Should I Hire A Commercial Cleaning Company Checklist

Should I Hire A Commercial Cleaning Company Checklist

This should I hire a commercial cleaning company checklist will help you better understand your needs as a business owner. When deciding on whether or not to hire cleaning services, it’s crucial to assess all the benefits.

It’s Important To Keep Your Workplace Clean!

Maintaining a neat and tidy workplace may be a task that constantly seems to slip to the bottom of your to-do list, but it is one that you should prioritize. A well-kept business makes a positive first impression on clients. A clean workplace also makes employees feel healthier, safer, and more productive. In our times of Coronavirus, it’s important to hire COVID cleaning services to come in periodically. If you’re used to doing the cleaning chores yourself, here are five signs that it’s time to consider hiring a professional janitorial service.

Benefits of using a commercial cleaning service
Benefits of using a commercial cleaning service

Five Signs That It’s Time To Hire A Commercial Cleaning Company

Production is down

Did you realize that a clean working environment has been related to increased productivity? If your staff are frequently sick, it could be due to bacteria and allergens not being adequately sterilized. Research shows that virus particle deposited on doorknobs and desk surfaces was taken up by 40–60% of staff and your visitors during two to four hours visit. Professional cleaning of high-touch surfaces regularly can help reduce staff sick time. It may be time to hire commercial disinfecting services to pay a visit to your business and completely disinfect the office.

You are starting the busy season

Although not every business varies month to month, many do. If you’re aware that your office is about to enter a busy season, you’ll want to plan ahead. More effort, more concentration, and fewer distractions equal more business. You may be able to keep up with office cleaning during low seasons, but as work builds up, so does the grime. For these labor-intensive times, hire a commercial cleaning service to keep your business from becoming even more chaotic. 

Shifting to a bigger workspace

Your company is growing because it is performing well. That’s fantastic, except you now have three times the amount of space to manage. There’s a good chance you’ve hired extra people as well. More employees, more room, hence more possibility for disaster. Thus you may want to consider outsourcing your office cleaning.

Taking on more responsibility by employees

When your company was smaller, you may have assigned cleaning duties to different employees. The office stayed clean, and work got done because everyone did their fair part and work was consistent. However, as firms expand, some (or all) employees’ responsibilities expand as well. Some of these obligations may include upkeep, while others may not. By any chance you believe that cleaning has become too much of a chore for your staff, you need to get a commercial office cleaning service to take care of it. You should always try your best to keep your workspace in good shape without the assistance of others. Using a specialist corporate cleaning service, on the other hand, will help you increase productivity, improve your peace of mind, and allow your company to expand even further. 

Unsanitary conditions that are visible

Even industries that struggle to keep up with the chaos, such as fast-paced food service and auto repair, have discovered solutions to stay clean and tidy. Cleanliness implies a high level of professionalism as well as care for both aesthetics and health. The presence of biological risks and other health issues is always on people’s thoughts under filthy surroundings. Clean and sanitary rooms demonstrate that people are valued, so business bathroom cleaning services are crucial.

Your staff is avoiding some areas of your office.

When you’ve observed that your facility’s cafeteria is deserted around lunch or that a particular washroom is consistently ignored, it’s possible that the space needs to be cleaned by professional office cleaners. Instead of using the company cafeteria, your employees waste significant time away from work when they walk out to lunch or down the street for a cup of coffee. This really does reduce employee performance, but it also wastes space in the form of vacant rooms.

PRO TIP: Cleaning World Inc: Enhance efficiency by bundling services, including disinfecting services.

should I hire a commercial cleaning service
Should I hire a commercial cleaning service

Checklist: Should I Hire A Commercial Cleaning Company

Here is an overall checklist that will help you to assess whether or not you need to hire a commercial cleaning company near you.

Obvious Red Flags That You Need To Hire A Cleaning Service

  • Dust is accumulating around the office
  • Things have not been cleaned for a long time
  • Surfaces are dirty and have not been sanitized
  • Company morale has decreased
  • Floors are dirty and have debris
  • Carpets are showing signs of wear
  • Carpets have heavy stains and look dirty
  • Windows are marked up and not clean

Not-So Obvious Sings You Need A Cleaning Company

  • Workers are calling out frequently
  • The office flu is very frequent
  • Allergies and sneezing is flaring up
  • Company productivity is compromised
  • Employees are not happy to be at work
  • People leave the office to do little tasks
  • People are talking about the state of the office
  • Company morale and productivity is low


When a cleaning company ensures that your premises are super clean with garbage cans that have no odor, it shows that your company is highly skilled, and it’s worth working with your organization.

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The above-discused signs are indicators to help you understand that you require cleaning services. Therefore, your answer to should I hire a commercial cleaning company has been found and all you need to do is to choose the best cleaning service! 

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We hope this should i hire a commercial cleaning company checklist was super helpful!

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