7 Important Reasons To Power Wash Your Home In 2023

7 Important Reasons To Power Wash You Home Summer 2023

If you are wondering about 7 important reasons to power wash your home in 2023, this post will tell you just that.  Here, you will learn the 7 important reasons you should power wash your home that you probably didn’t even know.

Power washing is the process of removing debris, dirt, algae and other contaminants from outside surfaces such as home exteriors and concrete buildings.  When you power wash something, a combination of both heated water and pressurized water is used to effectively remove debris and clean the surface.

What Is The Difference Between Power Washing And Pressure Washing

One of the frequently asked questions we receive about power washing is what is the difference between power washing and pressure washing.  This is a great question we’re going to answer for you right now about this topic.

Power washing uses heat during the process of the pressurized water application while pressure washing does not.  That is literally the only difference between power washing and pressure washing.

However, although it seems simple and clean cut, power washing your surfaces correctly isn’t always so easy.  That is why you should consider hiring an expert such as NJ power washing gurus, Cleaning World Inc.

Why You Need An Expert For Your Power Washing Project

There are quite a few reasons to hire an expert such as Cleaning World Inc. of New Jersey for your power washing job.  While you can get your hands on a machine and go at it alone, there are certainly quite a few reasons you should not.

Power washing is a job that a skilled professional need to tackle.  There are different techniques to use when you power wash a surface, and doing it with the wrong amount of elbow grease can certain cause a slew of other problems.

For example, if you power wash your home without applying the right amount of pressure consistently (and if you don’t have the proper training) you can end up damaging the surface of your house.  Here are a few reasons you should hire a professional residential or commercial cleaning company to help with the job rather than making it a DIY project.

  1. You could hurt yourself due to the amount of pressure in a power washer or pressure washing device. A power washing is much stronger than a regular hose (50 times stronger in fact!).  If you lose control you could hurt yourself or someone else very seriously.
  2. If you don’t do your power washing professionally, you risk shocking yourself due to the electric cable of a power washer which is susceptible to being cracked and kinked.
  3. You can ruin your home or other surfaces if you do not apply pressure evenly during the power washing process. In addition to this, you can blast loose paint off of your home and end up having to repaint it too.
  4. You can seriously damage your body and your skin from the combination of pressure and chemicals in a power washing tool. These toxic chemicals can enter your bloodstream and reek-havoc on your body.

You Should Still Power Wash Your Home!

Now we have gone over all of the potential dangers of power washing, however you still should power washing your home.  The only difference is that you need a professional to do it for you!

Power washing is not a do it yourself type of project.  Contact professionals such as Cleaning World Inc.

7 Reasons To Power Wash Your Home

Here we will go over 7 important reasons you should power wash your home professionally.  Let’s get started!

REASON 1: Power washing prevents corroding and damage

Power washing is a god send that literally prevents your home from falling apart.  When left on the surfaces of cold concrete or you home for long periods of time, mold and moisture literally eats away at the surfaces and causes more damage.

It’s crucial to maintain your homes exterior in order to prevent the surface from wearing away.  If you want the longevity of your home to be preserved and the paint and finishes to not get eaten away, power washing regularly is important.

REASON 2: To prime your surfaces before painting or refinishing

Reason number two is an important one.  You can’t paint or refinish a surface that has dirt and grit on it. For this reason, doing a full on power washing of the surface is crucial.

Power washing your deck before applying stain or power washing your pool before doing any painting is very important.  Doing so ensures that the surface that you are painting or finishing is ready and prepped.

REASON 3: Keeps your family healthy

benefits of power washing your home
benefits of power washing

Power washing is an important part of your health regimen too!  By power washing, you are reducing some of the allergens and irritants that could affect and compromise your family’s health.

During the spring when excess allergens are floating through the air and attaching to surfaces, your family might be experiencing water eyes, runny nose and more.  When you power wash a surface, you reduce these irritants from your home and your life.

Mildew can also affect your family’s health in a very negative way. Another important reason to power wash your home.

REASON 4: Saves Money

By performing regular maintenance (such as power washing) on your home, you will save money in the long run.  Power washing prevents the breakdown of your home surfaces, so if you power wash regularly the longevity of the exterior of your home will increase.

REASON 5: Beautifies Your Home

Now, this is a big one.  Power washing not only restores a newer look to your home, it enhances curb appeal and increases your home’s value.  When the time comes and you need to sell your home, a home that is covered with algae and mildew will certainly convey the image that your house was not well taken care of.

House cleaning and care is an important part of the regular maintenance of your home.  And a home that has been properly maintained speaks volumes to the amount of work that will need to be done by the new home owners.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to increase your home’s value significantly, maintaining it with regular power washing and other heavy duty cleaning services is crucial.

REASON 6: Time Efficient

Power washing is a time efficient method to clean the exterior of your home.  Mixing solutions in a bucket and climbing up ladders to scrub at your home bit by bit takes weeks to complete.

With power washing, a professional comes to your home and literally does it in a very short amount of time.  It reduces the amount of labor that goes into cleaning your home’s exterior.

REASON 7: Doesn’t Harm The Environment

Believe it or not, today’s efficient and effective chemicals used for power washing are environmentally friendly.  That means you can have a power washer come to your home and power wash your house and you won’t see any damage to surrounding shrubs and grass.

In addition, you don’t have to worry about any animals or even your kids accidentally consuming the chemicals.  This is a huge benefit of today’s power washing solutions.

Conclusion: 7 Important Reasons To Power Wash Your Home In 2023

There are so many reasons you should power wash the exterior of your home on a regular basis.  However, doing so on your own as a little DIY project is a very bad idea.

We hope this article clearly outlined the difference between power washing and pressure washing and why it’s important.  We hope you have learned 7 important reasons to power wash your home.