains even more germs than a toilet seat- about 10 million bacteria.  During summer, most staff are on vacation and it is important to keep your office space safe before you leave.

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what does office cleaning consist of?

Summer Office Cleaning Is Important!

Summertime provides ample opportunity to organize and clean the office space, because the weather in summer provides bacteria the right breeding ground while we have to battle sticky heat, open up the windows that in turn gives way for dust and pollen.  This is why it is important to clean during summer.

Benefits Of Office Cleaning

Maintaining a clean environment is always top tier advice, even within the workspace. But why is keeping the office clean so important and investing in some good cleaning services near you? A clean environment is a representation of the company, it is one of the first things a visitor subconsciously takes note of and it conveys the message that you value quality and put satisfaction on the front burner. Other benefits of office cleaning include

Tasks For Cleaning An Office

Cleaning an office requires arranging the furniture and equipment within the office, setting the office for cleaning and getting cleaning devices ready. For the desk and cubicle area, you will need to disinfect surfaces and clean computer screens and for the office kitchen, and break room as you begin by discarding food wrappers, clean utensils, disinfect surfaces and check the trash and water cooler.

Summer Office Cleaning Checklist 2022

Office Area: Bathrooms

Bathrooms require effective cleaning and disinfecting. Below is a list to follow in order to keep your office bathroom safe, clean and healthy for use

Office Area: Kitchen/Cafeteria Area


Office Area: Meeting Rooms

•Take out all trash cans and replace liner sas needed

•Vacuum clean the carpets

•Wipe all horizontal surfaces like desktops, files, tables and pictures using damp cloth 

•Dust the telephones

•Mop hard surfaces using treated dust mop

• Clean entryway  and fingerprints from entrance glass using damp cloth

•Spot clean partition glass

•Inspect building entrance area 

Office Area: Floors And Carpeting

Conclusion: Summer Office Cleaning Checklist 2022 

Cleaning in summer provides you the needed time, space and comfort to do a thorough cleaning exercise. Before you begin cleaning, have a cleaning plan and arrange the equipment and furniture to make way for effective cleaning. Secondly, get disinfectant and necessary cleaning equipment. Work on the office bathroom, kitchen, meeting roo, floor and carpets. In areas where stains are present, spot clean, take out the trash, refill water coolers and paper rolls in the kitchen and toilet respectively and also use this time to check the functionality of the office equipment.

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You should now have a great summer office cleaning checklist for 2022!